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{December 26, 2006}   Baby, Throw Away That Razor

leg-shaving.jpgI like the natural look. I believe women should look the way nature intended.

I’m talking hair here.

Men don’t shave under their arms or shave their legs. Why do women? Why is that necessary?

I want my woman hairy. I want to see hair on her legs and hair under her arms – and don’t even think about shaving between your legs. That’s an awful look I can’t bear. Just throw away that razor and I’ll be a happy man.

My wife doesn’t understand this. She says she has to be “presentable” in the business world when she wears a dress to work. I say, wear slacks. If she’s concerned about her hairy armpits, put on a long-sleeve shirt.

She rolls her eyes and laughs.

She has beautiful black hair on her head. I want to see it other places too, the way God wanted it.



Bitch from Price Hill says:


Where have you been all my life? Do you know how sick and tired I am of shaving? Ditch your wife and get on over here to Price Hill.

Barbara says:


Matt says:

To each his own, but hairy legs and armpits aren’t for me. I’m assuming you want your woman to shower but maybe I shouldn’t be asking.

ben says:

you got yourself a nice looking wife there. i hope she doesn’t listen to your foolish idea about not shaving. I’m hoping you’re kidding about this.

Polly says:

Paul, I think you’re a strange guy.

Marilyn says:

Yay! I’m so happy now that Christmas is over and I come here and read this — whatta hoot!

My daughter’s boyfriend convinced my daughter not to shave, anywhere. At first I was really taken aback, she came over wearing a tank top and had hairy armpits. But, my daughter being the free spirit she is rubbed it in by raising her arm and urging me to take a sniff!

PS. B from Price Hill: I look at the bright side of my amputation — I only have to shave one leg now!

Jack says:

Over in Europe, women not shaving their armpits and legs is common place. I don’t get why some here are finding it so disgusting.

Harvey says:

I can’t think of more of a turnoff than to be being making love to my girlfriend and feel hair on her legs. This Paul guy may like it, but not me.

Jeff says:

I hate hairy legs and hairy armpits. I even shave my own 🙂

jackula says:

i don’t shave my legs, arms, i shave nothing, but i think i’m the guy in this relationship i have with my girlfriend. kind of makes sense.

Tom says:

I think watching a woman shaving her legs is sexy. It’s a turn on.

Many says:

It gets stranger here all the time.

Robin says:

I’m a young woman in my 40’s and I stopped shaving my legs and armpits a few years back, maybe three years ago. I like what this Paul had to say about it. I mean it is natural and society shouldn’t dicate how a woman should look. Atleast not this woman.

Al says:

I have no desire to go out with a werewolf.

Matt says:

Robin, I think Paul is saying he digs women with hairy bodies. He’s dictating that they should not shave because it turns him on. Should women stop shaving so Paul can be a ‘happy man’?

Ben do you really think that’s his wife??

Darlene says:

To me, the most important thing in this world is that Paul be a happy man.



just kidding. I could care less.

ben says:

Ben do you really think that’s his wife??

i don’t know, just asking. you think it is, matt?

Roberta says:

I was one of those who attempted to get away with this a couple years ago. I felt like a rebel doing it and it was so nice not to have to do all that shaving. But I quickly found that it turns most men off. Now I’m back to shaving anything except for one area.

Polo Stick says:

“I think watching a woman shaving her legs is sexy. It’s a turn on.”

It is a turn on if the woman is attractive and totally naked while doing it. I wonder what LOL Girls thinks of this?

Joe says:

I’m one of those guys who doesn’t like the hairy look. Once dated a girl who had a beautiful face, great body but all that hair. I thought I could get pass it but when she was totally naked and we started to screw i kept thinking of all that hair and lost my hard on. It ain’t for me.

Erin says:

Is it just me, or is this site becoming increasingly weird? You know, the post about the “packages,” that guy who was promoting drugs, attacking Cin Weekly and even the Christmas day post was weird putting up that dark photo of a girl torturing Santa Claus.

I still come in everyday but now I feel like I’m entering a very strange place.

Do others feel like I do?

Karen @ the hood says:

If I could get away without shaving my legs, you bet I would! But I have to wear dresses everyday at the diner 😦

Jackie says:

I don’t know, Erin. Maybe Larry is experimenting here. I know he likes to push and push for different subject matter. I thought the post today was funny and pretty far reaching.

Janice says:

No, the post today wasn’t funny or far reaching. I was just flat out dumb and stupid. The only one who writes half-way decent posts here is Marilyn.

Jill says:

The post was interesting and food for thought, but I’m going to keep shaving what needs to be shaved.

Fred says:

Yes, it’s getting weirder every week, but weird is good, especially in this hellhole of a town.

Jacob says:

“the way God wanted it.”

Keep God out of this trash.

Man of the Hour says:

something tells me you’re bald.

hard as nails says:

been thinking about this today, you guys and i do mean guys.

yep, shave the legs and the armpits, but leave the pussy alone. that’s where i want to see some hair, there and on the top of your head.

kate says:

don’t be a caveman, dude.

do-right says:

This chick in the picture kind of looks like a bartender i know. Is it local?

Brian says:

Ah, I see people are still getting bent over the littlest things here.

To shave or not to shave, that’s a personal question. But if a guy is into it, I’m sure he can find a woman who will gladly bare the hair, as we’ve heard from some here. There’s plenty of both kinds, the trimmed and untrimmed, to go around. Myself, I enjoy a little bush where it belongs, but on her pits and legs just ain’t my personal taste. Like most things in life, it’s a private choice, whatever one’s society may try to dictate as the ” standard”.

Jeez, just let a person live their life however they want.

Marilyn says:

Well, I’m in the minority here, but I thought this was a really fun and thought provoking post.

Isn’t the idea here to discuss something and isn’t it more fun to discuss something off the wall?

Matt says:

“the way God wanted it.”

Keep God out of this trash.

God created man. God created woman….with hair like a man – armpits and legs and arms. I don’t see things Paul’s way but if God is real, is he telling the ladies to shave? I think not.

David says:

I like getting girls naked and seeing if the color of their hair matches the color of their bush. DON’T SHAVE THERE!!

Dell says:

“Isn’t the idea here to discuss something and isn’t it more fun to discuss something off the wall?”

One would think, but then again, welcome to Cincinnati.

Brian says:

Oh, yeah, hair color matches – if I’m truly into a woman, then I really don’t care if her drapes don’t match her carpet, heh-heh-heh….

Charlie Tuna says:

I think some of us are strange when it comes to women and I’m talking about myself. I don’t want the hairy legs and armpits, but I do want a women to have the same color hair on her head that she has on her bush. That’s how I am.

David Gallaher says:

I was just perusing here to see if I could see what America’s sweetheart, LOL Girl’s, proclivities happen to be.

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