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{January 19, 2007}   How About a Little Notice?


I live in Clifton. Please, somebody tell me if it’s like this everywhere here.

Last Friday, I took a vacation day. I decided to sleep in, woke up around ten o’clock.

I go to my bathroom to take a shower. My apartment door is locked but since I’m single and live alone, what’s the point in closing and locking my bathroom door? Apparently, there is a point.

As I’m washing my hair, I hear somebody yelling “Hello, Hello?”

Shocked, I turn off the water in the shower and stand there naked in the bathtub.

“Hello” I hear again. I recognize the voice as belonging to the maintenance man of the apartment building I live in. I had called last week about my linking facet in the bathroom sink.

“I’m in the shower!” I yelled.

“Sorry,” he yelled back, “I’ll come back later.”

I waited a few minutes before getting out of the shower, locking my bathroom door, then returned to the shower to get all the soap out of my hair. It really got my vacation day off to a piss-poor start.

Doesn’t a landlord have to give a tenant some kind of notice before they enter somebody’s apartment?

Teri Archer



Sammy says:

You need to look at your lease. The “rules” should be spelled out in that.

Jim Stanton says:

I would look over your lease agreement but in most cases, landlords are to give at least 24 hour notice before entering an apartment.

hard as nails says:

nice beaver.

Karen says:

I wondered how long it would take someone to notice the — you know what.

Robin says:

Why are the men here always so hard on Teri? Can’s she ask a simple question without getting an insult?

I think you have to specifically tell the apartment office that you don’t want someone to enter your apartment if you’re not there. (I’m assuming the guy knocked and was thinking that you weren’t home).

My husband had a tooth pulled recently, and a few days afterward, he asked me if I had taken any of his Vicodin. I told him I hadn’t, and he insisted that he was missing about seven pills. Finally he said (sarcastically), “So you’re saying someone came in this apartment and—wait, the carpet cleaners!!!”

We had just moved in, and they had done a crappy job of cleaning the carpets, so we had them come back and do it again, but neither of us was home when they came. We complained to the apartments, but we had no proof, so they didn’t do anything.

We’ve made it clear to them that we do not want anyone in our apartment if we do not answer the door, but they still ask every time we put in a work order. We’ve gotten to know the exterminator pretty well (that’s a whole other story), so he’s allowed in, but no one else.

Biscuit says:

24 hour notice- has to be given. That is bullshit Teri- You ought to talk to your landlord. A 24 hour notice gives you the option to be there or not be there. You may want to check- the landlord may not have even told the maintenance guy to be there( you even sure it was a maintenance guy?). Hell, it could have been Numb.

Chuck says:

Teri, You’re hot!!

C.A. MacConnell says:

If my maintenance guy shows up, I don’t care where the hell I am, I welcome them. I could be wearing a nurse outfit watching soap operas, and I’d let them in. (no, i don’t do that). Trying to get them to show up is bad enough. If I turn them away, I won’t get my shit fixed for another 3 months. ha.

Marsha says:

I hear ya, CA. If you’re in Clifton like I am, you welcome the repair man in open arms – even if you’re naked!

Barbara says:

How you’re showing nude people here? Don’t you think you’re going to far?

Steve says:

I hear what Heather is saying. I insist that no repairman go into my apartment without me being there. A few years ago, I had a few bucks on a coffee table and I’m very sure the repair guy took the money.

Matt says:


You see so little behind that shower wall. What’s the big deal?

Man of the Hour says:

I think you should have invited the repairman to join you – maybe have anal sex in the shower.

CH says:

Teri, trying to reach you about the worker coming in your apartment. I’m a reporter and I think it’s a great story. You have my email here’s my cell 513-xxx-xxxx.


(editor: please no phone numbers!)

Marilyn says:

I’ve had very little problems with maintenance people in my various apartments. I wouldn’t like to be disturbed in the shower like that, nope, not at all.

I had a funny episode though involving bathroom maintenance. I was showering for work one morning and the bathroom doorknob broke and I was actually and literally locked in the bathroom.

My daughter was asleep in her bedroom, so I pounded on the adjacent wall. To no avail. She was a rock! I looked through all manner of possible tools in the bathroom, trying to slide emery boards, combs, etc to get the lock to release. No go. I even tried to take the door off the hinges, but 40 years of enamel paint had sealed that avenue tight.

Finally, I pounded loud enough to wake the sleeping dead daughter. I hollered, ‘call the maintenance guy, I’m locked in’. Indeedy I was; the door wouldn’t release from the outside either.

