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{December 24, 2006}   A Christmas Story

Today and tomorrow, we’ll be posting light, you know – this being the holidays and all. I know I personally plan on drinking lots of Christmas cheer……..and I’m not talking coffee.

If you haven’t seen “A Christmas Story,” you’ll missing out on a classic movie. Here’s a five minute clip from it.

Now where the hell did I put that bottle?

Larry Gross


Rita says:

I love Christmas Story. Whenever I watch it, it brings back memories of my mom. It used to be shown on Thanksgiving night. My mom would stay the night at my house and we would watch it together while going through all the newspaper ads to see where we would strike the next morning for the best sales. We would set the alarm for 4 a.m. the next morning to prepare for our Christmas shopping journey. I remember she would make coffee for me – I swear she would put 1/2 can of coffee in the coffee maker; it had a kick. We could shop all day with just one cup. Shopping for Christmas hasn’t been much fun since her transition.

Christmas Story Advertisement: It is suppose to on TBS forever starting tonight at 8 a.m.

I will be sharing Christmas Eve at Marilyn’s being well fed with Rigatoni and having ONE of Marilyn’s famous vodka drinks – I am driving.

Have a Merry and safe Christmas.

Rita says:

Sorry for the disorientation in time. Make that 8 p.m. tonight for Christmas Story. No more kahlua and coffee for me.

Maria says:

I love this movie! I have it on DVD and always watch it at least a couple times during this time of year.

Jim Stanton says:

“A Christmas Story” is one of those rare movies that is truly for the entire family. Young and old alike find something here to enjoy.

Thanks for reminding me to watch it this year, need to find my video of it!

Marilyn says:

To anyone out there who has not seen this movie, I’m really envious of you. I wish I could go back and watch it for the first time all over again!

Marilyn says:

PS. Rita is a lightweight drinker. I make her drinks very mild!

Karen says:

“Christmas Story” is one of my favorite movies too 🙂

Jacob says:

No, sorry, “White Christmas” is the best holiday movie.

Ebeneezer says:

bah hum numb

Matt says:

Yes, numb is probably out christmas shopping today, buying gifts for larry. not.

hard as nails says:

i always thought the mother in this movie was hot. still do.

Wally says:

Drinking while wrapping xmas gifts. Drinking makes it bearable.

Marilyn says:

Wally, I hear ya. I feel kinda hypocritical…. I was really turned off by the “drug” post of a couple of days ago, but here I am dealing with my crappy reality with alcohol. No difference, really. (Well, I’m not driving at least… that is a difference.)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Wally says:

Cheers to Marilyn.

I’m totally wasted, but those fucking packages are wrapped.

eh……Christmas packages.

Marilyn says:

Wally, one year I was wrapping presents for my kids. I always bought them cool stuff but also (once they became adults) would put in practical stuff like underwear….

I was drinking Jack and Coke, sitting on the floor, and watching South Park while I was wrapping. This particular South Park was a Christmas episode and it featured “the underwear gnomes”.

At the time these guys appeared, I was wrapping my son’s new underwear. Since that time, EVERY Christmas my kids have gotten gifts from the “underwear gnomes” As stated on the tags!

My daughter’s new boyfriend even got a package from the underwear gnomes this year…

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