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{January 16, 2007}   Real Men Don’t Do Dishes

dishes.jpgMy wife’s been out of town for the past several days on business. When she comes back home, she may be surprised by what she sees in the kitchen sink.

She shouldn’t be surprised at all. I have told her several times in the past that washing the dishes is women’s work. Real men don’t do dishes.

I helped out as best I could. Sometimes I used paper plates and plastic folks but sometimes a man wants to eat a meal on a real plate and use a real folk.

Before you ladies start calling me names, I want you know that I can cook for myself and I do take out the trash, but I consider washing dishes and also doing housework jobs for women. That’s the way God meant it to be.

Now which one of you girls want to come over and clean these plates?




Poll says:

Now which one of you girls want to come over and clean these plates?

The words “drop dead” come to my mind.

Brenda says:

What a pig you are.

Go fuck yourself.

hard as nails says:

the ladies don’t appear to have a sense of humor this morning.

Karen says:

Real men, or maybe I should say married couples, help one another. They are equal.

You, Paul, you’re not a real man at all.

Ferguson says:

I think your name is really Troy and your penis is the size of a toothpick.

Biscuit says:

Paul is pushing buttons- who is going to jump through his hoop?

(a real man would renovate that nasty ass kitchen)

Kelly says:

Yeah, the kitchen is gross. So is Paul.

Erin says:

who is going to jump through his hoop?


I feel sorry for your wife, living with an asshole like you.

Matt says:

I have to admit doing dishes is a pain in the ass but saying it’s women’s work is very 1950’s. I think Paul knows damn well he’s going to piss the ladies off.

Polly says:


If I wasn’t such a lady, I’d say kiss my ass.

Wally says:

up tight women much? can’t take a joke?

Elly says:

Whatever Paul. What a loser you are.

Rita says:

This must be one of those “pretend” stories. I know this to be true since if you were a real male with this behavior, your name would have been brought up in our secret women’s meeting that we have while you sleep innocently in your bed at night.
The Group would have made to have you voided.

Beth says:

You’re wicked!!!!!!!!

Marilyn says:

Sadly enough, Paul is not an anomily… especially out here in hillfolk land.

Recently, a woman I know nearly died from pancreatitis. She was in the hospital for a couple of months, lost her pancreas and over half her body weight, and when she finally got out of the hospital, she was terribly weak and still very ill.

Her husband (about 55 years old) went out and bought her a “reaching” tool so that she could continue to pick up the grandkids’ toys.

Now to normal people, like you and me (and probably not Paul), the obvious and heart-felt response would be for the husband to help a least a little by bending his fat ass over and picking up the toys himself.

I was raised with this messed up mindset. So, yeah, I can get Paul’s joke, but it’s not very funny when it’s vividly and in yer face REAL.

Bev says:

Are you being serious here or making this up?

Marilyn says:

PS. This same schumck who thought he was being overly kind to his wife by buying her this reaching tool, also called me while she was in the hospital to tell me how much he missed having sex. Yeah, a real sweetie.

Theresa says:


All men are basically pigs. That’s why I turned (mostly) gay.

Chuck says:

Please keep in mind this is the same guy who doesn’t want his wife to shave her legs or under her arms. He’s a caveman. Please consider the source.

Betsy says:

You shouldn’t be using plates, you should be eating out of a dog bowl.

Marilyn says:

Chuck, yeah, the source… Imagine being raised in a family of cro-magnon men (ooops, I forgot to spell out, you have to be a female to understand!).

Yeah, daddy gives a car to number one son while daughter is not permitted even to get her license? Ooops! My “issues” are showing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hard as nails says:

paul, perhaps jean can come over and assist you.

Rita says:

People keep telling me that men’s brains work differently then women’s and that women must be more understanding. I always considered this basically – oh, what is that word I’m thinking of? …. Oh yeah, bullshit.
When I was madly in love for a relatively short period of time and treated like crap, I made myself believe this “brain theory”. Because their brains worked differently then ours, we must compensate for their handicap and inadequacies.
Now that I am out of the relationship, the psychosis is over. It is just bullshit and the endorphins from love made my brain imbalanced.
But I am much better now.
PS The Nightly Secret Women’s Support Group will be running a few minutes late tonight – the Posse will be hunting done Paul.

Babble On says:

daddy gives a car to number one son while daughter is not permitted even to get her license? Ooops

What? Why don’t you write a post about this?

Larry Gross says:

“The Nightly Secret Women’s Support Group will be running a few minutes late tonight.”

You are certainly welcome to write a post about your support group, might teach Paul a few things.

Amy says:

I’m not falling for this – – all made up.

Rita says:

I would love to write a post about the Support Group; unfortunately to be a member you must be female and be implanted with a brain chip that will turn any female group member who betrays that sacred trust into mindless, obeying, “respect my authority” humans. Example: Paul’s wife was obviously excommunicated. Not a pretty site.

Rita says:

I meant to write “pretty sight” – Living out in Marilyn’s “nick of the woods” for a majority of my life takes its toll occasionally.

Larry Gross says:

“Not a pretty site.”

I thought you were referring to this blog.

Marilyn says:

Larry, Beware, Rita is correct. Bush’s ‘Skull & Bones’ has nothing on The Ultimate Female Support Group!!

Rita says:

That’s why I had to correct it. I could sense you would be crushed.

Actually, I thought the post was really funny and I enjoyed it alot today. Thank you.

Marilyn’s correct; the Group has decided to have an extended night summit to discuss how to increase Bush’s IQ. Since he has obviously had a frontal labotomy, we had to eliminate that as an intervention.

As George T. sang: I would rather have a bottle in front of me then a frontal labotomy.

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