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{January 15, 2007}   Putting up with a President who has Gone Mad


This is a Cincinnati blog and for the most part, I try to keep it that way – but sometimes national events get me frustrated and I end up venting in my column in CityBeat. Now I’m going to carry it on over here.

Yesterday you were either entertained or disgusted by the LOL Girl. Today, you will hear a rant about our horrible, horrible President – and I hope you’ll be disgusted by it and not entertained at all.

I wrote about President Bush in my column last March. Back then, I didn’t care for the man. After last week’s speech, I’m pretty sure I hate him.

Clueless Bush wants to send over 21,000 more troops into Iraq. This is a war we’re not going to win, more lives are going to be loss and it’s a war most Americans (yes, even those in Cincinnati) don’t support. Has our President gone mad?

I’m going to let Keith Olbermann of MSNBC’s Countdown continue the ranting, because he can say it so much better than me. Please take 10 minutes out of your busy day and listen to Keith’s logic concerning a President who has none.

Larry Gross



Jim Stanton says:

I too hope people will take a few minutes to listen to Keith and what he has to say. He is dead on the money when it comes to Bush.

hard as nails says:

…………..and we thought nixon was bad.

Ted says:

Let’s see if the dems can start controlling this out of control president. The value of human life means nothing to this man.

Jen says:

Bush has no soul.

Matt says:

Great comments by Keith on Bush. He nails this guy perfectly.

Bush will go down in history as one of the worst presidents we have ever had.

Rita says:

Bush is evil; he continues to say that he will do what he wants – he will send more men and women over to Iraq regardless of what the Democrats say or do. No Strategy.

I don’t know what people’s religious beliefs are here. I was brought up in a very traditonal Christian religion that I quickly did not conform to. However, if there is an anticipated AntiChrist – I certainly submit Bush’s name for a nomination .

Barbara says:

I agree with Rita 100%. He is an evil man who doesn’t value human life. All he really values is money. I just hope the Democrats can stop him from sending more troops to a land where we have no business being.

Duke says:

I know most of you here are not going to let this but we can’t “cut & run.” I know the words staying the course get to a lot of you dems but we can’t lose this war. If we need more troops over there, let’s send them.

Phil says:

I say let’s send the Bush Twins over to Iraq. They seem to have plenty of time on their hands.

Man of the Hour says:

Bush isn’t evil, he’s just dumb as hell and lets others be in charge. If anything, I think he’s a bit retarded.

Heather says:

“..and we thought nixon was bad.”
90% of Bush’s top aids served in the Nixon administration.


The amount of troops Bush is proposing will not win this war; it will only escalate the violence. We do not have enough troops to secure Iraq because our troops are spread out all over the world. What Bush is proposing is stepping up the half-ass job we’re already doing. His slogan should be, “If we gonna half-ass the sumbitch, by golly, we gonna half-ass it all the way!”

I’m glad the majority of the population is FINALLY waking up to what this administration is about, but for crying out loud, it took long enough!

I hope it’s not too late.

Ferguson says:

Did anybody see this asshole on 60 minutes last night? He thinks he’s a cowboy or something.

Heather says:

I saw him on 60 minutes saying he didn’t care that he was unpopular.

I see him going out like Nixon, except when he raises both hands in the air, he’ll be flipping the American people the double bird.

Marilyn says:

I strongly suspected our president had some deep-seated ‘issues’ when he was determined to go into Iraq, using lies and any other manipulations he could summon.

Then I was totally convinced when a relative (who was in the Reserves) came back from the initial raid on Baghdad and stated that the first thing the soldiers did upon reaching Sadam Hussein’s palace was to smash the mosaic at the entryway. See, the mosaic was of Papa Bush. And in the middle east, to step on a picture of someone’s face is a giant insult.

Bush went in for many personal reasons. Above and beyond the obvious $$$ and oil.

Deana says:

I think we need to support our president no matter what. He and his staff probably know things the general public doesn’t know. We must put our faith in him.

Charlie says:


Either you’re six years old or on drugs.

Larry Gross says:

“He and his staff probably know things the general public doesn’t know.”


The classic example of this are those weapons of mass destruction. That’s why we went into Iraq. Do you think we’re still looking for them?

Do you remember how Bush over and over tied 9/11 to Iraq? Do you think they had anything to do with it?

Deana, it’s clear you didn’t listen to Olbermann’s comments. I think you need to get educated on these events.

David Gallaher says:

If anyone here has some curiousity about how America can send itself down the drain as it is now doing, they should read: The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War, by Thomas J. DiLorenzo.
(At least skim it before assuming DiLorenzo is a kook. The book is filled with documentation and eye-witness accounts.)
Lincoln led citizens into a war that killed, for comparison today, the equivalent of 5 million. All US citizens (except for the slaves, of course) and this happened right here, for cryin’ out loud.
For example, on May 4, 1863, General Ambrose Burnside knocked down the door of US Congressman Clement Vallandingham and arrested him without a civil warrant. He was thrown into a military prison in Cincinnati. Vallandingham was deported to the Southern states. His crime was making a speech critical of Lincoln.
With this in mind, Bush could just be getting warmed up.

