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{December 22, 2006}   Sobriety is Overrated

drugs.jpgI love drugs. I don’t mean the caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and Prozac that makes reality bearable for most people. I love all those, of course, but they’re just for base-line, day-to-day living. For recreation, I like marijuana, magic mushrooms and acid when I can find it. I don’t do needles or crack. You gotta have standards, right?

There are very few times when I’ve found a good buzz incompatible with what I had to do. I’ve gotten high before work, before church, before my kids’ school pageants and concerts.

If you want a truly deep experience at a funeral, try going on magic mushrooms. It transforms the whole experience.

In my job I work all day with the public, sometimes including policemen. Nobody has ever suspected I was tripping while serving them.

I know drugs aren’t for everybody and they’re really bad for some people but for me they’re a source of constant amusement. I’m not hurting anybody and I’m having a hell of a good time.

Someday they’ll repeal the stupid drug laws and spend their time trying to catch dangerous criminals instead. Meanwhile I’ll just keep doing a good job, being a good father and getting stoned when I can.

Mike Hunt


Barbara says:

If this was meant to be funny, it certainly isn’t.

hard as nails says:

I love drugs

if i was a gay dude, i’d probably marry this guy.

Polly says:

This is way over the top for me. Nobody cares about pot, but I can’t believe you would be promoting the use of mushrooms and acid here.

Dandy says:

I agree that drugs should be legal. We spend so much time and tax dollars on the war on drugs and what do we really get in return? Drug violence. Make it legal, tax it and all that violence will go away.

Tom says:

Unbelievable. What’s next here – suppporting porn?

Rita says:

I am having a difficult time believing this is real and that anyone would be so arrogant and egotistical to post such a story – especially after such an amazing post as Marilyn’s. But, I guess that is what it would take for “Mike” to believe that the world revolves around him and bragging about his level of drug use as so great.

If this is truly a real person posting this, the way that Mike is using drugs is merely an attempt to escape his life and emotions – a slow emotional suicide. No revelation here.

“Mike” – I will keep you in my meditations.

Biscuit says:

Drugs should be legal.

Of course the claim that getting stoned and going to work potentially harms only you is bullshit. There is nothing like getting good and fucked up on mushrooms before driving your kids to their pageant -as most “good fathers” do. In fact, if you swapped out the words ‘trip on mushrooms’ with ‘drink a twelve pack of beer’ they’d probably put your kids in a foster care.

Mike, you are the dangerous criminal. It is possible to enjoy drugs without killing your children, your co-workers and, most importantly, me.

Merry Christmas Mikehunt.

C.A. MacConnell says:

In my lifetime, I have seen many, many people die from the disease, yes disease, of alcoholism and drug addiction. My grandfather died from cirrhosis & alcohol, not crack or heroin. I have seen many others die from using various substances. Not everyone has the disease. Some people drink and drug without consequence. More power to them. But not the case for my old boyfriend Jay, who died two weeks ago. Or my friend Cary, who died a month ago, days after he waved and smiled at me on Ludlow. Or my friend Jimmy, who died last year. Or my friend C, who was joking in the car with me in Northside, then days later, found lifeless in a random apartment downtown. And I know there will be more this year.

Prozac is a medication, like insulin, used to treat physical illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, clinical depression, and other brain disorders. It is not a recreational substance used for “daily maintenance.” It is a medication. Are there many who take it who don’t need it? Yes, sure. People will abuse things if they want to. Are there many more people who take it that do need it to treat a serious brain illness? Yes.

Sobriety is not overrated for me. It has saved my life.

Sammy says:

Drug use is a HEALTH issue not a CRIMINAL one. Make drugs legal and stop locking up innocent people.

Julie says:

What’s next here – suppporting porn?

Why not? Don’t you believe in free speech, free expression?

Susan says:

A horrible post. I can’t believe CityBeat would put up a blog post supporting drug use. You have just lost a reader here.

Jack says:

I think you have to set some limits here. Who really cares if somebody smokes pot, but come on – mushrooms and acid? These drugs really mess you up.
Your post went too far, pal.

Gregory Flannery says:

I say we string him up!

rhines says:

This is exactly the type of blogging we need to have in Cincinnati. I still can’t believe I’m reading this at a Cincinnati site. Nice job to Larry and CityBeat!

Stacy says:

This is exactly the type of blogging we need to have in Cincinnati

Are these words a joke? Is this whole post today a joke? It’s awful.

Larry Gross says:

“It’s awful.”

Thank you. I aim to please.

ben says:

man, i’m amazed by all the negative reaction. no, that’s a joke. welcome to cincinnati, man.

Marilyn says:

‘shrooms at a funeral?

I don’t think that would work for me… death is too close, too dark.

Darrell says:

A touching, well written story yesterday, now this trash today. You should put up a warning when you post junk.

Doug says:

being a good father and getting stoned when I can.

Being a good father and getting stoned DO NOT GO HAND IN HAND. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Jean says:

I think Larry Gross has lost is mind. He’s promoting the use of drugs on his blog.

Does John Fox, the editor and publisher of Citybeat ever read what’s being posted here? I think Gross writes all the posts and just changes the name at the bottom. It’s just another typical anti-Cincinnati rant that he enjoys so much.

This is a family type town and he can’t stand that. I want him to know that I can’t stand him.

Matt says:

I consider myself a liberal thinker, but I don’t know, Mike, you’re really pressing buttons here.

