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{January 11, 2007}   Having a Boss with His Head up His Ass


I work for a small company in downtown Cincinnati and I like my job and for the most part my boss is all right, but so often, he has his head up his ass.

Yesterday, he comes back from lunch and immediately goes upstairs to the bathroom. After a few minutes, my phone rings and it’s him.

He’s calling from his cell phone in the bathroom. Apparently, he had to do #2 and after completing his business, noticed that the stall had no toilet paper. He asks me to go to the supply room, get a roll, then go into the men’s restroom and slide the roll under the first stall to the right.

There are guys in the office. Why the hell didn’t he call one of them?

I got the roll of toilet paper, went into the restroom and placed the roll exactly where he said. I could see his pants pulled down around his shoes. How disgusting. He didn’t even say thank you. I was tempted to place the roll of toilet paper just out of reach – make him struggle a little bit.

Am I the only person who has to put with this kind of boss in the office?




hard as nails says:

at least he didn’t ask you to wipe his ass.

Randell says:

I once had a boss that thought I was his personal assistant — even had to do his taxes for him. That job lasted about six months.

Elly says:

My boss doesn’t have his head up his ass but he’s always telling me his personal problems. Sometimes I feel like saying I got problems of my own.

Larry Gross says:

I do some consulting work for a company downtown. Monday morning, all business activity came to a sudden stop. The vice president of operations had misplaced his blueberry muffin.

How many people does it take to find a blueberry muffin? In this case, three.

Carlene says:

I quit my job last week. My asshole boss was a screamer, couldn’t put up with it anymore.

Matt says:

I like bathroom humor as mush as the next guy, but when you have a boss who likes to fart in the office on a constant basis, the humor goes away really fast.

Sharon says:

I have a co-worker who was a farter, but not a boss.

Jeff says:

Ever have a boss who always borrowed money and never paid it back? I sure did. The ass still owes me about fifty bucks.

Tony says:

Every once in awhile you luck out. I’ve had the same boss for the past ten years and no complaints. Go figure.

Dandy says:

Once had a really fat boss who always ate her HUGE lunch at her desk, would chew with her mouth open. I wish the hell she had a private office but her desk was right next to mine.

Jim says:

I once had a boss that screamed, “Silence!” even when it was quiet.

Marilyn says:

I had one really awful boss. She would yell at me from her office and I had trouble hearing her through the wall. So everytime I’d have to get up and see what her problem was.

Also, she didn’t give me credit for having any sense. She’d listen to my end of the phone conversation (with a client) and assume I was giving erroneous information. She was ALWAYS wrong. She’d rudely interrupt my phone call to try and correct me, then I’d explain the whole conversation and she’d slink off. Only to do this again with the very next phone call.

Not only was she a micro-manager when it wasn’t necessary, she was also an idiot with no sense of humor!

Beth says:

Making a female employee walk into the men’s room to deliver toilet paper is a new low. I would have said “sure,” then quit. Leave the asshole sitting there.

Joe says:

I’ve never had to go get toilet issue for the boss but I have one who hits you up immediately when you walk in the door in the mornings. I can’t even get my coat off before he starts barking at me with things to do.

Bitch from Price Hill says:

slide the roll under the first stall to the right.

I would slide a note under the stall instead. I QUIT.

Sarah says:

A few years ago I had a boss what was much older than me, probably 20 years or so. He thought he was a real ladies man and I think he had a thing for me, always kept touching me putting his arm around my shoulder.

After a few weeks of this, I told him it made me really uncomfortable but he said it was just his nature to be friendly and feelly. When I told him that I noticed he didn’t do it with other female employees, just me, he backed off.

It was very much a pleasure to transfer to another department.

Sean says:

I don’t see the big deal, typical uptight Cincinnati woman writing here. He didn’t ask you to wipe him. Get over it.

John says:

I got a boss who doesn’t know how to stop talking. He means well and all but he goes on and on and on – repeating himself constantly. Gets on your nerves after awhile.

Brian says:

Not a big deal,huh, Sean? Hmm, whose bitch are YOU?

Katie says:

I don’t see the big deal, typical uptight Cincinnati woman writing here

Really? If your female boss asked you to go into the ladies room and deliver a roll of toilet paper, would you?

That’s probably a stupid question. You would. Gladly.

Holly says:

Not a Big Deal Sean…How about if your female boss asked you to bring her tampons and pads?

Sean says:

How about if your female boss asked you to bring her tampons and pads?

CERTAINLY, but I would insist that she open the stall door so I could see how she was going to use the products purchased.

Karen says:

Sean: The complete male asshole.

hard as nails says:

oh, sean. your latest comment is what you call “asking for it.”

Jill says:


You are a pig.

Dana says:

I would really like to be Sean’s female boss right now.

Robert says:

I don’t think there is anything worse than a boss that you don’t really care for who wants to be your friend. This happened to me a couple years ago. He wasn’t a bad guy, but I didn’t want to hang out with him after work or go out to lunch all the time. I had lunch with him a few times but when it started to be every day I had to back off from him. He’s move on now and I’m glad he did.

numb says:

is that larry in the photo?

Babble On says:


Do you know why men can’t get the mad cow illness?

Because they are all PIGS.

You’re one of them.

Judy says:

My boss is a terror in the morning, always takes a long lunch and then comes back drunk to the office and sleeps for most of the afternoon.

I consider that my “quiet time.”

Matt says:

Yes……….the grand return of numb. Where the hell have you been, fucking Jean?

Joet says:

I just wish I had a job. I’d take any kind of boss.

jackula says:

fuck having a boss. i started working for myself three years ago, independent sales rep. i do what i want, when i want and kiss nobody’s ass. i certainly don’t go hauling toilet paper for some asshole.

Polo Stick says:

I’m amazed Jean didn’t have a comment on this. She’s probably the guy sitting on the john waiting for the toilet paper.

Teri says:

Sean, you’re a jerk. You need to wear a name-tag saying that.

Sandy says:

I can’t stand a boss who is all so cheery in the morning. I got one now and I want to kill him.

hobbylobby says:

sounds like you’re in line for suing his ass.
where do you work, Dunder Mifflin?

(i’m a guy) when I was 15, my pizza store boss told me to bunch up the trash bag, i bent over to pick it up, and he slithered his forearm and palm all over my crotch and just started laughing. every one was standing there. they didn’t know what to do so they just tried to laugh.

but I think you should have said, “Sorry, I haven’t a square to spare.”

molrat says:

I have a boss who went on a rampage because the blinds weren’t even from the outside of the building. She spent 45 minutes trying to figure out whose room it was…I will say I was happy it was the bitch next door.

Heather says:

no way! how did hobbylobby and molerat get those little thumbnail pictures next to their names?

Tad says:

My boss is an alright guy but you can’t leave anything on your desk. He walks off with stuff. I’m still trying to find that Cross pen my wife got me for Christmas.

hobbylobby says:

in 10th grade Biology class, my teacher sold m&m’s for some stupid club thing he sponsored. we could by the m&m’s and eat them in class and that was ok with him. but he would go around the room, taking some of our food (no matter what it was) and eating it himself.

One day we found discarded box of cookies in the trash (they still had the little cookie tray thing) so we picked them all out, replaced them in the tray, and just set it on my desk.

…yeah, he came by and ate one 🙂

Florian says:

I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog 🙂
Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day 🙂

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