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{December 14, 2006}   Too Old for Football

bengals-_2.jpgThis past Sunday, I went down to watch the Bengals play some football. I mean, I love the game and our team, but maybe I’m getting too old to go see the games at the stadium.

• Doesn’t anyone sit down during a football game anymore? I had to stand the entire time to see any of the game.

• I had one beer and it cost me over six bucks? You have got to be kidding. There should be a law.

• Why does everyone have to get piss poor drunk? And when they do, why does the bad language have to fly? There’s no way I’m going to take my kids down there.

• Can’t people put away their cell phones for a few hours? Did you come to watch the Bengals play or to talk to your wife on the phone?

I love Cincinnati football, but from now on, I’ll be watching from home – on television, in my living room.



Tim says:

No, I won’t take my kids to the game either. It’s too much of a drunk fest.

Judy says:

I also was at the game on Sunday and it wasn’t any fun and I don’t plan on going back anytime soon. The drunks ruin the game with the yelling and nasty talk. I don’t remember it being like that at Riverfront.

Polly says:

My question is with ticket and drink prices the way they are, how any anybody AFFORD to go to a game?

hard as nails says:

it doesn’t sound like you’re into football at all. maybe you should just stay home.

Billy says:

Of course my taxes went to helping build that fucking stadium, but can I afford to go to a game? Hell no.

Willie says:

Bengals football is for rich, white folks. Going to the games is one of the few times all those west siders haul their white asses downtown. Makes me sick.

David Gallaher says:

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.
Isn’t at least a small part of living out loud, the stewing and concern here among us about the fact that we have an insane President intent on getting thousands of additional people killed? And about his newest plan which will get them killed at an even faster rate?
I’m recuperating today from hernia repair yesterday, so I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts… assuming Larry doesn’t delete this.

Beth says:

President Bush is nuts. So are Bengal ticket prices.

Marilyn says:

Well, I’m not a sports fan. The first and last game I attended was a Red’s game at Crosley Field. Not kidding.

David, I could join you in your rant against the current regime, but that isn’t the subject of today’s post. I’ll let the sports fans speak.

Matt says:

I seriously think Bush should be taken out of office. I don’t understand why the masses don’t consider him a very dangerous man.

jake says:

is the post today about bush or the bengals? i’m confused.

Sarah says:

David pulls this stuff all the time. If he doesn’t like the subject matter he takes over and changes the subject. Larry should have deleted it.

David Gallaher says:

I don’t think Larry wants to talk about war. And that’s fine. It’s his site. But I disagree with him, and think the world situation is something that is part of local living out loud.

Larry Gross says:

I don’t mind talking about the war at all – we have a post next week that talks about it – but Paul put together today’s post and I would like to stick with that subject today.

Heather says:

(David: come to my blog and rant about politics )

We went to a Bengals exhibition game last season because we got free tickets from my boys’ football team. It wasn’t too bad, but we were sitting with 150 kids under 12. My 7-yr.-old son took a swig of somebody’s beer that was being passed down the isle.

The prices for food and drinks are insane. I’ve also thought there should be a law against it.

The new San Diego Padres stadium is great. They have a kids cart where the kids can get $1 hot dogs, popcorn, and juice. They also have a field where you can spread out a blanket and watch the game on a big screen, and a little baseball diamond for the kids. The Padres have really gone out of their way to make ballgames an affordable family destination. I hope when the Chargers get a new stadium they will do something similar.

Phil says:

I’m a Bengals fan. I’m a football kind of guy. I go to all the home games. I drink lots of beer and have a good time.

Don’t make me feel bad about it.

don't mean to be negative says:

the cincinnati bengals raped this city. our tax dollars built the damn stadium and most people can’t afford tickets. sucks.

Al says:

All you complainers here make me sick. We’re lucky to have professional football in this city. If you don’t like it, move someplace really exciting, like Dayton.

Marilyn says:

Heather, your description of the San Diego Padres’ stadium sounds awesome… that is what it should be!

As I mentioned before, the only game I ever attended was at Crosley Field. Since my parents were poor and struggling back in the ’60’s, I can only surmise they must have been given the tickets. Reaching back into my memory, it was kinda cool… there was organ playing and all that. Hell, I was probably only 6, I dunno.

Marilyn says:

I’m kinda surprised that no one has brought up the subject of the Bengals and their high arrest record. Is this a taboo subject? Or is their arrest record in keeping with other football teams’ number of arrests?

Al says:

In regards to the arrest…..are football players suppose to be perfect?

Natasha says:

Nah, probably not perfect, none of us are. But how much is TOO MUCH?

Mary says:

Sorry, Al. Kids look up to football players. Yeah, They need to be PERFECT.

Debbie says:

I agree with Mary, Al. Now go and drink some more beer.

Marilyn says:

Uh, yeah. We pay these sports figures big bucks. We teach our children to strive for perfection in sports (is there ANY school district that doesn’t have a bigger sports budget than arts budget), and we make these guys out to be heroes. Then, that’s what they should be.

Jeff- or-ly says:

I know it has its problems BUT I LIKE FOOTBALL!!! THE BENGALS RULE!!!!!!!

C.A. says:

I went to the game, and I had a blast! I love going. My hot chocolate cost 3 bucks, but it was worth it. The bathrooms were free. I’m not sure what the peanuts cost cause dad paid for them. It’s a tradition for dad and me to go, laugh at drunks, and eat peanuts til we get sick. Special time for me and pops. Still makes me feel like a kid. And yeah, there’s some DUI problems in the mix w/ our team, but they’re people. They got problems and get caught like everybody else. Sure, they’re role models. Role models ain’t divine. They get in trouble all the time. And like everybody else human and growing, depends on what they do with it.

hard as nails says:

golly, glad you had a blast, but most of us don’t come from a “car family” or have a lot of money. we struggle to go to the games.

C.A. says:

I struggle as well, every single day. Every now and then, I get an opportunity to go to a game, and it is an absolute treat for me, and I am very grateful to go, FYI. You have no idea what my situation is like. No idea.

ED says:

Television is get for me when it comes to Bengal games. Its for the rich.

Heather says:


We don’t need your type around here. With your fancy cars and your bourgeoisie football games.

🙂 hehe

C.A. says:

Yeah, when you come into town, Heather, I’ll take you out. Oh, the black Lincoln Towne Car eight passenger limousine will be there at 7.

hard as nails says:

I struggle as well, every single day.

what bullshit. i know who you are. you don’t struggle at all. your family owns car dealerships all over town. your family is rich. saying you struggle every single say is nonsense. you don’t know what the word means.

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