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{January 6, 2007}   “Drunkard’s Prayer”


A lot of you have wanted to see local music here. My problem has been trying to find quality clips and while this one isn’t exactly great, I think the song makes up for it.

Here’s a live performance by Cincinnati favorites Over the Rhine, recorded in 2006 at Cornerstone. “Drunkard’s Prayer” is a great song made only better my Karin’s beautiful voice.

Larry Gross

(Photo: CityBeat)


Elly says:

I have always liked this song too.

Julie says:

I think OTR is one of the most underrated musical acts. The songs are well written, the vocals are great and while I know they are a national act and have a group of loyal fans, they deserve more.

jackula says:

i’ve always thought karin as being really, really sexy. linford, not so much.

hard as nails says:

karen’s easy on the eyes, easy on the ears.

Karen says:

A beautiful song. I always Enjoy Over The Rhine 🙂

Mandy says:

Why don’t you put up a Kim Taylor video? She sounds a lot like Karin, but has a slightly different style. She’s local too.

Donny says:

When is LOL Girl coming back?

Larry Gross says:

If I could find a Kim Taylor video to post, I most surely would. I like her too.

Man of the Hour says:

There songs always sound alike.

Janice says:

Video looks homemade.

Matt says:

You’re always going to get the complainer, Larry. At least this time it wasn’t Jean.

Theresa says:

I LOVE OVER THE RHINE! Thanks for putting this up.

Rally says:

Karen’s a hot chick too. She could be the LOL Girl as a blonde.

i’m a big fan of otr. i have to say the keys and cello performance was strong. the drummer didn’t seem to have a clue. as for karin in this performance, too understated. holding back. so, i say, find an otr clip where there’s energy!

Chuck says:

You’re full of it. This was really good.

jackula says:

at least we get to look at karin’s sexy face.

Chuck says:

How about a little more OTR?

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