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{January 3, 2007}   If I Don’t Stop it, I’ll go Blind

stop.jpgI had a great girlfriend. Her name was Maggie and we had terrific sex, probably did it 15 to 20 times a week.

Now she’s gone – ran off with that P & G executive named Troy. You know the one. The guy’s whose penis is the size of a toothpick.

Maggie’s been gone for almost a week now and I’m horny all the time and when I’m horny I gotta have relief, even when I’m in the office. We have a lot of hot looking women who work there.

When I see Linda walking down the hall with her bouncing breasts, I have to masturbate. I do it in a stall in the men’s restroom.

Ginger has great looking legs and it’s hard for me to stop thinking about them. When I can’t, I’m back to that stall in the bathroom.

Sometimes I see legs and pants down in the stall next to me. I can’t help but wonder if they think it odd be just standing there in the stall. But I’m not just standing there.

Sometimes when I’m at work, I’ll go to this blog and read some of the LOL Girl posts. I think you know what happens – off to the bathroom again.

I’m going to the bathroom now at least 10 or 12 times a day. My boss recently asked me if I was feeling all right, if I need to go see a doctor.

Maybe I do.

Am I the only guy who jacks off during working hours? And isn’t the bathroom the best place to do it?




Rose says:

This is nasty but funny. Yeah, I doubt if you are the only guy who does this.

Tom says:

isn’t the bathroom the best place to do it?

Better than at your desk.

Paul says:

I masturbate before and after work. I wouldn’t have the nerve to do it in the office and doing it in the bathroom would be disgusting.

hard as nails says:

don’t get any on those dress slacks.

Jackie says:

In trying to picture this whole scene in my head, I can’t stop laughing.

Matt says:

If it is necessary to do the “deed” at work, a bathroom stall is probably the best place, but if someone is in the stall next to you, I would suggest that you wait until he leaves.

Barb says:

Nate, you’re a sick man.

Biscuit says:

Can someone run a defibrilator over to Jean’s house, I suspect this post will finish her off.

Mark says:

Since you live in Cincinnati and work at P & G, I can only assume you wear a rubber when you masturbate. You left that part out.

C.A. MacConnell says:

I’m having visions…a Michael Jackson video. Beat it, no one wants to be defeated.

Polo Stick says:

Yes, I can see it now………Nate in the men’s rooom at P & G, jacking off with Michael Jackson singing in the background. Just another day in the life of an executive living in Cincinnati.

Charlie Tuna says:

…….and when Nate gets done doing his business, he washes his hands with Ivory soap.

Jean says:

Biscuit, or whoever you are, make your jokes. You and your liberal jerks on this blog should be ashamed of yourselves.

So should John Fox. I called him this morning about this mess he has going on here. The lady who answers the phone ssid he’s on vacation. Instead of taking time off, maybe he would be looking at this blog that has his paper’s name on it and really consider closing it down.

Biscuit says:


Just for the record they aren’t my liberal jerks, they’re our liberal jerks. Speaking of liberal jerks, Nate seems to jerk liberally -20 times a days is excessive.

Beat it, just beat it
but don’t continuously repeat it.

Jean says:

Whatever. You’re disgusting.

Heather says:

Uh oh, Larry.

Jean’s calling John.

You’re in trouble now!

Hey Nate,

Who’s your favorite Little Rascal?

Is it Spanky?


Eddie says:

I think in P & G’s employee manual, it states it’s o.k. to jack off in the men’s room. Nate is just following company policy.

Wendy says:

You guys are AWFUL!!!!!!

hard as nails says:

I think in P & G’s employee manual, it states it’s o.k. to jack off in the men’s room.

yes, but you must be reading financial statements at the time.

Marilyn says:

Ah oh. I forsee a problem.

You see to masterbate on the job will exacerbate the smokers to riot. How can it be ok to jack off at work and yet not ok to smoke?

Leroy says:

yes. one must smoke after having sex with one’s self. it’s the unwritten rule.

Matt says:

I take it Jean never has sex with herself in the men’s room — or the ladies room either. Poor girl.

