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{December 13, 2006}   Promotion Does Help

cinnationlogo2.gifOur little old LOL Blog here today is hopping and we have The Cincinnati Nation to thank for a lot of it.

On the average (unless the LOL Girl writes a post) we come in at 250 to 300 views a day. That’s not bad and we’re proud of that – being as we’re still kind of new.

Today, CincyNation picked up two of our stories – Jeff’s “Near My Bus Stop” which ran yesterday and Marilyn’s “Packages” post which was put up on Saturday.

The stats have been through the roof today – over 1,400 hits and still going up.

Thank you Cincinnati Nation for the push. A little promotion goes along ways and we appreciate it.

Larry Gross


Jackie says:

Good for CincyNation! Maybe they can take this blog under their wing. God knows CityBeat doesn’t know what to with it.

Jim Stanton says:

As a devoted reader here, I find it very surprising that when I visit CityBeat’s web site and click on their blogs, this one isn’t there. You have to go down to the blog roll to find it.

The two they have up aren’t that much fun and get few comments, yet they promote them like no tomorrow. This is the one where everybody goes. I don’t understand that they’re thinking.

Beaver Head says:

Let me jump right on this and I’ll be careful. Larry seems to be sensitive lately when it comes to my comments on CityBeat. PLEASE don’t delete this.

What Jackie is saying is right. They DON’T know what to do with this blog. People love it or they hate it and I think the suits at the paper are uncomfortable with that. That’s why you have to hurt for this and why they try to bury it.

CityBeat is not alternative at all but this blog more and more is pushing to be just that. Look at today’s post.

I was fairly nice, Larry. PLEASE DON’T DELETE THIS.

Karen says:

Thank you CincyNation. I check you out sometimes but now I’ll be a regular.

Matt says:

No, CityBeat doesn’t know what to do with the success of this blog. They can’t handle that. With them it needs to be down the middle of the road. With anything else, just like those conservative sex people, it’s uncomfortable.

Donna says:

Whatever. I feel at home here.

John says:

A little promotion goes along ways and we appreciate it.

Promotion from The Cincinnati Nation is a great thing, I’m a regular, but no promotion from CityBeat sucks.

Marilyn says:

Well, this is pretty cool. I wrote my little weird packages piece for my little group of friends here (including you, Jean!), and we get a bunch of visitors! Yikes! Maybe some of them would like to visit more often. We’re a good bunch of folks here! And it’s all in good, clean fun.

marry says:

citybeat just isn’t that cool, ya know? always doing special issues promoting advertising just like cin weekly or whatever it’s called. i like it here all right, just sort of all over the place like me.

Alex says:

CityBeat: Great paper

CityBeat Blogs: suck.

CityBeat Step-Child Blog: Rocks.

helen says:

don’t delete me larry.

lose citybeat and be on your own. sell advertising.

helen says:

………….or not. you deserve some promotion, not from cincinnati nation but from citybeat. how screwed up is this?

Marilyn says:

Awww everybody, do what I do and make this blog your homepage! LOL!

jackula says:

larry, karen, teri marilyn, heather -you all fucking rock!!!!! shocked that the old blog is catching on? nope, not,HOT me.

Heather says:

Don’t be too hard on CityBeat guys. They gave me my first break, and I love Larry and Greg to pieces.

And I come bearing a gift:

Merry Christmas!

Polly says:

I have always kind of wondered what the deal is here. It’s not listed with the other blogs on Citybeat. At this point, it doesn’t matter because I have you on my home page.

Dana says:

I’m glad things are going well here. This has turned into a daily morning habit…coffee, cigarettes and the L-O-L blog. Keep on keeping on!

Sharon says:

What’s up with CityBeat’s website lately? It’s always up late and most of the graphics are missing.

Tony says:

I ALWAYS have a good time here 🙂

jake says:

i usually visit the cincinnati nation daily. it’s a hell of a lot better than the cincinnati enquirer.

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