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{December 17, 2006}   Alone in my Bed

My boyfriend and I busted up last week. No real surprise there. We haven’t been square for awhile now, know what I’m saying? He’s too hands on and I’m a free spirit. It was bound to happen.

Do I miss him? Sure. He was all right for a little boy and sometimes I miss the little boy in him – the way he looked at my body and the way he touched me in places where few ever have.

Most nights I’m alone in my bed. No, not always. Sometimes, I’ll bring someone home with me and we’ll screw. It’s never love making. It’s never that. It’s just fucking. It’s just a release for both of us.

Sometimes when I’m alone in my bed, I’ll toss and turn. Sometimes I just go to sleep, Sometimes I masturbate with all the lights on. Sometimes I do it with my apartment door open, hoping someone will see me. I bet I would be quite a sight.

LOL Girl

P.S. Happy Holidays to everyone, even numb. If Santa pays me a visit, maybe I’ll get him to do me. I enjoy jolly old men.


hard as nails says:

It was bound to happen.

even when breaking up with your dude, your mind is still on bondage. interesting.

Jim Stanton says:

If you enjoy jolly old men, maybe I’m your guy! No, just kidding. My wife of 30 years wouldn’t go for that.

Billy Boy says:

There’s no reason for you to suffer, to be alone in your bed. You’re one hot chick. I’ll keep you company anytime.

Roger says:

My morning coffee and the LOL Girl. Life is good.

Think I got my own masturbating to do 🙂

jolly old man says:

i thought you always slept naked LOL girl. i clearly see panties hiding your goodies.

Jeff- or-ly says:


ED says:

You need to wash your sheets.

Irene says:

LOL Girl,

Your posts are not hot, sexy or even well written. You’re simply a dog in heat wanting attention. Very, very sad.

Joey says:

You would probably consider me a “little boy” but my PACKAGE is a “big boy” and it’s all yours.

LOL Girl says:

You’re simply a dog in heat wanting attention


You made me cry 😦

Marilyn says:

Ah oh, don’t cry LOL Girl!

All of us here (and others) have just been named “person of the year” by time magazine. Yep, every one of us that uses the internet has changed and shaped the world…. Pretty cool.

Now, as a mother, I must dispense some advice: Keep doing what you do, but PLEASE lock the door!

Donny says:

I think you are the dog here for making LOL Girl cry. You don’t understand her at all. I do.

Rick says:

Sometimes I do it with my apartment door open, hoping someone will see me

This girl and some real issues and most of them are pretty sick.

Babble On says:

Eat some pasta, girl. Get some meat on those sexy bones of yours.

Richard says:

So you leave your apartment door open while you have sex with yourself. When you do this, do you also leave all your lights on or is it one or the other?

I’m just trying to plan here. You see if your door is open and it’s night time, it would be better for me if the lights were on. This way it would be easier for me to find you, tie you up and bang the hell out of you.

Please get back to me.

Elly says:

She’s just a mess.

Marilyn says:

Hey, Jeff-or-ly… what if (I’m sure it’s not true, but lets speak hypothetically here), what if LOL Girl’s face is butt fugly? What then?

Matt says:

Laughed out loud at this one, LOL girl. Like your open door policy.

Jeff- or-ly says:

what if LOL Girl’s face is butt fugly? What then?

I don’t give a shit. I WANT THAT BODY!! I can always put a bag over her head!!!!!

Marilyn says:

I predicted your answer down to the exact words!

hard as nails says:

this jeff-or-ly cat gets on my nerves but he likes football, can’t be all bad.

Polo Stick says:

Baby, my polo stick is all ready for you.

Liz says:

I’ve gone back and read the other posts that LOL Girl has written. In one she sort of suggest that she sometimes likes to sleep with women. I feel the same. Maybe she can write a post about that in the future.

Man of the Hour says:

I think Marilyn is on to something. I bet you this girl is butt ugly. She’s probably a double bagger. You gotta have that second bag in case the first bag breaks.

LOL Girl says:

Please get back to me.

Don’t call me, I’ll call you 🙂

Marilyn says:

Man of the Hour, NO! I don’t think LOL Girl is butt fugly. I was just playing. I’m quite sure she is a beauty — inside and out.

LOL Girl says:

I’m quite sure she is a beauty — inside and out.

right on both counts. now i must go shave my face. a little joke for the little boys 🙂

Barbara says:

This is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. And I’ve read some pretty dumb things here.

Susan says:

I realize I am considered the white bread here and conservative but the crack about this girl “doing it” with Santa is in really poor taste. How can you make sexual jokes about someone who children love?

Marilyn says:

Susan, you need to rent a movie called “Bad Santa”. I highly recommend it!

LOL Girl, the only butt fugly people I have ever met are the ones who have evil intentions. These are fortunately few (at least in my own experience).

Larry, Kudos to you for taking the stunning photo’s of our LOL Girl. LOL Girl, you really reached a new artistic high in your posing for the said photos!

Love to you all!

Larry Gross says:

Larry, Kudos to you for taking the stunning photo’s of our LOL Girl.

Yes, yes – I am a man of many talents and it’s always a pleasure to go over to LOL Girl’s apartment to shoot her. She’s usually naked, of course, but being the professional that I am, I try not to notice it.

