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{January 8, 2007}   Skywalk to Nowhere


When tourists visit The Queen City and head on over to 525 Vine Street, I wonder if they get confused by the maps and signs promoting the Cincinnati skywalk.

Most of the skywalks have been discontinued here and torn down, but you would never know it from the signs and maps still up.

map-vine-street.jpgHere’s a picture of one of the maps at 525 Vine Street promoting the skywalk. The LOL Blog has highlighted in red some of the skywalk that is no longer in operation or has been torn down. For example: You want to use the skywalk to get over to Fifth Third Bank? According to the map, that’s not a problem, but if you physically try to do it, you’re going to fall to your death. The skywalk is no longer there.

temporarily-closed.JPGHere’s an amusing sign. It states that the skywalk covering Race Street is “temporarily” closed. Maybe I don’t know what temporarily means. This section of the skywalk has been closed for years. When you look at it over on Race Street, here’s what you see right above the highway.


Note how the skywalk comes to an end when you get to the sidewalk. You think the closing is temporary? Of course not. It’s the skywalk to nowhere and it’s going to stay that way.

I have to wonder what tourists think when they visit here, when they get all confused by the maps and the signs at 525 Vine Street. Do they think we’re lazy? Do they think we’re stupid? Does a blogger have to be the one to tell the city to get those maps and signs updated? Isn’t that a little sad?

I could beat this issue to death and talk about the skywalk attached to Saks on Fifth Street and the screwed up maps and signs over there, but maybe you see my point. Even when it comes to these simple things, we’re a city that just can’t get it right.

Larry Gross


West to Convention Center – Sara Beiting
False Map – Brandon Gross
Temporarily Closed – Sara Beiting
Skywalk to Nowhere – Brandon Gross


Jim Stanton says:

You know, I’m over at the post office at 525 Vine Street all the time but being as I live here I never pay attention to those maps, but yes, a tourist certainly would. I agree. This is a pretty bad oversight.

Matt says:

This is typical Cincinnati and when I say that I mean being lazy.

hard as nails says:

yeah? so? can’t those tourists take a joke?

Karen says:

I also see these maps and signs all the time but never gave them any thought. That would be a different story for person not familiar with Cincinnati.

Susan says:

I don’t see what the big deal is. Cincinnati doesn’t have a lot of tourists anyway.

Bill says:

don’t see what the big deal is. Cincinnati doesn’t have a lot of tourists anyway.

Wake up, Susan. See that first photo up? It talks about the CONVENTION CENTER.

Polly says:

We’re a little slow to correct things aren’t we?

Barbara says:

Why do you get off on picking apart downtown? It’s just a few signs.

Maria says:

This would be unbelievable in any other city, but not in Cincinnati. My hometown is Boston and that’s a city on top of things and I long to go back soon. Cincinnati is just backward and lazy.

Man of the Hour says:

Welcome to the L A Z Y Queen City!!

Peter says:

As you say in your story, if we can’t get the little things right – like taking down or updating maps or signs, how can we get the big things right, like getting more people to come downtown?

Mike F. says:

WOULD YOU GET OFF IT ALREADY? First you’re on restaurant closings downtown, now it’s outdated maps and signs. Don’t you have anything else to write about?

A few outdated signs doesn’t make this a bad city. You don’t think these things happen elsewhere?

Jackie says:

I love it when Larry trashes the ‘nati!

hard as nails says:

larry’s in all his glory.

Maggie says:

This all gets a little tiring. This blog is much more interesting when it’s funny.

Marilyn says:

As a person who doesn’t get to downtown all that often, I would use these maps for direction. Just as I use mapquest to navigate our highways. I’m not a tourist, just an out of towner.

Imagine my surprise if I followed a map and ended up at a dead end, or worse yet, falling a couple stories to the street! Yikes.

Ted Stevens says:

I can’t help but notice that when Larry Gross has a complaint about Cincinnati, and there is plenty to complain about, so many jump all over him. I’m surprised Brian Griffin isn’t all over his ass on this one.