Biscuit says:

John Fox isn’t on vacation, he’s just been in the bathroom for a very long time.

Harvey says:

he’s just been in the bathroom for a very long time

……..over at Proctor & Gamble?

Nancy says:

Proctor and Gamble is so big, this Nate guy probably has an assistant to help him in the stall.

Maria says:

This is too wicked, too funny!!!

ED says:

Give our sincere greetings to Troy. Hope his penis is holding up okay.

Jim says:

Am I the only guy who jacks off during working hours?

Hell no. It’s a natural thing, it’s human. You’re a man afterall.

Gloria says:

You don’t need to see a doctor, you need to be locked up! I think you’re insane, glad I don’t with you.

Elly says:

The thought of some guy I work with talking to me then going to the bathroom to jerk off is disgusting. I hope most guys don’t do this but you never know.

hard as nails says:

gloria is jean’s sister.

Beaver Head says:

Proctor and Gamble is so big, this Nate guy probably has an assistant to help him in the stall.

Shit, if it’s a gal, forget the jacking off. ORAL SEX will do in a tight toilet space.

robin says:

yeah….right….take a piss, take a dump, then masturbate. sickening and gross.

Rapid Shave says:

The sign used in the story. Is that local? What street is it on?

Susan says:

I think the intent of this blog for the past few weeks has been to provoke or/and to disgust.

Yesterday’s attack on Brian Griffin was uncalled for. Now today, it’s about masturbation in a bathroom stall. Where do you find your writers who come up with his horrible subject matter? Are the days of thoughtful, touching stories over? Where’s Karen? Where’s Marilyn? The two women who seem to be getting the attention now is Teri with her anal sex stuff or a big tease from the LOL Slut.

Granted, a lot of this stuff is meant for shock, but I think it’s turning a lot of us against coming here.

Stacy says:

Yes, in bad taste but bad taste usually makes me laugh very, very loud and I laughed very, very loud today at this story and the comments.

Larry Gross says:

Rapid Shave – no, the sign is not local. I found it on the internet.

Susan – I don’t know what to tell you. Yes, sometimes we do mean to shock like today’s post. My nature is to push, push, push and put up posts you’re not going to find some place else in Cincinnati. If you find it disgusting, I’m sorry. Others found it funny and the stats are way up today. I’m pleasing some today, others I’m not but variety is what you’re going to find here.

And I provoke too and that was the case yesterday. Brian Griffin and I like to “fight” from time to time but if you’ll notice, his blog is listed on my blogroll and this blog is listed on his blogroll. There’s nothing wrong with feeling off one another.

Marilyn and Karen still contribute here and Marilyn will have a post up within the next few days.

We’re doing the best we can here, Susan. All I can say is if you see something you don’t like, just don’t read it.

Karen says:

Thanks for sharing, Larry. You don’t do it often enough here.

I know all about Brian Griffin. He’s been mean to a lot of people who don’t see things his way, really ugly at times. You’re too kind to him. It really got under my skin when yesterday he said you and/or Richard Hines or whatever were making multiple posts under different names to write against him. When he gets defensive, he’s out of control. I think I would read his blog more if he was more stable.

On a personal note, are you going to the party on Saturday?

numb says:

i think nate and his buddy troy are gregory flannery and larry gross in that order.

Betty says:

I agree with Susan. Things seem a little out of control lately.

Matt says:

I comment over on Brian’s blog too.

He’s right, you’re right, you just have a different approach, that’s all. These two blogs keep me entertained when I’m not with my girlfriend.

Jeff- or-ly says:


hard as nails says:

all right, jeff. drink a few more, buddy.

hard as nails says:

yeah, and sorry about the bengals. we’ll get them next year. here’s a smiley face for you


Marilyn says:

Warning, not all of Marilyn’s posts are nice. Diversity and balance in all things.

Karen @ the hood says:


You’re always nice even when being a little adult.

Marilyn says:

Karen, we’ve missed you!

Gregory Flannery says:

Numb, I’m not Nate. But in my heart, I am the LOL Girl.

pee-wee says:

i’m in my apartment jacking off in my private bathroom

i wish i worked at p & g.

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