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{January 2, 2007}   Burying Our Heads in the Sand

bury.jpgI read Brian Griffin’s Cincinnati Blogspot every so often just to see what he’s up to. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s a cheerleader for Cincinnati. There’s nothing wrong with that – but the thing is, he likes to bury his head in the sand and not face a lot of Cincinnati realities.

As part of his last post for 2006, he wrote about the most over reported stories for the year. These are his opinions and out of the five he has listed, I have serious issues with four of them. My comments are after his.

Most Over Reported Stories of the Year:

• Brian: Murder rate in Cincinnati. Larry: Between 2000 and 2004, the homicide rate in Cincinnati increased 190%. In 2006, our 40-year-old homicide rate was broken. You think that’s something to be proud of? We are one of the most unsafe cities in the country. It’s a little scary here, don’t ya think? Should we all just ignore this and eat another cheese coney?

• Brian: Bengal Arrests. Larry: Let’s see, Chris Henry arrested three times – the last one being charged with allegedly speeding and allegedly operating his vehicle under the influence. Matthias Askew was arrested for a parking violation. Police had to use a taser to subdue him because he allegedly resisted arrest. O’Dell Thurman was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. Hummmm…kind of a pattern here, or maybe I’m all wet. Don’t our kids look up to these so called sports heroes? In my view, these guys aren’t heroes at all and it’s news.

• Brian: Marcus Fiesel tragedy – Yes, it was horrible, but making the case a spectacle is also horrible. Larry: You have got to be kidding, Brian. Read this from Radio Free Newport to find out how truly bad this was. As far as I’m concerned, the media here needs to rub our face in this to make sure this type of thing never happens to a little child again.

• Brian: Every closing of a restaurant in the City. Larry: You and I battle on this constantly. Granted, it’s a little hard to keep up with all the closings. Redfish, Aoli, Bella, Za, Poppie’s, Frisch’s, House of Sun, and Barleycorn’s are the first few to come to mind but I’m sure I’m missing some. I find all these closings alarming. You must pack your lunch from home a lot.

• Brian: Enquirer’s obsession with reality TV – Jerry Springer is just not that interesting. Larry: Whatever, Brain. Maybe we both agree that the Enquirer is a bad newspaper, but I don’t watch television. All I know about Springer is that he likes to write checks.

I think if you were to ask Brian the difference between him and me, he would say that he concentrates on the positive while I’m fixed on the negative. Maybe that’s true, but I think if we’re to move this city forward, you have to face realities and not bury our heads in the sand. We got some problems here, folks.

Larry Gross



Polly says:

When it comes to the killing of Marcus, no way should the media lighten up. What a horrible thing to happen to a little boy. I agree with you. The media needs to keep following up on the foster parents who killed him. Most of us want to make sure justice is served.

hard as nails says:

“don’t worry. be happy.”
……………..brian griffin

Barbara says:

I have to say I agree with Brian Griffin on most of his short list of over reported stories, but little Marcus? No, Mr. Griffin, you can’t make this go away.

Mavis says:

You and Brian are like dueling banjos. You guys should have your own cable show.

Tate says:

Same old song, man. You need a new record.

Karen says:

I agree that it’s the same old song but not really on Larry’s end. Brian does indeed like to look the other way – as Larry says likes to bury his head in the sand.

Cincinnati’s crime rate is a major story here. People don’t come downtown because of it. Doesn’t Brian think it needs to be addressed?

As far as poor little Marcus, to suggest that it was over reported is just cold.

Matt says:

Maybe if our football team was more focused on the game instead of drinking, maybe we would be going to the playoffs this year.

rhines says:

I’ve always found Griffin’s blog to be inconsistent and contradictory.

Unlike this blog, Griffin updates infrequently, usually referring to some article in Enquirer with a sentence or two.

Haven’t really learned much from his blog, don’t expect I will in the future.

Nancy says:

Sometimes I visit Brian’s blog just for a laugh. Rhines is right. It’s inconsistent and contradictory which makes it kind of funny.

not to be negative says:

i didn’t care much for the post but the picture is fucking funny.