Not everyone can be or should be a cheerleader for Cincinnati. Those maps and those signs should have been down a long time ago. This is what you call lazy Cincinnati behavior.

Larry Gross is the messenger. Don’t shoot the messenger, find ways to resolve the problems.

Mr. Cincinnati says:

It should be no surprise that Richard Hines and Larry Gross are kissing cousins. Hines has posted Gross’ story on Cincinnati Nation. Hines is also negative on Cincinnati and points out every little mistake.

Cincinnati is a great place to raise a family and a great place to live. If these guys don’t think that’s the case, move elsewhere.

Jean says:

“we’re a city that just can’t get it right.”

And you thought I wouldn’t respond to this?

If John Fox would ever return my phone calls, I would say this to him. Pay attention to what’s being said over here. Because of this web site, Larry Gross is giving Citybeat a bad name with all this negative reporting. Also pay attention to the trash and vile stories on anal sex, “packages”, and stories that promote drug use. Is this what Citybeat is all about? This site needs to be taken down off the internet and destroyed.

This is a city that celebrates family. This web site celebrates offensive or negative material and makes fun of Cincinnati. Does all this have John Fox’s blessing?

No, I’m not going away. Somebody needs to lead the way in shutting this down. Apparently, it’s going to be me.

hard as nails says:

Don’t shoot the messenger,

of course we will. that’s what is easier.

Marilyn says:

Jean, I’m crushed. Outside of my essays about my son, I’m most pleased with my ‘Packages’ piece.

Lord, what will I do if John Fox fires me? I’m making so much money here!

Matt says:

I can’t imagine City Beat ever shutting this down, Jean, it’s way too popular.

You’re like a fish out of water here. I have no idea why you keep coming back for more. Maybe you’re enjoying yourself – ya think?

Jules says:

As someone who has to promote this city on a DAILY basis, it is very sad to have to try and explain the Skywalk System. Never mind, the Sabin, I mean Cinergy, I mean Duke Convention Center which has been crossed out three seperate times since these original Skywalk signs went up. I do however enjoy a great drinking game called, “What to do with the Skywalks to Nowhere”. Feel free to join us anytime.
Oh by the way, how is the Banks project coming along. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Larry Gross says:

“Oh by the way, how is the Banks project coming along. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA”


It’s on my list to complain about.

hard as nails says:

i want you badly. can i please take you in the ass?

Brian says:

Jean, don’t you understand? Here @ LOL we’re not “in” Cincinnati, we’re in cyberspace which has no uptight, repressed physical location. And we can say whatever we want here because there are no laws on the ‘net, so nothing is being broken.

If you want to fix something, why don’t you go find a broken family to mend instead of trying to be a censor here? Your time and efforts wouldn’t seem so misguided and unappreciated then.

We obviously don’t know what’s good for us and don’t wish to hear about it so I hope I’ve given you enough of the dark tongue lashing and attention you seem to crave.

Man of the Hour says:

Jean doesn’t understand anything here. Can you imagine having to sleep with her?

Julie says:

Jules – I can’t imagine having to promote this city daily. You must go home and drink a lot.

Marilyn says:

Brian said, …”We obviously don’t know what’s good for us and don’t wish to hear about it…”

My laff o’ the day!!! Thanks, guy. And thank god for cyberspace. It’s saved my life more than a couple of times.

Becky says:


The “Packages” piece had me rolling on the floor. Poor Jean. She just doesn’t get it.

rhines says:

No Jean, it’s not what CityBeat is all about. It’s what real cities are all about. Stop playing your prudish, selective morality game.

If you want selective morality, join an evangelical church. Let cities be cities.