Fortunately, I had taken my clothes in the bathroom (don’t know why, that is unusual for me), so I was fully dressed when the guy finally came.

My boss at the time had no sense of humor when I had to call in that I’d be late. This was a very amusing episode and she just didn’t ‘get’ it. This is the same boss I trashed in a previous posting about crappy bosses.

Oh yeah and Barbara, the tasteful photo of Teri behind the glass is going too far?! Is it worse than bull penis canes, small peckers, anal sex and drugging daddies?! Sheesh, get a grip.

Karen @ the hood says:


You are so funny!!

Elly says:

I ALWAYS lock my bathroom door and I live alone too. I lock it just because of situations like this.

Elly says:

….and man of the hour, what a nasty person you are.

Kevin says:

a good post…….an even nicer picture 🙂

Bill says:

Yeah, look at your lease agreement but I think management can pretty much come into any apartment at any time. Always lock your bathroom door when doing business.

Barbara says:


Maybe just being silly, was a bit shocked to see the women’s , well you know what I mean.

hard as nails says:

you mean her BUSH?

Natasha says:

heh heh heh, he said bush!

Karen @ the hood, I don’t think it’s so much ME that is funny. Rather, I’ve been ‘blessed’ by god or goddess. My entire life is a cosmic joke. I guess the best part is that I have the ability to know this.

Marilyn says:

Ooops, I have to quit doing that! That was me above…

Matt says:

Marilyn or Natasha. Natasha or Marilyn. I’m confused.

Roger says:

Screw the comment.

Great photo.

You appear to have beautiful breasts.

The color on your head is the same that’s on your bush.

A great quality in a woman.

We should meet.

Charlene says:

I think apartment living means locking your doors and that means when you go to the bathroom to do ANYTHING, you need to lock the door. Maintenance men have no concept of time or even to knock on the door. Beware of that.

Paul says:

At the risk of being a “pig,” I think this is a sexy photo.

Taylor says:

I think you’ll giving LOL girl a run for the money. Your posts are better and you’re so sexy. Please continue to write more!

Wendy says:

The same thing happened to me a few years ago. I had just moved into a new apartment in Walnut Hills and this maintenance man kept hanging around finishing up some work he was doing. After I thought he was gone, I went into the shower.

A few minutes later, I hear someone walking around – like you I had left the bathroom door open. He actually walked into the bathroom and said “Wendy?”

I yelled for him to get out. I called the rental office right after I got out of the shower complaining. Long story short – the guy got canned for it.

Lock your bathroom door, Teri.

hard as nails says:

teri, you have really pink nipples. you’re welcome.

Barbara says:

Roger is also a pig – just another guy thinking with his dick.

Jeff Kinney says:

Lock your bathroom door, sweetie. Shit happens. I was a maintenance man at an apartment building several years back and management would tell me it was fine to enter an apartment but I often found out otherwise. Don’t blame the help. They often do as they are told.

Marilyn says:

Matt, the jig is up. I’m Natasha over at the Pork blog. I’m too stupid to have a nom de plume! I hereby declare I will from this point forward be Marilyn over at Pork… sheesh.

Matt says:

I love ya Marilyn, but you’re giving me a headache!

Polo Stick says:

Sex in the shower with Teri Archer anytime.

Rick says:

If you live in Clifton like I do, getting a repair man to show up any time is a good thing. Even if butt naked, show the guy to your leaky facet.

Jeff- or-ly says:


Gus_Johnson says:

Teri, you should get a security bolt or chain for your abode. Unfortunately, they’re not going to stop a serious criminal from kicking in your door but they do wonders for such social situations. Also, if someone tries to break in they’ll make alot more noise.

Barbara, that’s obviously a mannequin wearing a dark coloured bikini bottom. Try and get your mind out of the gutter.

I enjoy answering the door nude. I’m proud of my handsome little penis and it has quite the effect on salespeople and cult… er I mean religious recruiters.

LOL Girl says:

“I enjoy answering the door nude.”

What’s your address? 🙂

C.A. MacConnell says:

I suddenly am picturing LOL girl wearing a maintenance uniform.

hard as nails says:

as for me, i’m currently seeing lol girl in a large oyster outfit.

jackula says:

you are hot, teri 🙂

Bitch from Price Hill says:

Hey, finally a little hint of a bush here. I’m surprised it’s Teri and not the LOL girl.

hard as nails says:

teri, get out of that shower and let’s have anal sex on your coffee table.

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