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{December 12, 2006}   Near My Bus Stop

bus-stop.jpgNear my bus stop on 7th Street between Race and Elm (along the old Shillito’s building) is a poster containing a map. The map touts nearby conveniences to would be residents of the area. The poster lists nine restaurants. How many of these establishments can a nearby resident patronize today? In other words how many are out of business and remain closed?

I’m not giving the answer; I encourage people to find out for themselves.



Jim Stanton says:

With the many closing restaurants, Cincinnati is very much in decline. Also with it’s falling apart sidewalks, it’s beginning to have a bit of a dirty feel to it, sort of like Pittsburgh.

Polly says:

Always a lot of fuss here about the state of downtown. It’s always going to be a backward city because the people here are that way. Fussing will never change it.

Matt says:

I don’t know where this map is. In trying to find a restaurant open downtown, someone probably got hungry and ate it.

Karen@the hood says:

Matt, you’re too funny!!

Susan says:

Here we go away. More Cincinnati slamming. This is getting really old.

Jean says:

I totally agree and I bet you this Jeff person is really Larry. It sounds just like him.

Beth says:

Most of the restaurants on that map are now closed. I don’t need to go down at look at it.

Sometimes I think the only way to fix Cincinnati is to blow it up and start all over.

Joe says:

Man, this is running thin. Find something else to write about.

Tate says:

Find something else to write about.

Yes, ignore it, and maybe it will go away – just like all the people who use to go downtown.

Bill says:

Whatever. Just more of the same complaining.

C.A. says:

I love Cincy. There are problems with every person and every city. But I was born here, and I’ve watched it over the years. Everybody/place has flaws, but this city is very aesthetically pretty. People are grounded here, something I learned to appreciate after traveling. People here care abt roots and old friends and family. That’s special. Yes, it’s conservative, and I tend to bend toward liberal, but sometimes conservative is good. Regardless of what eats are downtown, my family and roots are here, and to me, that connection is the heart of my life, more than ever. I had to leave Cincy to realize that and appreciate it.

Jeff says:

I am not Larry and I haven’t seen the correct answer yet. (Hint: I was looking for a number.) Feel free to stroll by this bus stop and view the map in the display window of the old Shillito’s building.

Bear in mind, this “map-vertisement” is being used to lure potential inhabitants into nearby housing. I am considering placing some “out of business” stickers over the closed restaurants; otherwise, it’s seems a misleading portrayal of the neighbrohood.

ED says:

(Hint: I was looking for a number.)


Charlie says:

It’s too damn wet outside to “stroll” by the bus stop. Just give us the damn number.

Tuna Fish Sandwich says:

Here we go again with the sky is falling in Cincinnati bullshit.

Are you forgetting the new restaurants that are open on Fountain Square? Instead of asking readers to go visit an old map at your bus stop, ask them to go visit Fountain Square and see what’s new.

Tim says:

Working out in Tri-County makes it a little hard to get downtown to look at a map, but knowing downtown the way I do, I know that most of the restaurants on that map are probably closed.

Downtown is in a sad state. I don’t really like working in Tri-County, but at least here when I want to go to lunch, I have plenty of restaurants to pick from. I find myself heading downtown less and less.

Rapid Shave says:

I spend very little time downtown. Newport and Covington have better restaurants and bars, more to do.

Jean says:

I am not Larry and I haven’t seen the correct answer yet.

If you’re not Larry, you must be his twin. You both should leave here and find someplace else to live.

Marilyn says:

I don’t think that pointing out the problems in Cincinnati is either whining or complaining. Don’t you guys see that some folks are trying to point out the problems so that answers will then be sought?

I feel a great sadness that Cincy is not living up to its potential.

RICH says:


Randell says:


What a jackass you are.

All right, I’m leaving it.

I moved here from Indianapolis about a year ago, thought it would be a lot of fun to move in a river town, thought there would be nightlife and a lot of excitement here.

Man, was I wrong.

There’s nothing going in downtown at night, you can’t find a decent restaurant open and the weekends are even worse.

And why in the world would you waste all that riverfront space on TWO stadiums?

I’m going back to Indianapolis. I didn’t know how good I had it there.

Maggie says:

I agree that Cincinnati does have potential but when are we going to see it? I’m the last of all my friends to stay here. They have all moved on to better places, better cities. I’m not going to die here waiting for that potential to kick in.

Chin says:

I’m not from here, I get transferred around a lot by my employer which is fine with me. I get to see a lot of interesting cities. I’m afraid Cincinnati hasn’t been one of them.

I don’t mean to offend the people who have spent their life here but Cincinnati does have potential and you’re blowing it. Take a look at your neighbors over in Covington and Newport. That’s where I end up spending most of my time and spending my money. There is activity and excitement over there. On this side of the river, the lights are out. It’s like people are afraid to go out after dark.

And I must say that while I read Citybeat because it is the only alternative newspaper here, even that is disappointing. In comparison to other cities alternative papers, it is quite conservative and never takes chances. It seem like this blog, which they kind of support, is the only place where the envelope is pushed a little. The “Packages” story would have been fun to read inside the paper.

I’m here probably for another two years. I’ll be over across the river trying to make the best of it.

Geri says:

Two negative posts on Cincinnati in a row. Kind of a drag.

jackula says:

chin, you speak the truth my man. if you hang out in covington, come on over to rosie’s and i’ll buy you a drink. i’m there almost every night.

and we can smoke.

jDennis says:

Does Cincinnati ever learn from it’s mistakes?


Will we continue to have the same old city council with no bright ideas?


Will we continue to have raceist cops?


Until the answers to these three questions change, you’re stuck with the Cincinnati you got.

Barbara says:

Whatever, whatever, whatever. Can you guys just write something else?

Jeff says:

I was being positive about the state of downtown Cincinnati; everyone assumed I was being negative. Four of the nine restaurants listed on the map of a four block area are closed and remain vacant. Four out of nine, or less than half, out of business has to be good news. right?

Jane says:

I guess you could look at it as being positive, but four of those restaurants still remain vacant. That’s not exactly gaining ground.

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