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{January 20, 2007}   Will She Ever Come to Cincinnati?


Currently, I don’t think Feist has any plans to come here to Cincinnati but she should think about it. Since this blog’s birth, I have put up two music clips of her and by far, these two clips have gotten more attention than all the others. Feist, people here in Cincinnati love your music.

She writes most of her own songs, but here’s a remake of the old Bee Gees hit from 1979 – “Inside and Out.” Feist turns it into her own. Let me know what you think of it.

Larry Gross



Johnny says:

She sings good and looks hot. Thanks for the clip.

Jackie says:

I found out about Feist on this blog. I enjoyed the other two clips you put up but I think this one is the best!

Stephanie says:

This girl looks like Hannah over at CityBeat. Feist sings nice.

C.A. MacConnell says:

She’s naturally cute. Reminds me of SADE at times for some reason.

hard as nails says:

i think this is hannah. she edits at citybeat by day, rocks and sings at night.

Karen says:

I love it:)

Marilyn says:

I like her enough to go buy a CD! (I finally let this clip load for like forever, and it was worth it!)

Sarah says:

Go buy her “Let it Die” CD. That one has all the good stuff!

Marilyn says:

Sarah, I’ll certainly take your recommendation! I don’t buy a lot of cd’s anymore, but I’ll put Let it Die on the top of my list. Thanks.

bill says:

feist is one of my favorites. i wish she would put a new cd out.

Mac says:

Didn’t like it at all. DO BETTER NEXT TIME!! (kidding)

D.K. says:

Feist is pretty cool. Nope, never has been in Cincy, but a couple falls ago she was in our nike of the woods, down in Louisville. She put on a good show – has lots of energy live. Good backup band too.

Chuck says:

Feist is good but – again – feature local artists!

Larry Gross says:


Tomorrow, we’ll be doing a bonus post in the afternoon on local singer-songwriter Kim Taylor.

Tinker Bell says:

Feist kind of looks like the girl to the right.

Steve says:

Shit, she does look like Hannah.

How come she doesn’t like music articles anymore?

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