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{December 18, 2006}   Updates

(Photo by Jim Allen)

I want to update you on a couple posts that were written here last week.

Jeff wrote a piece about a poster/map located on 7th street between Race and Elm promoting restaurants in the area. We went down to take a picture of it.

Of the nine listed, four are closed.

Aioli has been long gone. The building is still vacant.

Mullane’s – what? – closed for two years now? I think it was my favorite downtown restaurant and I still miss it. And yeah, the place is still vacant.

Poppie’s Deli had great sandwiches. They closed in the summer. The building is still vacant.

Redfish: Closed this past summer with employees receiving no notice. The building is still . . . well, you know the rest.

With these four restaurants closed, the poster could have been updated with four other restaurants in the area like Bella, Za, Barrycorn’s or House of Sun. No wait; these restaurants are also closed with nothing else going inside.

See a pattern here?

Here’s an update on the so-called smoking ban.

This past Friday, I went into Madonna’s on 7th street to see if the ashtrays were still on the tables and bar. Yes indeed they were and all customers were happy about it. With no rules or procedures to enforce the new law, it’s business as usual.

Welcome to The Queen City.

Larry Gross


Polly says:

I can’t believe they would still leave that sign in the building. What a bad reflection on this city.

Will says:

When I read that post last week, I didn’t really believe it, thought it was just more Cincinnati bashing from this site, but seeing is believing. It goes without saying that Town Properties needs to remove this thing and long ago.

Karen says:

What’s strange about this is that this map, poster whatever you want to call it has been outdated for MONTHS and nobody noticed it, not even the company that put it up.

Jackie says:

None of this is very surprising is it? The outdated map, the no following the smoking ban? This is how Cincinnati is……not with it.

hard as nails says:

when it comes to restaurants, good old ciny should play the song “another one bites the dust.”

Ray says:

Big deal! So restaurants close. Other ones that thier place. Your middle name should be overreact.

RHines says:

“Other ones will take their place”

The problem is – the closed restaurants like Redfish were meant to appeal to young professionals and the under 35 crowd. The rash of closings show we’re not there yet with cool, vibrant attractive restaurants.

You can’t include the 2 or three restaurants around Fountain Square, because those are aimed at a different crowd of people.

What’s alarming is – where are the under 35s? What are they doing with their time? Certainly not enjoying and supporting the right kind of restaurants and nightclubs.

Julie says:

I don’t think young professionals really have anything to do downtown. I consider myself a young professional and I work downtown but after work I just go home.

So many of my friends and co-workers have moved out of town because there is nothing going on. Frankly, I can’t wait to do the same.

Bret says:

Come the first of the year, I’ll be heading to Indianapolis to start a new job. Cincinnati is just a dead town with all changes in sight. Depressing

Biscuit says:

The only city more depressing than Cincinnati is Indianapolis -good luck with all that.

Marilyn says:

Well, I don’t have my finger on the pulse of downtown (much), but hopefully once I become mobile this will change.

However, I was watching Fox19 news this am and a reporter claims that some Cincinnati bars are scheduling their holiday parties at The Syndicate, across the river. This simply so that their patrons can smoke and drink. Whatta town.

clayton says:

i have always said that if cincinnati can find a way to fuck things up, they will.

Sean says:

This Cincinnati bashing is getting really old here.

Restaurants come and go, not only in Cincinnati but all other major cities – just a fact of life.

I never hear anything good said here about what’s going on over at Fountain Square. How about writing about that or is it just too positive?

Pat says:

Man. Enough!!! I read about this stuff last week.

Matt says:


Larry keeps hammering at the problems to bring attention to them. The people in this city have a habit of looking the other way ALL THE TIME. That’s the easy thing to do. Keeping it in your face is not.

Phil says:

The LOL Girl post yesterday was a lot more interesting than this. Stop harping on how bad downtown is.

Jean says:

Can we talk reality? I know that’s very rare here.

Downtown Cincinnati has plenty of restaurants to choose from. The ones that are sub par need to go. All this fuss about these closings is being made by an alarmist. Simple as that.

Larry Gross hates this city. He makes that clear time after time and again time after time I have stated he should leave.

I’ll even pack his suitcase.

Tom says:

Gross is just a trouble maker. How long is this guy gonna run down our town?

John says:

I urge all to go over to CincyNation today and look at their web page. You can find it on the blogroll on this site. There lead off story is about how well Indianapolis is doing and how it has become such a great city.

Honestly, does anyone who lives here think Cincinnati is a great city? If you can force yourself to answer that honestly, then I think the answer would be no. This city has go down hill because of years and years of neglect.

Why doesn’t City Council seek advise from city planners who have made other cities come alive? You wouldn’t have to go far – go over to Newport.

As far as running Gross out of town, maybe you should be paying some attention to him. He has a pulse as to what’s happening than those who still want to look away.

hard as nails says:

’ll even pack his suitcase.

jean, i’ll pack your suitcase too, but you’ll have to be in it.

Biscuit says:

I wonder if Larry would publish a Living Out Loud post by Jean that discusses why downtwon is great. Maybe Jean, Tom and the others are right. All you people that think downtown is getting a bad rap write up a column and submit it to Larry.

I’d love to read a post by numb explaining…whatever.

Larry Gross says:


I think that’s an excellent suggestion.

Come on, Jean, set us all straight. Tell us what you like about downtown Cincinnati so much. Tell us why you think it’s a successful city. Tell us the restaurants you go to. Tell us how many times this week you’ll be heading over to Fountain Square.

And I open this up to anyone who thinks I’m full of shit. Tell us what’s great. Send your posts to me at and I’ll collect them and run the best ones.

Ball’s in your court.

Marilyn says:

Alrighty then, Jean and all the others who think we have no room for improvement: The gloves are OFF! Meet the challenge. Stop your own whining about this blog and tell us why everything is so swell in the queen city.

numb says:

what balls larry has. not really.

Marilyn says:

Since we are discussing Cincy vs. Indianapolis today… some interested parties might want to watch Monday Night Football. Tonite it is Cincinnati at Indianapolis.

For triva fans: This is only the Bengal’s second Monday Night Football appearance since 1992.

Hell, I might even watch the game!

Matt says:

Yeah, big game tonight. You think Jeff-or-ly will be watching? Dumb question.

Marilyn says:

Well, Matt… non sports person that I am, I didn’t realize the game will only be on ESPN. (Didn’t MNF used to be on channel 12?!) Hopefully, everyone who wants to watch the game, can.

Beaver Head says:

I get over to the CincyNation a couple times a day and they are on this blog, man. THEY DIG IT! They see a good thing here. Here’s my question: How come CityBeat doesn’t?

I’ll ask the question again. Why isn’t this blog on their fucking web site? Why the hell do we have to go looking for it?

Three good questions if LARRY DOESN’T DELETE ME.

jake says:

interesting that larry would throw the floor open to his critics, let them have their say.

prediction: he won’t hear from them and he won’t get any posts. it’s easier to make comments that have no merit than to try to back up what they are saying.

not to be negative says:

………..but larry really is. it’s like he gets a hard on for running down the city. get a one way ticket to somewhere buddy.

Walt says:

Gross is a complaining, full of himself fool. m o v e a w a y.

Jeff- or-ly says:


Beth says:

I too miss Mullane’s. The food was soooo excellent.

Marilyn says:

Well here’s Jeff-or-ly! I was afraid he’d finally found LOL girl and deserted us!

Enjoy the game, dude.

Jeff- or-ly says:

Thanks Marilyn, HERE’S TO A WIN!!!!!!!

don says:

who the hell cares?

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