Marilyn says:

At the risk of being considered Larry’s toady, I have to agree with his observations, particularly the first three items.

I find it outrageous that Brian thinks we talk too much of the murder rate in Cincinnati. Is Brian insane? Murder, nuttin’ but a thang? Quit talking about it?

Bengal arrests? If any one of us “regular” people behaved like some of the Bengals, could we keep even our paltry jobs?

Marcus Fiesel… Unthinkable to even state that this news story was overreported.

Then, further down on his blogspot, Brian states:

(One of the) Most Under Reported Stories of the Year–Level of irrational fear of the City of Cincinnati (not just Downtown) by outside the I-275 loop suburban residents.

Sorry Brian, I live near Georgetown, Ohio, which just witnessed it’s first murder in 15 years. Excuse me if I’m a bit wary of going downtown these days.

Tammy says:

Griffin’s been a joke for a long time. So is his web site.

Jackie says:

I looked over the rest of Griffin’s year end post. I wonder how much thought he put into it. The whole post seems kneejerk to me.

And come on, saying what happened to that little boy is “over reporting?” I wonder if this guy has kids.

Roy says:

You’re really no different than Brian Griffin. You both go on rants all the time. This blog is a lot better when it’s funny.

Man of the Hour says:

Griffen has racked you over the coals many times in the past, glad to see he is getting a little payback. I sometimes go to his blog to read the comments he gets. So many of his regulars know he is ia silly guy.

Rita says:

One of the issues of today’s society and government is to pretend everything is okay – if you do not recognize it, it is not a problem and thus does not require action. If you do call attention to an issue, you are seen as a trouble maker or negative, even unAmerican. Let’s pretend the war in Iraq is going well and damn it – it must be going well – who are we to doubt authority?
I know that many of the people who believe they know me, feel I am negative. I feel there cannot be positive change unless we have the balls to identify the problem and then – and only then – we can better develop a positive action that will result in positive outcomes.
Do I hear an Amen.

Marilyn says:

Amen, sister (as usual!).

Jim says:

You have a way with words. I couldn’t say it any better.

artpro says:

I’m not going to get in between Larry and Brian on this one. 🙂

But I wanted to post one side note since it concerns one of my favorite places. Poppie’s has opened another name. The link also includes a reference to the new Paula’s Cafe that just opened.

Rita says:

Thanks Jim. If only I had the ability to edit my speaking skills. It would keep me out of alot of trouble.

Matt says:

I just came back from visiting the Cincinnati Blogspot where this Brian guy is ranting something about an R. Hines commenting here under different names.

Defensive much?

And apparently he visits here.

My name is Matt, by the way, and I kind of doubt if anyone has time to blog about you under false names on a different site. They would go directly to the source – your blog. See, I read the comments on your blog from time to time. Most think you’re full of it.

By the way, learn how to write. Go back and look at your paragraph. Do you know how to proofread?

Laura says:

I read the Cincinnati Blog and also come here quite a bit. I know Larry and Brian have been at it before – kind of fun actually for the readers to get involved.

I see both sides, you know? The truth is in the middle somewhere.

Joy says:

I opened the link you had to Radio Free Newport and read the piece on Marcus.

Yes to Mr. Griffin. It is horrible but sometimes you have to have the horrible in your face to make it stick and to make sure action is taken. I totally agree with what Mr. Gross states. It disappoints me that Mr. Griffin wants it yesterday’s news.

Luke says:

Crime itself doesn’t prevent people from going into the city, their PERCEPTION of the crime is what prevents them. Thus, if we want people to come to the city, we need to deal with their perception of it–and endlessly droning, often falsely, about the crime problem is the ORIGIN of the perception problem.

