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{January 21, 2007}   Pigeons

pigeons.jpgWhile Cincinnati is not the city I want it to be, we do have something in common with other major cities: We have plenty of pigeons.

I don’t really mind them so much, but I have a friend who hates them. When she’s walking down the sidewalk, she will pick up her pace and try to kick them. She thinks they’re dirty birds. Hell, they’re just pigeons.

I hope my friend never visits Seattle. They have really big ones up there. I saw some pigeons the size of Buicks.

Sometimes a pigeon will go crazy. A couple summers ago while walking downtown, one got in front of me somehow, must have panicked and flew up in my face – hitting me in the eye with one of it’s wings. I didn’t enjoy that so much.

While at the bus stop last week, two teenage girls were there eating donuts. A couple pigeons were around and one of the girls started throwing pieces of the donut down on the sidewalk. She was having fun watching the pigeons eat.

Before you know it, 10 to 12 other pigeons fly down to join in on the feast. The teenage girls ran away, scared to death.

When it comes to food, those pigeons must have radar or something.

Larry Gross



Gail says:

Your friend is right. They are disgusting birds.

Joey says:

Years ago when I was working on a construction job, some guy stuffed a pigeon in my big lunch box. When I opened the damn thing it flew out, scared me to death. There was bird shit all over my food.

To this day, I don’t like pigeons.

Katie says:

If you’re living in the city, pigeons are just a part of life. Not worth having a heart attack over or chasing them down the sidewalk.

Jenny says:

I like pigeons, think they are cute. I love to feed them in the park.

Patrick says:

Last Sunday, we had the LOL Girl. This Sunday we have pigeons? This is pretty weak.

Jim Stanton says:


I don’t think this is the case in Cincinnati, but in a lot of cities, it’s against the law to feel the pigeons. Many cities consider them a bother and would like to get rid of them and kill them off.

As for me, its just a bird. Live and let live.

Erin says:

We should love all living creatures.

hard as nails says:

We should love all living creatures.

even troy?

she says:

if opportunity presented itself, i would slice their wings off and chase the motherfuckers off a cliff…smiling as they plummeted to their end.

my first summers in two different clifton apt buildings, these blasted winged rats over-took my balconies…cooing me awake in the morning, shitting on my plants and porch furniture, gathering for their daily neighborhood watch meetings. i stepped on my porch one day to find a deceased pigeon who apparently decided upon my porch as a suicide destination. i have an old refrigerator box below my kitchen window where i’m told one would store bread a/o eggs back in the day. it now serves a purpose of shelving pigeon excrement – mounds of it. often my morning routine as i await my coffee pot to fill is banging on the large kitchen window and watching the cooing rat bastards perched upon the balcony & building ledges flee from the unanticipated noise. needless to say, my kitchen window is now in two pieces.

a friend and i were on our way back to the office after coffee one morning and a winged rat bastard caught his eye as it flew so closely by.

larry, we really must go for a walk soon:)

wally says:

“if opportunity presented itself, i would slice their wings off and chase the motherfuckers off a cliff…smiling as they plummeted to their end.”

—pigeon issues much?

Karen @ the hood says:

winged rat bastard?? I can’t stop laughing!!

Matt says:

I’ve lived downtown so long, I almost forget they’re there. I’ll say one thing for them, they will mate anywhere. I always find the male pigeon “sex dance” extremely funny.

Julie says:

I understand where She is coming from. I don’t think I would like pigeons around my apartment all the time shitting. It sounds pretty gross to me.

David Gallaher says:

“I saw some pigeons the size of Buicks”

I could imagine a Skylark, but surely not a Riviera?

Larry Gross says:

Yes, David, it was the size of a Buick RIVIERA. I was scared to death. Imagine that thing taking a dump.

Kenny says:

Hey She,

You’re sitting on a goldmine.

Scoop up that pigeon shit and sell it as fertilizer. You’ll make a killing!

Johnny says:

Pigeons don’t upset me. I grew up on a farm and they were around there too. You can actually tame them. They like to be stroked and petted.

As for their shit, all birds do that.

Sherly says:

I hate pigeons too.

Tate says:


hard as nails says:

Last Sunday, we had the LOL Girl. This Sunday we have pigeons?

yeah, same time.

Marilyn says:

HAN, yes ESPECIALLY Troy. He is in need of attention, don’tcha know?

I like birds. I have several bird feeders out and the birds are going crazy getting their daily fix. The red cardinals look really pretty against the snow (out here in the country, the snow actually stays white).

I even have two birds in the house — Quaker Parrots. They are noisy, dirty and obnoxious, but they also do tricks, talk and like to be petted (some of the time).

I do honor all lifeforms. Of course, some I tend to like better than others. My daughter’s cat (kitten) is driving me and the birds crazy. I’m not a cat person, so sue me. There is nowhere that cat can’t go and I keep having to hide stuff like potpourri, Buddha statuettes and singing bowls. Whatta pain.

Come on guys, does every post have to be about SEX? I guess I know the answer to that. Never mind.

Theresa says:

A pigeon as a pet? You must be joking – but I must say I have always liked the idea of have a taking parrot.

Dick says:

This sucks.

Heather says:

I like pigeons. If you’re really still, they’ll eat out of your hand.

Once we stopped at ocean Beach to eat, and we tossed some food to the pigeons. Next thing we knew we were being swarmed by pigeons, sea gulls, and a few other kinds of birds. The sea gulls would walk up, cock their head and look right at us, and kind of chatter. It was so cute we had to toss them something.

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