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{January 18, 2007}   A Friendly Reminder to One Blog From Another

kim-taylor-pic.jpgI’m one of the writers here at the LOL Blog (you know, the guy who hates to do dishes and likes hair under his woman’s armpits) and we take pride in putting something new up here everyday, even if you sometimes don’t like it.

I hate to point this out, but one of our sister CityBeat blogs has falling off track. CityBeat’s Arts & Music blog hasn’t had a new post up since January 5 – that’s 13 days ago, almost two weeks.

Maybe Larry will never tell you this but I will: If you want to get traffic to your blog, you need to update more often.

Gotta go, watching my wife do the dishes.


(Photo is of singer-songwriter Kim Taylor. Maybe you guys could write about her. Thanks Sara Beiting for the picture)


Matt says:

Yeah, I noticed that. I don’t bother to check it out anymore.

Julie says:

I remember all the complaining about the music blog last September. They did o.k. for awhile but now its back to nothing new to read. I know me and others said at the time you can’t call yourself the premier arts & music paper and let this fall off the plate. It’s disappointing.

Marilyn says:

Well a newbie blog is much like a newbie human… they each require much nourishment to grow. Gotta feed ’em, man.

Roy says:

I’ve noticed City beat’s “Pork” blog has gotten better lately, but the arts & music portion is a waste. It’s like it’s always an after thought and now it’s not even that.

Perry says:

I wish there was a good music blog here. Cin Weekly doesn’t even have one.

Tim Graves says:

The LOL Blog is like spaghetti: You throw it against the wall everyday to see if it sticks. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t – but at least you’re pitching us something daily. How sad your arts & music people don’t think its worth the effort.

Erin says:

I gave up on the arts/music blog a long time ago. Citybeat has a great arts/music section but they have no interest in us bloggers.

hard as nails says:

the porkopolis blog is pretty cool, the arts & music blog is pretty much nothing at all. i like the lol blog standing alone. i would suggest lol girl get her own blog but that’s for another day.

Gail says:

Why doesn’t somebody here write a story about Kim Taylor? She’s really cool and local!

Brenda says:

You’re still a pig.

Jack says:

Why does City Beat want to be known as the place to go for arts and music and then get lazy?

If you want an arts & music blog, keep it updated. Otherwise, get rid of it.

Beaver Head says:

Look at CityBeat’s web site for THIS WEEK. Go down to the music section. You’ll see a promotion for their music blog talking about the late and great Bob Bodley. Know when this post was put up on their blog? DECEMBER 29, 20 DAYS AGO. They are still promoting it as new.

I’m the one who started the complaining back in the summer when they were doing no posts at all. ARE THEY BACK TO THAT AGAIN?

Wally says:

Who cares, really. It sucked anyway.

Ben says:

I would love to see a Kim Taylor video here. I love her to death and the new CD is just great. Can you put up a video?

Tate says:

To the folks over at the arts & music blog:

Put up or shut up. Don’t say you’re the best when it comes to music and art and then do shit on your blog.

Being lazy is never becoming.

Man of the Hour says:

Kim Taylor kind of looks like LOL Girl. Let’s hope she isn’t cause she’s married.

Mandy says:

The Arts & Music Blog at CityBeat should change it’s name to Asleep at the Wheel.

Jill says:

I also don’t care about the arts and music blog. Even when something was written, it was stiff and uninteresting. Why don’t they just stop totally?

No Tomorrow says:

Citybeat sucks and so do their blogs —–including this one.

Matt says:

No Tomorrow,

My middle finger is up and it’s just for you.

Joe says:

It’s nice to get an extra post today, but don’t you think this is old news?

Back in late summer, this was an issue. The arts & music blog at City Beat didn’t really exist and you brought that to our attention. They finally started it up – but being lazy has taken over there again. Being lazy is what City Beat is about lately.

The paper lost it’s edge more than a few years ago. Except for this blog, why would you think they would give a shit about constant updates? They don’t know what blogs are about and frankly don’t know what being an alternative newspaper is about either.

