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{January 21, 2007}   Kim Taylor Has Arrived


We go from pigeons this morning to Kim Taylor this afternoon. We’re throwing in a bonus post today and no; please don’t get use to this.

I’ve known Kim Taylor since 2003 and have done a few stories on her including one in the now gone but not forgotten ArtSpike Magazine. She’s a great talent and it looks like she is finally starting to get her do – she’s arrived.

Her new CD “I Feel Like A Fading Light” is getting rave reviews and she’s currently on tour with Ron Sexsmith. To find out about all the exciting things happening in her career, you can go to her web site by clicking here.

Here’s a recent YouTube clip of Kim. I wish the quality could be better but this is the only one currently available. Just listen to the wonderful voice for awhile and you’ll forget about the camera work.

Enjoy and please, always support Cincinnati artists.

Larry Gross

(Photo: Kristin McCole)


Chuck says:

Alright, I’m off your back when it comes to local music. This is pretty good.

Brian says:

Were the pictures in the ArtSpike story taken at Northside Tavern?

Karen says:

I’ve always loved Kim. Her new CD is really cool 🙂

Joy says:

This is much better than the stupid pigeon story. I liked the video.

Tammy says:

I haven’t had the money to buy the new CD yet but I have always enjoyed Kim Taylor’s music. I went to see her live at the York Street Cafe sometime ago and she and her band were jut great. What a talent we have living here.

Beaver Head says:

Nice of Larry to post this. Please notice how it is posted here and NOT ON THE ARTS & MUSIC CITYBEAT BLOG. Don’t they know how to post a You Tube and promote local music?

Larry Gross says:

Yes Brian, those photos were taken at Northside Tavern. It says so in the story.

Polly says:

The video gave me something to watch on this snowy day. Kim has a sweet voice.

Ed says:

Not my bag, man. she don’t rock.

Sammy says:

I love her “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” She’s great live too.

Jackie says:

The quality of the video isn’t that great but you’re promoting local talent – so good for you!

Matt says:

I don’t want to keep ragging on City Beat’s arts & music blog but they should be doing this type of thing on their blog, promoting local artists that have a youtube video up. Yes indeed, support local artists like you are here.

jerry says:

too folky for me 😦

Donna says:

I like the fact that you never know what is going to be put up here and that includes music.

I had no idea James Brown got his musical start here until you put up a video. You featured Lonnie Mack once, and Over The Rhine and I bet that because of you Leslie Feist will play Cincinnati soon.

So thanks for the music posts too. Your Arts & Music blog could take a lesson from here.

Jeff- or-ly says:


Sharon says:

I’ve been a big fan of Kim Taylor for a long time now and try to go to most of her shows when she’s playing here. She’s this little bitty woman with all this big talent. We’re lucky to have her here.

Pal says:

Thanks for putting up some local music. How about The Ass Ponies next time?

Karen @ the hood says:

I like it Larry!!

Teri Archer says:

Kim really has a nice, nice voice. I’m gonna get to the new CD

Tim says:

When you think of Kim Taylor, you think of class. So much talent.

Joe says:

She’s alright. I’ve heard better, hear worse.

hard as nails says:

i wonder what kim thinks of pigeons.

Matthew says:

Wow, I didn’t know she had been on “The World Cafe.” That is big time. I’ve always like her music and have her first CD. I think I have some catching up to do.

Sarah says:

I had no idea that Kim was becoming popular all over. Why in the world doesn’t Citybeat’s music section talk about this and brag about one of our own? Can’t they even blog about it?

Thanks, Larry, for filling us in. At least you’re on the ball here.

Roger says:

She sounds like Karen of Over The Rhine. That’s not a bad thing. I liked the song she sung in the video.

Beaver Head says:

I say put Larry in charge of the arts & music blog at Citybeat and BRING SOME LIFE TO IT.

Adam says:

Kim Taylor is solid. Thanks for sharing this video.

Betty says:

Kim Taylor rocks!

Kelly says:

K.T. is the real deal.

John Fox says:

Sorry to interrupt Living Out Loud for a brief fact check, but CityBeat covered Kim Taylor’s “new” CD more than four months ago — check Mike Breen’s lengthy discussion of it in Spill It from the issue of Sept. 6, 2006:

And to set a different record straight, our friend Jean has never contacted me about the “vile and disgusting” posts on this blog. No phone calls, no emails. I don’t want anyone here to get the impression I’m being bombarded with complaints that I’m either blowing off or tucking away in a secret “Fire Larry Gross” file. Jean, if you’d like to discuss the content of this blog with me, drop me a note at

But to save you time, here’s my answer: No, I don’t approve each and every post on Living Out Loud before it’s published. I don’t approve any posts here or on CityBeat’s two other blogs. Other people are in charge of that; Larry has the responsibility here. I trust Larry. He knows that a variety of opinions and topics are what bring all of you back to this blog. He knows better than anyone if LOL starts to drift into being too much about office sex or too much about people and their cats. It’s all about the mix. It’s not about micro-managing.

A final point: I hear you guys about needing to improve our Arts & Music blog. We’re working on it. We have coverage from the Sundance Film Festival right now, and Mike is stepping up his music posts. Still not where we want it to be, but I appreciate your interest and encouragement. Just realize that maybe the reason we don’t write about a particular local CD is because we wrote about it four months ago.

Thanks for listening. The rest of you can contact me too any time you want — that email address isn’t just for Jean.

Shawn says:

There are some other Kim vids up on YouTube and myspace . . .

Hit Me (Aug. 05 at The Loft, with Josh Seurkamp)

from Dec. 2005 Taft show, opening for Over the Rhine:
I Feel Like a Fading Light

Everything Ends

Living Room, NYC, Dec 06
My Dress is Hung

more from the Living Room show, with some sideways videography
Abby [?]


My Dress is Hung

Bowery Ballroom Jan 2007
My Dress is Hung

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