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{January 5, 2007}   Up on a Roof


A recent series of events led me to write an LOL column for Citybeat’s online edition. Look for it on January 17.

One of the last occurrences in this series was my return at the end of the day to my abode in Northside and looking into the west at a psychedelic sunset (because the sun doesn’t set in the north, that’s why, not even in an ubercool neighborhood like mine).

Now, I’m not a morning person, never have been and I don’t wish to ever start being one. As a creature of the night, I find that short slice of time in between day and night to be a time of mysterious whateverness, not knowing what the coming darkness might bring with it – a call from someone I haven’t heard from in awhile, some wicked new words delivered from my brain to a formerly blank page, a loss of myself in some semi-cool guitar riffing, a new woman to meet.

When those two worlds, one of the light, the other of shadow, start to blend together and fall over the edge of the world, I love to climb to the roof of my building and watch the one become the other.

Here’s an ultrafine evening from the not too distant past and, with our recent bogus weather, something I haven’t seen enough of lately.

And, just to keep this place lively, this is also my favorite time of day to have sex.

Brian Ciesko

(Photo: Brian Ciesko)


Richard says:

I’m really into watching the sun come up, just wish I had your view!

hard as nails says:

i’m not a morning person either but look who the hell is up. gotta go to fucking work.

Karen says:

A really nice little story and the picture with it is just beautiful 🙂

Audrey says:

Watching a sunrise or a sunset is one of the blessings God gave us.

This was a beautiful story, Brian. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Nancy says:


Matt says:

Hey Brian, if you ever want to give up your apartment in Northside let me know. You got a great view here, man.

Heather says:


You would love San Diego.

Not only does the sun set beautifully behind the ocean, but there are so many magical places to go at night.

On New Years Eve we walked to the Formosa Slough (a swampy bird sanctuary a couple blocks from our apartment). We were the only people there, and it was so beautiful. We sat under the trees in the dark and listened to the Ibises congregate on the moonlit waters.

A few nights ago, my husband took us past the tide pools at Ocean Beach where almost no one goes (I didn’t even know it was there, and I go to Ocean Beach all the time). We climbed across huge rocks right on the edge of the ocean for about half a mile. The moon was full, so the waves were slamming into the rocks like thunder, and the salty foam slurped up through the cracks in the rock beneath our feet.

One night on the beach, we got to pet a seal.

You would love it here. I am moved almost to tears by the beauty of the nights on a weekly basis.

hard as nails says:

yeah, but we got the river.

Marilyn says:

Brian, I’ve always, always, wanted to live in a dwelling that had access to a roof — for reflection, gazing, sex, whatever. In many other cultures, this is the norm.

Thanks for letting me visit vicariously…

Shawn says:

Sex on the roof during sunset sounds great. I think you should rent your roof out to others.

Matt says:

Some of us like the change of seasons. San Diego isn’t for everybody.

Janet says:

Sex on a roof? You have got to be kidding. I can see it now, me and husband on the roof going at it and getting shit on by a bird.

No thanks.

Heather says:


I love the change of seasons. Fall and Spring are my favorite.

I was worried about not having seasons in San Diego, but we have them. It’s winter here now, so it’s chilly, wet and windy. At night, a thick fog lumbers in from the ocean. The trees get so wet from the fog that they start dripping water, and some nights, it seems like it’s raining, but only under the trees.

Of course not everyone would want to live here, there’s no place on earth that everyone would want to live. I think you’re being contradictory for the pure sake of being contradictory.

hard as nails says:

getting shit on by a bird.

thank god cows don’t fly.

Matt says:

I think you’re being contradictory for the pure sake of being contradictory.

You’re always looking for an argument, Heather. I don’t feel like it today.

Heather says:

Well, when it comes to politics and philosophy, I am indeed always looking for an argument.

But when it comes to relishing the beauty of the natural world, I’d just like to put my two cents in without someone chiming in with their negativity.

Matt says:

You’re getting on my nerves. Have a wonderful day.

Heather says:

Just returning the favor.

And I am, thank you.

Man of the Hour says:

LOL Blog fights are a lot of fun.

hard as nails says:

yeah. heather eats on the bus. horrible. horrible.

Erin says:

The post Brian wrote was great. The fighting here over nothing isn’t.

Heather says:

I eat cheese coneys from the bus floor while osmotically absorbing coffee through a closed container.

The trick to the coneys is digging the cheese out of the rubber mat with your fingernails.