Taylor says:

Kim Taylor is hot!! I need to check out her music.

Polly says:

I don’t really care about the arts/music blog either. LOL and Porkopolis is enough for me.

Amy says:

Sometimes I wish I had a life. I check out this blog too much and the other citybeat blogs. Cin weekly has five of them.

This one is my favorite and I like most of the ones at Cin. The arts and music blog at City beat never got to me – like they really didn’t want to write it – like they were being forced somehow.

jackula says:

cin weekly rules in kentucky

Nancy says:

CityBeat is a great paper, but except for this one, the blogs aren’t very good.

Why don’t you just discontinue them and leave this one up? More people come here anyway.

Jeff says:

Citybeat is a great paper, but the arts and music blog just isn’t on it. Not a big deal to me, stopped clicking over there weeks ago.

greg says:

kim taylor rocks. i vote for a post on her.

Taylor says:

Kim Taylor is cool but citybeat’s arts & music coverage is not. They need to wake up to their blog.

Stephanie says:

Ever since Rick Pender left CityBeat, arts and entertainment in the paper – as well as the blog – has gone to hell.

hard as nails says:

looking at the web, trying to find Kim nude. no luck so far.

Sam says:

Kim Taylor is a class act.

Polly says:

I don’t care if they update their arts and music blog but it looks bad to have it up and not adding new posts, looks lazy. I don’t like everything post here but I can’t say you’re sleeping on the job.

Jim Stanton says:

I think I would visit the arts & music blog more if I knew it was updated on a regular basis. Clearly it’s not.

Jeannie says:

I gave up on it too. Sad 😦

C.A. MacConnell says:

go hear music, support the scene. blog isn’t updated b/c they’re working on the real paper that doesn’t have a hamburger on the cover.

lost its edge? i don’t think so.

Beaver Head says:

Just checked the Arts & Music Blog: STILL NO UPDATE.

Kasty says:

“blog isn’t updated b/c they’re working on the real paper”

You need to think before you write something so mindless.

If the City Beat staff is too busy to work on the blog, then why the hell do they have one in the first place? To ignore it?

City Beat has lost it’s edge. You work for them and you’re not going to admit it.

You write music stories right? Just tooooooooo busy to contribute to the blog? Too busy to write a couple hundred words?

Just take the damn blog down – busy people.

Matt says:

Looks like the people at the arts/music blog decided to get off their lazy asses and put up a new post. Late Friday, they put up not one but two new posts.

Think complaining about it here had anything to do with it?

Jackie says:

You didn’t have to be so nasty with CA about it, but I agree with you. If you’re going to have a blog up, make posts to it.

Beaver Head says:

The arts & music blog over at Citybeat has added another post today. That’s three post in two days. The one before these three WAS WRITTEN JANUARY 5 – TWO FULL WEEKS AGO.

Looks like it took the LOL blog to wake them up. WILL IT STICK?

Do-Da says:


Probably for a while, then, like always, will fall off. Who do these people report to anyway?

Hey Paul –

That’s one of my favorite Kim Taylor photos (that I took). Thank you for thanking my site, I See Sound, for its use, but, you didn’t ask if you could use it first. Hit me up via email – we’ll discuss.

Dale Johnson
Editor/Publisher/guy who takes photos of Kim Taylor on occasion – I See Sound

Larry Gross says:

Hi Dale,

Paul wrote the post on Kim Taylor but I’m the one who found the photo of her on the internet. We always credit the source as to where we get our photos – didn’t mean to upset you by using it. We’ve taken it down and put up another one.

Julie says:

I like the photo that was up of Kim, but this one is good too.

I find it interesting that the arts & music blog has now posted three stories and no one at all has commented on them. I think they have lost their audience due to neglect.

Karen says:

How come Dale didn’t want the picture of Kim Taylor up here? He takes really good photos and you mentioned where you got it.

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