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{December 25, 2006}   Have Yourself . . .


. . .a Merry little Christmas, or whatever this day does for you. Marilyn, C.A., Teri, Karen, Brian, The LOL Girl, yours truly and the rest who contribute here appreciate your visits. We’ll be back with a new post tomorrow.

Larry Gross

(P.S. – wanted to put up this traditional Christmas picture. You know how that Jean is)


hard as nails says:

up early, too much shit to do today, thought i’d check in here first.

nice picture, pal. a lot won’t like it but you know that already.

here’s to you. have a good one.

Karen @ the hood says:

Merry Christmas to everybody!

Karen says:

…..from the other Karen 🙂

I’ll pretend I like the photo used above and wish everyone a happy holiday.

Matt says:

I have a good day, Larry.

Marilyn says:

Well, the anti-Santa graphic totally works for me this Christmas!

Larry, thanks for putting up with us, the motley crew that we are!

Jackie says:

I just hear Jean now!

Hally holidays.

jackula says:

I just hear Jean now!

Hally holidays.

……………..think jackie’s hitting the old christmas cheer kind of early, eh?

Jan says:

Your photo is in poor taste, to say the least.

Will says:

Get over it Jan. The cartoon’s a hoot.

Jim Stanton says:

I’m dead tired, but I had a good Christmas. Hope everyone else had the same.

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