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{December 15, 2006}   Who the Hell is This Guy?

Who the hell is this guy and who the hell is the silly coupon woman he’s talking to? Is it LOL Girl’s mother?

Having watched this a dozen or so times, I notice the host seems to love to talk about toilet paper and gets a hard on from Final Touch fabric softener. I guess whatever floats your boat.

This clip is from 1981 and he was a hit on local Cincinnati television for a lot of years. The first one who tells me who he is and what show he’s on will get a free copy of my book.

Isn’t this exciting? And isn’t that singer at the end of the clip just wonderful? Ladies, I know you’re in love.

Larry Gross


Karen says:

I know who it is, but I already have your book. I’ll keep quiet πŸ™‚

Polly says:

The guy at the end, I couldn’t stop laughing. He’s soooo cool.

hard as nails says:

hey dude, when you click on the thing it takes you to the youtube site where they tell you what this is. you probably already know that. i won’t spoil it for the chicks.

Rhonda says:

His name is Bob Braun and he did the Bob Braun Show at channel 5 for a long time.

Do I win the book?

Mary says:

I watched this show when it was on and always enjoyed it. Now looking back it seems so silly and camp.

Larry Gross says:

Yes, Rhonda, you are the big, big winner here this morning. I know you are overcome with excitement and joy. Please try to contain yourself.

Send me your home or office address at Don’t post it here. Numb might show up at your door.

And I’ll sign the book just for you. Please know I don’t do this for everybody. You’re welcome.

Pat says:

Jesus Christ, what time do you people get up in the morning, 3 a.m.? The rest of us never had a chance!

jackula says:

oh yeah, the guy singing at the end, mr. cool, i almost wet myself laughing.

Biscuit says:

Well shit, now what are we supposed to talk about?

You think those law breaking Bengal players smoke cigarettes in abandoned downtown restaurants while they discuss what they’ve named their packages?

julie says:

who wants to talk about the bengals when you can talk about dreamy bob braun?

Jean says:

Your sense of humor is strange to say the least. Bob was loved by thousands in this area, so, of course, you have to take the opportunity to make fun of him. Did you know his son anchors the news on channel 12? You, of course,have no feelings for this either. Your post is very hurtful to the family.

Babble On says:

Bob always thought he was a wonderful singer. Huh……no…..really bad is what he was.

Larry Gross says:

Jean, yes I was having a little fun with Bob but I don’t think he would have minded. Know why? BECAUSE HE HAD A SENSE OF HUMOR. I suggest to you that you have lost yours somewhere.

You’re always welcome to visit here but I don’t really know why you do. You don’t find much happiness here – maybe that’s why you visit? To remain unhappy?

I would send you a copy of my book as a Christmas present, but I think that would send you over the edge.

Now you have a good holiday – hear?

Marilyn says:

Biscuit, that was coffee-snorting-outta-my-nose funny!

Marsha says:

Yeah, Biscuit man had be rollin’ too πŸ™‚

Marilyn says:

I am deeply offended by this post, Mr. Gross!

One of the stores listed (as carrying Final Touch) was named ‘Stumps’. As an amputee, I find this terribly offensive! How very un-PC…

Larry Gross says:

I think Jean is rubbing off on you. Just don’t turn into numb.

Marilyn says:

Hey, I think I like numb!

Beth says:

…………and I kind of like Jean. I think she’s so nasty, she’s funny.

Marilyn says:

Beth, yeah. She actually asked …”Did you know his son anchors the news on channel 12?”

Awww Jean, come on give us a little credit! Duh… the next thing she’ll be asking us is did we know George Clooney is from the area. OMG, I didn’t know he was one of the Nick and Rosemary Clooney people!

Marilyn says:

Is it ok that I liked Paul Dixon better than Bob Braun? Paul Baby had knee ticklers!

OK, I’m leaving the building. Larry, if that offensive clip is still on here when I return, I’m going straight to the editor of CityBeat!


(OH yeah, and this is like one of those things — only I can call myself stumpy…)

Larry Gross says:

Paul Dixon RULED! I’m trying to find a clip.

Jackie says:

Educate me. Didn’t Bob Braun replace someone, some woman?

Patty says:

Her name was Ruth Lyons and the show was called the “50/50 Club.” Bob was a regular on that show until Ruth retired. A few years later, the name was changed to The Bob Bruan Show.

Jackie says:

Thanks, Patty πŸ™‚

Marilyn says:

Ruth Lyons was/is known for her altruistic giving. I’m pretty sure the Ruth Lyons Christmas Fund(somebody help me, I can’t remember the exact name!) is still in existence.

She is the first person I ever noticed (I was a tot) reaching out. Her fund provides toys to kids in hospitals.

Larry Gross says:

The Ruth Lyons Christmas Fund (that’s the correct name) is still very much alive. She was a very caring women. I must write about her sometime, because I ran into her at a restaurant once in Delhi I think. The place was called “samboy’s” or something. She was quite a character.

Jill says:

I was just a little kid when Bob was on, but I had a crush on him. I liked his humor and I thought he was kind of cool.

Martain says:

1981 vs. 2006. Man what a difference times makes. The coupon lady was really funny without trying to be. Anything else – other videos on her?

Buster says:

I’m an old fart and I remember this guy Bob. I watched this thing like six times today. I don’t know, kind of liked it, took me back. thanks for finding it.

Marilyn says:

Buster, I agree… for some reason this video clip opened something up in me. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so silly on the blog today.

Larry, I would love it if you can find something on Paul Dixon. What a character. Or maybe even Bob Shreve. OMG! He was the greatest! “I’m just spitting out words to see where they splatter” is my mantra. Hardly anyone ‘gets’ this when I say it.

Crap, all of a sudden I feel very old!

Pal says:

Yeah, find one of Paul Dixon!

Gina says:

My gosh, this really dusted off some brain cells. I remember watching the 50/50 Club forever ago. Bob went on to do CraftMatic bed commercials.
But I’m with Larry, Paul Dixon ruled! They did a live show from the Ohio State Fair one year – Paul, Bob & Phil Donahue (back when he was local talent). Paul was an absolute sweetheart, staying and talking to folks and signing autographs. I remember him shaking hot dogs at the camera and his “It’s better to have been grabbed by a plastic shower curtain than never to have been grabbed at all”. I really hope you can find video of him.

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