I think pot should be legal, but when it comes to drugs like mushrooms and acid, you could end up hurting other people and I don’t know if I want to be working with someone all messed up with those kind of drugs.

Biscuit says:


Are you working on your pro-Cincinnati post? I, for one, am looking forward to it.

hard as nails says:

rolled myself a joint, having a good old time reading all the negative comments. uptight antidrug cincinnati is really very funny when you’re stoned.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Yeah, I’d like to see a post by Jean. Good ideer. I agree with Gregory.

jackula says:

hellooooooooooooooooooo cincinati. i like this hard as nails guy. i’m over here in ky stoned out of my mind, getting started on the ho-ho-ho stuff early.

chill out nati types. you take life toooooooooooo seriously.

Jackie says:

Too mean and strange here for me today.

Marilyn says:

Jean, I’m pretty sure that all of us here know – without a trace of doubt – that you cannot stand Mr. Larry Gross.

Move on, Jean. Move on.

Matt says:


Bite me.

Shirley says:

You go from heart warming posts like Marilyn’s and Karen’s one day, then meaningless post the next – like that Cin story and now this. Why can’t there be more of a balance here?

Larry Gross says:

“Why can’t there be more of a balance here?”


That’s like asking me to please everybody and I can’t. Sometimes you just gotta please yourself (thank you, Rick Nelson).

Marilyn says:

Ummm, I HAVE to ask: Mike Hunt, are you in some way related to Mr. I.P.Freely?

Gregory Flannery says:

Or Seymour Hiney?

Marilyn says:

Or Rosie Butts?

Marilyn says:

Damn Larry, now I’m gonna have that awful Garden Party song running through my head!

Marty says:

Sort of a disturbing post today. I don’t think any web site should try to encourage drug use. I don’t see the point of it at all, seems pointless and not in the best interest of the community.

Jeannie says:

How totally entertaining this site has become! It’s like you’re pushing the envelope to see what people will get pissed off about. I love it!

I do mushrooms all the time, because they make me laugh and not take life so seriously. I’m a stockbroker and if anyone needs a break, I think its me. It doesn’t interfere with my job – just makes it more interesting.

Flannagan says:

I don’t comment but I will today.

Drugs poison this country. To put a post like this up today is shameful and his Hunt guy should be run out of town after being beaten with a stick.

I’m not coming back here ever again.

Jean says:

NO. I’m not going away – not until John Fox tells me he reads this shameful mess of a web site and tells me it has his blessing. I don’t think he reads it and doesn’t know the trash that is being distributed to our city. Larry Gross needs to be shut down and I’m staying on it. I don’t care if you liberals like it or not.

hard as nails says:

…………………..rolling another one.

Nancy says:

The photo that comes with the story is cool. The actual story smelled bad 😦

Marilyn says:

Jean, knock yourself out. However, it might be more effective to directly write John Fox than to constantly come here and moan & groan.

And yet again you state: “ liberals”… them’s fighting words Jeanie! You’ll continue to be bashed here simply because you continue to beg for it. I guess you like it though. You keep on coming back.

H.A.N., save a toke for me! Sheesh!

David Gallaher says:

This topic is my Xmurs wish come true! Thanks, Santy (Larry)!
I don’t do any illegal drugs. Never did. I don’t advocate any drugs at all. Drugs should be seen in roughly the same way pro-choice people see abortion. That is: my body is my body. (It never ceases to amaze me how even redundancy doesn’t penetrate Jean’s, and other’s here, ability to grasp the concept.)
The War on Drugs, not the drugs themselves, is the cause of Sinincincinnati breaking the homicide record this year. The War on Drugs is the cause of most of the infamous “black-on-black” homicide.
Jean/Simon Leis/Chief Streicher are satisfied to keep silent about how hysteria about drugs has conveniently evolved into genocide. Blood is on their hands. When they say “drug-related” they know they mean “drug war-related.”
I was hoping Karen@The Hood, of a few topics back, would get it. No luck.
(At least, Karen, John Fox doesn’t get it either.)
It’s tragic, to say the least.

David Gallaher says:

“Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.” — H. G. Wells

Happened to see this quote on one of the sites where I like to view nekkid wimmin.
(It’s okay for you to keep your burqa down.)

Jim says:

I’m certain this blog has violated my rights and you can rest assured I’ll be seeking legal advice from Ben Dover and Phil McKrevis (Kudos to Jeff) about these issues revolving around Mike Hunt. They’ll get to the “bottom” of this.

Kevin says:

This guy, this drug user considers himself a good father. Who the hell does he think he’s kidding?

o.k. says:

all i can say is god help us from this man.

Fran says:

I like the idea that this is talked about here. What a shame so people who have commented here just wants this guy to shut up. I think saying what’s on his mind is very brave.

I don’t do drugs but I have a lot of friends who do. To each his or her own. As this Mike says, he’s not hurting anybody.

not to be negative says:

does anyone else think this site is going to hell in a hand basket? is the intent here to shock readers with content? it gets more outrageous all the time.

mike hunt is a bad person with all this promoting drugs. talking about kids and funerals and being high. i hope he never writes anything else.

Flannagan says:

Let’s hope this fool just overdoses alone and not out on the street or in his car with his kids. What a loser.

Lou says:

What a puzzle this jackass is. All I can hope is his kids have a decent mother.

hard as nails says:

has anyone seen my hunt?

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