Larry, unless you live in Claremont County, your tax dollars have absolutely nothing to do with Marcus. There are safeguards in place to prevent this sort of crime in City of, which will soon be extended to all of the HC. I don’t recall any of the coverage saying “the City of Cincinnati provides far better and more progressive services for its residents than do the outlying townships, particularly those outside of Hamilton County, whose services are laughable at best and calamitous at worst.” Because that’s the moral of the story.

hard as nails says:

i kind of like to read the cincinnnatiii bloog for spellllling errroorss

Karen says:

Larry, don’t know if you’re keeping up, but Brian Griffin is going all weird and defensive on his blog.

Jean says:

What a shock. Another post about how bad it is here in Cincinnati. Larry Gross has no idea when to move on or when to get out of town.

I don’t know how many times I have to say it. If you don’t like it here, PLEASE LEAVE. Again, I WILL HELP YOU PACK.

At least Mr. Griffin attempts to say positive things about our city. He wants to be here and make things better. All you want to do is complain.

Marilyn says:

The gloves are off! LOL!

I’ve never heard of Brian’s blog until today (yeah, I’m stuck out in the boonies, sorry), but of course had to go there to see what the stink is.

Very amusing reads. If you guys don’t mind patronizing him, check it out. I needed this today.

Jackie says:

Hey, Karen, went over to the Griffin blog. All I can say is I bet this guy wishes he could take back that last post of 2006. Why in the world doesn’t he just delete it and write a better one.

Tony says:

I think if you’re a progressive thinker, you realize that Cincinnati has a lot of problems that need to be talked about and addressed. If you want to pretend like everything is peachy, then you become Brian Griffin.

I’m not saying Griffin is all bad, he’s not, but he had to know he was going to get picked on with his idea of over reported stories. Burying his head in the sand is about right.

Marilyn says:

Today Brian suggests that we LOL Bloggers are few and manufacture additional personalities. What say we all meander over there and give him a shout?

Babble On says:

I use to venture over to his blog and make comments sometimes but it gets mean and nasty == even worse than here == and I stopped clicking on the site. This jerk has also been pretty mean to old Larry about a year ago and I don’t feel like giving him my business.

Chin says:

I love a battle! This is too funny.

Bee says:

toooooooooooooo heavy today. get back to the funny stuff.

Kelly says:

Griffin’s blog sucks. What would I want to post over there?

Marilyn says:

I’ll send Brian my bill for the extra traffic routed over there! (Oh shucks guys, thanks! I’ll give you all a kick back.)

LOL Girl, we should all feel victimized for being presented as not real. And after reading the Velveteen Rabbit, I KNOW I’m real, ’cause I been loved.

hard as nails says:

i knew i’d be sorry for going over there. this brian jackass just posted a comment saying lol girl and me and some other chick are all the same person. i think this brian due is a lying westsider.

Jim Stanton says:

I must say it has been very lively here today, but I think I’ll watch this fight from the sidelines.

jackula says:

i’m glad i live in covington 🙂

Jenny says:

If you love blogs and I must say I do, this has been a gas, this thing between Cincinnati Blog and LOL Blog – that struggle, that fight, so cool!! They both really want the same end – a good town to live in. They have common ground, get that ya’all?

Betty says:

Man, what a strange photo. Kind of scary!

David Gallaher says:

Speaking of heads buried in the sand. How come every time I say it’s the War on Drugs, not the drugs, causing the violence, it’s a thread killer here?

The Dean says:

That’s from Brian’s other blog. He took down this post after I snapped this screenshot.

Chris Anderson says:

“Granted, it’s a little hard to keep up with all the closings. Redfish, Aoli, Bella, Za, Poppie’s, Frisch’s, House of Sun, and Barleycorn’s are the first few to come to mind but I’m sure I’m missing some. I find all these closings alarming. You must pack your lunch from home a lot.”

Just curious Larry but have you read Kitchen Confidential? From a business standpoint, opening a restaurant amounts to an irrational act, especially at the higher end.

Mike W says:

Larry, I would suggest you follow your own advice and read the Radio Free Newport post you link to. Your comment there seems to suggest you were there long enough to crap out a link to this post, yet that blog itself says nothing about how “truly bad” this was (at least not in the way you seem to think it may, given the context in which you cited it).

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