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{December 31, 2006}   “I Feel Good”

James Brown passed away on Christmas Day. The “Godfather of Soul” got his musical start right here in Cincinnati when he was signed to the King/Federal label. In 1956, he and his band, The Famous Flames, cut “Please Please Please” at the King/Federal studios here in Cincy, just off Woodburn Avenue. This was a start in a long string of hits that would continue for almost 30 years.

Here’s a classic clip of Brown singing “I Feel Good.”

Larry Gross


Jackie says:

Thanks for the clip. I didn’t know James Brown could dance so well!

Jim Stanton says:

I’m glad that you mentioned James Brown really got his start here in Cincinnati. On CityBeat’s music blog, I was more than a little surprised that this wasn’t even mentioned. In fact, his death was only mentioned in passing in referring to a local singer’s death.

Matt says:

He’s got happy feet!

Bitch from Price Hill says:

I feel good is my favorite J. Brown song. It “feels good” to hear it.

Maria says:

The kids in the video crack me up! So 1960’s!

Heather says:

James Brown’s memorial service was held at the Apollo Theater in part because he had always told his son that he wanted to die on stage.

During the eulogy his son said, “Daddy, I did the best I could.”

I kind of teared up when I heard that.

hard as nails says:

he was a cool cat.

Tommy Boy says:

Thanks for the clip, played it a couple times. And thanks for letting us know about the Cincinnati ties he had. I didn’t know anything about that.

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