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{December 16, 2006}   Is Walter Really Mary?

rolex.jpgI want everyone to know that I read all my e-mail. All of it. I got this one last Sunday morning and I’m still trying to figure it out.

— Original Message —–
From: “Walter Dodge”
Sent: Sunday, December 03, 2006 8:47 AM
Subject: Looking for gift? Buy Rolex!
> At Prestige Replica, we specialize in the sales of brand name
> quality replica timepieces, at some of the lowest prices possible.
> take a moment to select ur chice
> With our large selection of watches you can be sure to find
> that perfect timepiece that will suit you best
> Best Regards
> Mary Vargas
> wrote:
>> Looking for gift? Buy Rolex!
> grc8ci10pf-
I’m confused. Is Walter Dodge really Mary Vargas? I don’t know these people but I do know a jgargano at CityBeat. He swears he didn’t send this e-mail to me and I believe him. I mean, he’s an editor and doesn’t even wear a Rolex.

Walter or Mary or whoever you are, please don’t send me anymore e-mails. If you can’t figure out if you’re a woman or a man, maybe you shouldn’t be selling watches. I think you have some issues to work out.

Happy Holidays anyway.

Larry Gross


ED says:

I hope you know that what you received was simply junk mail. Just delete it.

Brenda says:

I think junk mail has taken over the internet. When I check my email, I spend more time deleting junk than reading real mail. I’m beginning to long for the old days of receiving letters in the mail.

Karen says:

I agree with Brenda. So much of the time I find e-mail annoying, deleting all the shit that comes through, but then again you get that in regular mail delivery too. You know – junk to throw away in the trash.

Marilyn says:

Geeze Larry, you coulda taken advantage of this great offer and gotten your editor friend a “…brand name quality replica timepiece…”

Now the opportunity is gone. What kinda friend are you?

Larry Gross says:

What kinda friend are you?

Probably not a very good one. You’re right. I need to take advantage of this great offer and it’s not too late. I continue to receive this e-mail about every five minutes. I’m so thankful that Walter or Mary or whoever the hell this is keeps thinking of me.

Joy to the world.

Karen @ the hood says:

You and Marilyn are too funny!!

C.A. says:

That’s interesting. Everything happens for a reason. I heard from Walter and Mary many times this week as well, around 954 times, only they were giving me a better deal on timepeace replicass. Also, there’s a guy named Chester and some Ray who keeps sending me love notes, as well as good stock investment opportunities.

hard as nails says:

if i get one more email about penis enlargement, i’m gonna throw my computer out the window. my tool is big enough.

Marilyn says:

This is totally off topic, but I must interject here (just cause I can).

To all my buds here — have a wonderful Saturday. I’m all jazzed because I’m getting ready to see ‘Rent’ at the Aronoff for the matinee showing.

Now before anyone accuses me of being fat, white, as well as rich — I AM fat and white, but I’ve always been poor! I’m 51 and this will probably be the 5th play I’ve seen in my life. It’s a special gift from my sister to my niece and I.

Rock on, LOL’ers!

Will says:

Kind of a dumb post today, don’t you think?

Karen @ the hood says:

Have a good time Marilyn! Tell us about it when you have time. I’ve never been to a real play.

Heather says:

Since there’s clearly nothing going on here today 😉

Perhaps some of you guys would like to read an interview with Dennis Kucinich

This is about how he sacrificed his career to save Cleveland’s public utility. Look how young he looks in 1978!

Tim says:

I got out of bed maybe an hour ago and read some of the comments here and then went to check my email messages.

I had 30 waiting for me. 5 were from friends, the rest all junk.

Email and the junk is getting out of control.

Matt says:

Yeah, the junk mail is a hassle with me too. I never go to porn sites, shit I don’t have to, but I get porn emails constantly, at least three or four a day. How the hell do you stop it?

jake says:

i cannot understand why fake rolex watches are so popular. even the real ones are big and ugly.

Heather says:

My husband has a fake Rolex, and it looks so real, the guy at the jewelry store refused to change the battery. He said he had to take it to a liscensed Rolex repair place.

It was a gift from his boss.

Bill says:

I cannot understand the need for somehow to wear a Rolex watch or even a fake one. A watch doesn’t make someone high class or important. That’s a little something called pretending.

Jason says:

Kucinich/Obama ticket would without a doubt be the best thing for the country. They might be too good for the job. They need to figure out the whole security thing. History has proven that good leaders are short lived, and their acts misreported by history books.

Has anyone ever bought anything from an unsolicited advertisement? Just curious.

Sorry about the spam CA… my bad(I think.) It should be all good now.

hard as nails says:

i think larry should charge you, jason, for allowing a political link to be at the top of your comment. for your information, I consider that spam also.

Billy says:

I get porn emails constantly, at least three or four a day. How the hell do you stop it?

You’ll need to open the e-mail and go to the block where they ask if you want to taking off their email list. It’s a hassle but the porn stuff will sooner or later stop.

Jason says:

You may be right hard as nails. Perhaps this is the wrong place to voice such a comment, and post such a link. After all, it is a discussion about how annoying unsolicited advertisements are. Rest assured I’m not selling anything for monetary profit. I’m voicing an opinion. I voiced that opinion because I was uncontrollably overcome with renewed excitement about the potential for political and social change. I was reminded by Heather that good people still run for office, and our experimental democracy isn’t just circling the drain… I just couldn’t control myself.

You may have also missed a subtlety. We wouldn’t have spam if it didn’t generate profit for someone. People click on the links and buy things. Or click on the links and infest their computer with malware. Either way people click. If they didn’t it wouldn’t be in anyones interest to spam.

By the way, there’s an interesting article in popular science this month about nails. This guy named Ed Sutt redesigned the nail. His group conducted a study on structural failure in the wake of hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. and found that most of the damage is caused by inferior fasteners. The nails used in new construction cost a few dollars more per house and can withstand disaster. Check it out.
It’s amazing that no body thought of the nail as being the problem.

I trust Larry’s judgement. If he wishes to zap my comment, so be it.

Marilyn says:

Karen (@ the hood), it was WICKED AWESOME!! One giant reason I wanted to see it is because my son, Luke, kept telling me of it when he’d call me. Now I know why he loved it.

I’m going to have Larry forward to you my personal e-mail address (I’m sure he won’t mind). Then we can correspond when we want to. Also, I’m finally very close to getting my license back and I plan to visit you at your work. I tip well!

Big Hug to you!

Joe Blow says:

Screw Rolex. I’ve been wearing my Seiko for a decade now. It keeps time well and still looks good and I paid a reasonable price for it – under $200. Maybe it’s not a Timex, but it takes a licking and keeps on ticking!!!

Harvey says:

I just wear a Timex. The thing lasts for years.

Marilyn says:

I have a $30 timex and it rocks. I love it and only wear it occasionally. Time is not important enough for me to justify a pricier timepiece.

C.A. says:

Jason, don’t worry. I’ll let you make up for it somehow, luv.

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