“If John Fox would ever return my phone calls, I would say this to him. Pay attention to what’s being said over here. Because of this web site, Larry Gross is giving Citybeat a bad name with all this negative reporting. Also pay attention to the trash and vile stories on anal sex, “packages”, and stories that promote drug use. Is this what Citybeat is all about? This site needs to be taken down off the internet and destroyed.” -Jean

Elly says:

I come here to laugh, to be entertained and like today informed about what’s going on here. The thought of somebody trying to take this away depresses me. This Jean woman makes me nervous.

rhines says:

It isn’t this blog that’s killing Cincinnati, it’s the local television stations.

Look what Ben Kaufman, who was a long-time writer for the Enquirer, said about crime coverage by local TV news in Cincinnati:

“This TV news preoccupation feeds a perception of personal danger that far exceeds the risks of living, working and playing in Cincinnati, and it undermines waning confidence in the viability of our urban core.”


Larry Gross says:


A few weeks back, I invited you and others with the same opinion of my “negative” posts to write one of your own. That invitation is still open. Not one of you has responded to this. Ever heard of the old saying ‘put up or shut up?’

I hope you keep coming here, because in an odd way, you’re entertaining – but here’s a warning: We’re going to be doing vile and disgusting stories sometimes and I’m going to keep on this city’s ass.

You’re welcome.

Darlene says:

I love Cincinnati. It’s the people running it I can’t stand. Remember the old T.V. show “Who’s the boss?” We don’t have one here. I don’t feel like anyone is in charge.

Chin says:

Rhines is right about the local television news here. I read Kaufman’s piece in CityBeat too and the bottom line is the media here is pretty lazy. You don’t get that in New York where I’m from. Here, the newspapers and the television stations go through the motions. It’s like everything has to be cheap and quick, no real explaining as to what’s happening.

As a newspaper, CityBeat is fine, but as a blog, this thing rocks. Sometimes when I real it, I feel like I’m in a real city with the adult content and views.

At the end of the year, I’ll be heading back to New York. I’ll still be visiting here at this blog, but I think it’s the only thing I’ll miss about living in Cincinnati.

Dana says:

Cincinnati is the most fucked up city I’ve ever lived in. I can’t wait to get out of here.

David Gallaher says:

I’m originally from Nashville, but have lived here long enough to have seen downtown go this direction and that.
I hope someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but the 580 Building was the first built on the promise that this would be a Skywalk city. Now the 580 is undergoing remodeling to come back down to earth.
Anyone here heard of James Selonik? He’s the Cinci native who said for years the Skywalks were a bad idea. Obviously the powers that be around here finally took him seriously, but, naturally, he gets no credit.
To me, up to Skywalks and then back to ground level is just another cycle. The longer term cycle is that Cinci, like most cities, evolved long ago for people walking and on horseback. The automobile in combination with Eisenhower’s interstates is what brought cities back down to earth big time, or, more correctly to stagnation.
The longer term cycle is more powerful than the shorter term cycle.

Dan says:

Well said, David.

You’re a smart guy. You did a few posts here, how come you don’t do a new one?

hard as nails says:

words to live by in cincinnati if you want to zone out…………..don’t worry,be happy.

here, reality sucks.

Heather says:


Don’t be nervous about Jean, she’s just a lone nut on a mission. You’d think weeks of John Fox not calling her back would clue her in.

My dad does shit like that. Once he called the head priest of St. Michael’s Parish, covinced he could get one of the priests fired. He had taken ten pages of notes recording everything the priest said which wasn’t in strict compliance with church dogma. Not only did the head of the parish think my dad was a nut, but he was a little concerned for the safety of the priest in question.

What Jean doesn’t realize is that if she ever did get rid of this blog, she would have to find something else to get pissed about because, like my dad, she’s not happy unless she’s outraged.

Drew says:


Heather says:


You tell em!

People who don’t like our blog don’t have to come here!


Doozy says:

Kill all you scum.

Die, feeble wretches.

Cincinnti airlines, factories, downtown and skywalks are all dead.

Ha ha. Time to die, filth.


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