Gary says:

I took the nine or so minutes and watched and listened to Olbermann’s comments. The man was on fire and I can’t argue with any of ti.

Gary says:

…and for the record, this is the best post you have put up in a very long time.

Biscuit says:

“When a person clicks on this blog, I don’t want them to have any idea what they are going to find. Just like life, the LOL blog is all over the place and there is no way I want it to be predictable.”

Deana- apparently when you read the above quote you assumed it was talking about you. It takes a lot of courage for us to discuss what an idiot Bush is on this site. Please have the common courtesy to not disagree with us -it will only prove to us that you are uneducated.

Larry Gross says:


I see your point. You are right. I should not be jumping on someone who doesn’t see things my way.


I’m sorry.

Jerry says:

David G.,
You seem like a smart guy. How do we deal with that four letter word Bush?

Heather says:

Biscuit and Larry,

I do not understand why arguing with someone with which you disagree is a bad thing.

People should have a right to say what they think, and that includes agreeing or disagreeing with what someone else thinks.

Why have a discussion, hell, why have a blog, if we’re not going to debate and argue?

Now, if Larry had said something like, “Deana, you stupid bitch, you’re not allowed to post comments here anymore,” then he would have a reason to apologize.

hard as nails says:

your mother wears army boots.

lol girl,
you are a slut.

your penis is the side of a toothpick.

Brando says:

If your going to talk about Bush don’t forget about his tag team partner Cheney. Anyone see the Frontline episode about him called “The Dark Side”? You can see it here – . If you weren’t disillusioned before you will be after watching that.

Tate says:

Anyone ever hear the line “Bush is just one heart attack away from being president?” Brando is right. Cheney has always been the one calling the shots.

David Gallaher says:

Thanks for asking.
The point I was making was that, if most of us see Lincoln as a hero, then, as voters (I don’t vote. I’m a peaceful anarchist.), we have a long, long, long way to go to understand the evil that Bush is doing.

One retreat for me along the way is to check out “” often.

Debbie Lane says:

Yes. You should do a post on the awful Dick Cheney. He has a heart of coal.

Jerry says:


We don’t see Bush as a hero at all. Are you saying that history will paint this guy as one?

Biscuit says:

Heather, I see your point but I admire the fact that Deana or even Jean for that matter have the courage to come into this blog (a tad liberal) and say what they feel even though they know its unpopular. I don’t think it takes particular courage for me to say that I think Bush is an idiot on this site- preaching to the choir is easy.

I just thought that before people attacked Deana they be reminded that this blog will have varying views. If it doesn’t allow varying views then it is less a forum and more a support group.

Matt says:

Let’s get everybody on the same table here.

Cheney is evil.

Bush is just stupid.

Rita says:

Deana “I think we need to support our president no matter what. He and his staff probably know things the general public doesn’t know. We must put our faith in him.”

Why are so many Americans so afraid to doubt authority and be controlled by fear? Have you noticed that anytime anyone has questioned this needless war and Bush’s rhetoric, we are reminded of 911. If the “voters” who got Bush in office had not just listened to his words and really heard what he was saying, we would not be discussing this war -it would not have happened and deaths, amputations, head injuries, destruction would have been prevented.

I was in several anti-Bush and anti-Cheney rallies; I have been in pro-choice lines to protect Planned Parenthood and been treated nicer and called better names then the mindless Bush people.

Rita says:

Regarding message from Charlie regarding Deana,

“Either you’re six years old or on drugs.”

I thought it was hopefully drugs; children should have better insight.

Harvey says:

You can learn a thing or two from Rita 🙂

numb says:

gross for president.

hard as nails says:

go back to cleaning your toilets, numb.

Fran says:

I wonder how Bush and Cheney sleep at night with so many dead on their watch. Do they think about that at all?

David Gallaher says:

Yeah, I’m sayin’ the bigger the asshole/tyrant, the bigger the chance of being a hero. One obvious reason is that you silence all your critics.
I have my fingers crossed that Bush is a little too stupid or lacks enough ruthlessness.

Marilyn says:

Fran, it is my firm conviction that Bush & Co feel they are on a mission from God. That being said, I’m sure they rest comfortably secure in the knowledge that they are God’s generals.

Jim says:

It’s easy to be critical. Some of us our very good at it. Some of us our addicted. It’s fuel for the ego. It’s all downhill. Gravity. Pick up the mirror bitter people. Take a long look if you dare.

Rita says:

“Easy to be critical?” Why don’t you explain that to those who have lost the ones they loved who will never return or if they do, will forever be changed – physically or emotionally.

I find your statement ironic. I don’t seem to remember the Bush Administration or its supporters taking a critical look upon themselves. They are too busy facilitating war and being on a “mission from God”. They don’t seem to be the Blues Brothers to me.

Marilyn says:

This just in from David Letterman:

“Bush has admitted he made mistakes in Iraq, but he has learned from these mistakes and will do better in Iran.”

Ba da dom!

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