Now if I could just capture her face somehow. Every time I think I got it right, her hair gets in the way.

hard as nails says:

maybe its just me but in the third photo it looks like lol girlie has a little bit of a gut on her. man, what a turn off.

Sarah says:

Is that true? Did Larry really shoot the photo?

Marshall says:

Wow, another post of the LOL bitch.

click. delete.

Karen says:

I have to admit I kind of like these posts but I’m pretty sure this LOL person doesn’t exist.

Polly says:

I have come to view the LOL Girl posts as guilty trash. I feel guilty and shameful reading it and all the comments, because I know it’s trash, but it is too much fun not to.

Matt says:

Well, hello Jean, imagine meeting you here?

Tell me, are you really the LOL girl? Do you sleep naked, like bondage and like to swing around the old pole? Some of us here like her, asshole. Yes, you are an asshole.

I’m just saying what everybody else is thinking.

Jean. Asshole.

Karen @ the hood says:

I gotta say, LOL Girl, you are a strange one. That’s o.k. – we’re all strange in our own way.

Donny says:

LOL Girl,

I think you don’t want your face shown in the photos because people will figure out who you are but could you please send on to me showing your face? My email address is XXXXX@@@@@@!!@XXXXXX.

I think we should meet.

All my best to you.

(editor: Donny, I think you’re innocent in your mistake, but we don’t print people’s email addresses here.)

hard as nails says:

this donny guy got all strange and creepy last time lol girlie made a post. you did good deleting his email. because of this dude, i would suggest she start having sex with herself behind locked doors. with me inside of course.

Jeff- or-ly says:

LOL GIRL FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Anderson says:

Very outrageous, totally unbelievable, simply ridiculous and beyond tasteless.

However, I must say I smiled while reading it and enjoyed all the comments.

Denise says:

LOL Girl posts just aren’t my bad. They seem all made up to me. Karen @ the hood is the real deal.

Matt says:

I think our pal Jeff-or-ly is on the juice. Missing the Bengals today, Jeff? 🙂

LOL Girl says:


Jean, you flatter me 🙂

Bonnie says:

This LOL girl thinks she’s really something doesn’t she? There’s nothing wrong with self confidence but man, masturbating with her apartment door open? That’s not high self esteem, it’s just stupid.

Jolly Old St. N. (no, not numb) says:

I can’t wait ’til I get to your house! Have you been good? Oy vey, you have been good.
But LOL Girl,
Due to a recent hernia repair, I may be in need of a supple, gymnastic youth to help with my big bag this year. At the end of the night, if you’ve done a good job, there may be a little something in my other bag just for you.
Marilyn can explain my “other bag” to you when we get to her house.

Babble On says:

Where the hell has the real numb been? I kind of miss the jackass.

hard as nails says:

hey jolly old st. numb,

you bring your balls, i’ll bring my nuts.

jackula says:

again, lol girfriend is my kind of macho gal. i think she’s gay and i wanta see that ass she kind of covers up in those photos. call me, sweetheart.

love and kisses in all the right places.

numb says:

still here. been jacking off while looking at the lol girl photos. thank god larry is no where around.

Matty says:

I’d like to meet this LOL bitch and smack the shit out of her. I think she’s a man in a girl’s body – can’t stand the type.

Patty says:


I think you got your OWN issues to work out. Violence solves nothing.

Chin says:

All I can say is thank G O D for the LOL Girl. In good old conservative Cincinnati (WKRP made it look too hip), it’s nice to find a place to go and let it all hang out! If this chick is made up, who gives a fuck? It’s just fine.

I’ve been here on and off today. Nice to see traffic here. This thing is hopping!

Steve says:

After reading you over these many weeks, I just know one thing: I want to spread your legs and screw you to death.

Marilyn says:

Dear Jolly Old St. N. (no, not numb),

I’m ALWAYS good and take only the finest care with all packages (just look under my tree).

However, I must inform you St. N., that I have evolved beyond sex. Remember the coneheads and the rings? Yeah, I’m like that.

Sammy says:

The coneheads and the rings? Marilyn, you’re tooooooooooo coool!!!

Muddy says:

This post sucks to the extreme, man.

LOL Girl says:

Where the hell has the real numb been? I kind of miss the jackass.

The jackass and I have been screwing. I love his package 🙂 🙂

David Gallaher says:

If by “evolved beyond,” you mean trans-corporeal fusion into machines, you might enjoy the book, Beyond Future Shock by Alex Alaniz. It’s his first novel (for the interest of you writers here).
It will probably be a few years, LOL Girl, before you need to worry your pretty head about trans-corporeal fusion.
Larry, did you happen to get a shot of numb while he was in flagrante delicto, as he described above? Those you snuck of LOL Girl for this topic were pretty cute. I have seen better on Whatever.

Who says:

The comments here are damn funny, better than the post!

Heather says:

How can someone so confident and carefree be so lonely and sad?

LOL Girl, have you considered that your derision of “little boys” is a flimsy justification for your inability to let someone get truly close to you? And that maybe your promiscuity is compensation for the true intimacy you won’t allow yourself to have with another person?

Just a thought.

pee-wee says:

stop tossing and turning, you horny bitch. let’s screw.

J-O-E says:

I just read all your posts here. You’re one hot bitch.

Sam says:

I’ll screw ya whenever you want.

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