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{January 4, 2007}   No Eating or Drinking on Coach

eating.jpgMy question is what happened to this rule on the Queen City Metro buses?

I live in Clifton and work downtown and take the bus each business day. A lot of the passengers, including myself, drink coffee in closed containers in the morning and that’s not a problem – and for me personally – very necessary. The ride home at night is a different story.

One time, a guy got on with his cheese coneys. He sat down in front and starting eating them. The bus driver said nothing.

On another day, a girl was eating curly fries from her Arby’s bag.

Believe it or not, on another day, I saw a guy eating a piece of chicken. It was disgusting.

I wonder how come the bus drivers no longer say anything about this.

Teri Archer



hotdog man says:

i think a lot of bus drivers have gotten lazy and just don’t care.

Polly says:

I swear this is true. A few weeks ago I got on the bus to go home and there was a woman holding a little baby. She took a bottle of Mountain Dew out of her bag, put some in a baby bottle and put the bottle in the little baby’s mouth. I couldn’t believe it.

hard as nails says:

i’m assuming you’re not having anal sex on the bus.

Matt says:

What kind of sandwich ya eating there, Teri?

Tony says:

That’s one of the reasons why I drive my car to work. You see too many strange people on the bus.

Biscuit says:


I agree with you. There is nothing like the nasty ass smell of a Big Mac on public transportation- of course when people are done with that foul smelling food, they throw the bag on the floor. I lowered my standards to the point that I’m just glad people aren’t clipping their nails on the bus.

Phil says:

I’m just glad people aren’t clipping their nails on the bus.


Yes they are!! Not only that, this past summer, I saw an older guy take off a shoe, take off a sock and examined his toes. Gross, gross, gross.

Robert says:

Some bus drivers take it seriously. This one bus driver wouldn’t let a guy get on until he pitched his coke can. Some take their jobs seriously.

Debbie says:

Anyone have an opinion on the new buses?

Maria says:

The new buses suck totally. They are way too small.

Marilyn says:

I’ve very little experience on city buses, since I live outside the bus line (maybe not forever).

However, Teri is speaking of coffee as maybe an ok thing on the bus, as opposed to the food. Teri calls the food disgusting — and yeah, it probably is.

My husband puts vanilla flavored creamer in his coffee. If I get a wiff of this stuff it makes me wretch. I don’t know why, maybe because it is a “fake” aroma, but something in it turns me way off.

Maybe even coffee to some folks is not ok.

Sue says:

I’m a little short and on those new buses, I can barely reach that chain to pull it!

Tate says:

I usually drive to work but sometimes I’ll take the bus.

Once, I saw a guy with some cheese coneys. He ended up dropping one on the bus floor. You can guess the rest. Didn’t bother to pick it up, just left it there.

Marilyn says:

Hey, Tate. Worse than that, my ex-husband, my daughter and I recently drove to Florida (this was NOT a vacation). He dropped the entire insides out of some kind of chicken rollup burrito onto the dirty floor of my car and scooped it up and put it back and ATE it! Yuck.

Audrey says:

Marilyn, I’m about to be sick. You have got to be kidding me.

Heather says:

You say coffee is a necessity, but which is more of a necessity, coffee or food?

Maybe people eat on the bus because they’re hungry.

Someone could just as easily drop a cup of coffee and make a mess, or as Marilyn pointed out, have nasty smelling coffee.

If your going to advocate sticking to the rules, then those rules should apply to you as well. No food and drink on the bus means no food and drink on the bus.

Marilyn says:

Audrey, that little trick of my EX-husband’s was the most palatable thing he did on the trip. That’s why he’s my ex. Nuff said.

What Heather said, yeah. I mean, if there is no smoking, then should some people be allowed to smoke, say, clove cigarettes (because they are not tobacco)?

Ed says:

On the #19 once, this young kid got on, clearly drunk and promptly threw up. I thought everyone else on the bus was going to sick too. The smell was awful.

Julie says:

I truly couldn’t believe it when this guy got on with some of his buddies with a LaRosa’s pizza box and they went to the back and started chowing down. The bus driver SAID NOTHING. I couldn’t believe it.

Stacy says:

I love the urban life. I work downtown, live in Mt. Auburn and always take the bus – won’t like to pay for parking downtown – but sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it.

Last night going home, this older man got on and did he ever smell bad. The bus wasn’t crowded so when the guy sit down in the front, all of us moved to the back. Man, the poor bus driver who had to put up with that smell. He earned his bucks that night.

Teri Archer says:

“should some people be allowed to smoke, say, clove cigarettes (because they are not tobacco)?”

I say no. Smoke is still smoke.

Heather says:

So why is it okay for you to drink coffee but not okay for other people to eat and drink on the bus?

Matt says:

As far as I know, coffee is allowed in a CLOSED CONTAINER. That’s not really bothering anybody. Some dude getting on with a bag of White Castles does. Think about it. Do you want to be smelling those things while taking a bus ride to work?

hard as nails says:

wow. the lady is the photo looks like she’s about to pass out from stuffing her face with that burger. teri, you sure that isn’t you on the 39?

Heather says:

Every bus sign I’ve ever seen says “No Food or Drink.”

And I don’t think the rule is in place because people don’t want to smell it (and when did the smell of food become disgusting, anyway?)

The rule is in place because people make a mess with food, especially on a moving vehicle. Spilled food and beverages pose a slip and fall hazard to riders, for which the company would be liable for injuries.

As I said before, you can spill coffee just as easily as you can drop a cheese coney, and if a container is truly closed, then you wouldn’t be able to drink from it.

Matt says:

Whatever, Heather. Go back to eating your White Castles.

Heather says:

For the record, I hate White Castle.

molly says:

i once saw a mother change a dirty diaper on a bus once. made me gag.

hard as nails says:

well if the mother was changing her own diaper, yeah, that’s pretty disgusting.

Karen says:

well if the mother was changing her own diaper, yeah, that’s pretty disgusting.

gee, H-A-N, I thought maybe you would get off on it 🙂

Jeff says:

Know how messy tacos are to eat? Yep, saw a guy this past summer eating one on the bus.

Dodger says:

Other posts by Teri Archer includes one about anal sex. Another was about having sex in every room in the house. I remember one about PMS and another about picking up guys in bars.

A little food on the bus bugs you? You’re strange.

Chris says:

yaiks, disgusting

Jeff- or-ly says:

This woman is FAT AND UGLY. Can I have her phone number?


Biscuit says:

That’s a picture of LOL girl without makeup

Marilyn says:

Hey, am I the only person that thinks this is a pix of a GUY? He’s got stubble!

Heather says:

I think it’s a guy, too!

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