Getting coffee from a closed container is a secret, and if I told you how to do it, I’d have to kill you.

Jill says:


Do you have a girlfriend?

Brian says:

I’m in between my last and my next. Why, who’s asking?!

Jill says:

I don’t know. I just like the posts you put up here. You seem sincere?

Heather says:


You are always a hit with the ladies.

I was always attracted to the “bad boy.” I finally domesticated one, but it was a tough ride.

I think some day you will make a great husband and dad.

And you should definitely keep writing because you have a lot to offer the world. If you ever visit San Diego, let me know, and we’ll take you to all the most inspirational little corners of the city.

Brian says:

Thanks Heather, I remember the stuff you used to do for CityBeat; didn’t you used to write for the NewsRecord @ UC too? I was on staff there in ’98, weren’t you too? Or was that. . . ?

Well,if I’m ever on the west coast I’ll give you a ring. Actally, I was in San Diego once, when I was, like 13, and we stayed in this little dump called Vacation Village. Is that still there? ‘Cause I’d really like to avoid that place, ha!

Heather says:

There’s a Vacation Village, but it’s pretty far north, (almost in L.A.), so I don’t know if it’s the same one.

It wasn’t me at the Record. I dropped out my sophomore year in ’97 because my “bad boy” got me pregnant with triplets.

So I would just like to stress that you use protection while you’re up there on the roof.


Marilyn says:

Brian, yes by all means, keep writing. Today’s post was lyrical and evocative…

Lynn says:

A nice, thoughtful post here today.

You’ll be getting back to the anal sex tomorrow, no doubt.

Jackie says:

Brian rocks!! Write more!!!

Marilyn says:

Lynn: Or maybe worse!!

Heather says:

What could be worse than anal sex?

I may regret asking that.

Marilyn says:

Heather, only Larry knows!

Larry Gross says:

What could be worse than anal sex?

……………we’ll be writing about it next week.

Clarity says:

The originator of this post will consistently use whatever brightness brought to turn situations to ultimate self benefit. Deepest darkness comes cloaked in light.

Clarity says:

Meaning one will will be blinded by the ‘lyricalness’ of the author to one’s own detriment. The monkey with its hands over its eyes. You feed a darkness with no point of saitiation.

Marilyn says:

What I found lyrical was the following: “When those two worlds, one of the light, the other of shadow, start to blend together and fall over the edge of the world…”

I haven’t a clue where Clarity is trying to lead us.

Heather says:

So, are you saying Brian is darkness, or are you saying you’re darkness (since you’re the one talking in fancy circles)?

hard as nails says:

my guess is clarity is really lol girl trying to be smart.

Matt says:

Clarity: Basket Case.

Clarity says:

To clarify: B.C., FOS. Opinion based upon observation by a large circle of varied observers. BC writes/speaks lightness, but the darkness at the center consistently prevails. If that ever changes, that would be a good thing for himself and those he tries to reach.
Doesn’t matter if anyone thinks basket case or not. Other people would have also responded in the same, initially that is. Its just a heads up, not an inditement.

Heather says:

I’m still confused. Is B.C. Brian Ciesko or Basket Case?

I don’t know about Brian or Basket, but I’m all about darkness.

What’s wrong with that?

Heather says:

And what’s FOS?

Tom says:

Who is this nut case Clarity?

Brian says:

Heather – based on what C. has been babbling, FOS is prob’ly Full Of Shit.

Marilyn says:

Brian, according to what Clarity (a misnomer if ever there was one!) is stating, it is to my own detriment that I am blinded by your lyric writing. Ok, whatever. I liked it, so sue me.

Heather says:


Do you maybe have a jealous ex-girlfriend stalking you?

I noticed the “Clarity” posts popped up after Jill expressed interest in your current girlfriend status.

Brian says:

Oh, I’m not worried. Any and all of my ex’g’friends have had their way with me and moved on, lucky womyn-childs to have had a sweet ride with me and also to have recognized my confirmed bachelorhood.
But, due to her obvious insanity, “Clarity” and her unglued babblings have been re-located from this site to an undisclosed location [thanks to our intrepid editor!]
So, no, worried isn’t in the vocab today. But thanks for concern.

Jill says:

What do you look like naked?

Heather says:

ooh, do tell…

Brian says:

Like most other adults – pink vistas of skin with small fields of hair here and there.

Heather says:

Woa! Hey, there’s no need to get graphic, buddy.

You want Jean to shut this place down?!

Cause she will, man, she’s got connections!

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