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{January 22, 2007}   Going on Vacation


Sometimes you just gotta get away. Sometimes vacations are more important than war trails.

Some peace protesters’ trial has been postponed here in Cincy. Turns out the city prosecutor is going on vacation. The judge couldn’t guarantee that the trial would be wrapped up by Friday. I think you can figure out the rest. Here’s the link to the story.

There’s no word as to where our city prosecutor will be spending her vacation. Iraq is somewhat doubtful.

Larry Gross



Will says:

This is all such a waste of taxpaper money. Everybody knows it’s going to get dismissed.

hard as nails says:

no word as to where our city prosecutor will be spending her vacation

perhaps in a city that has decent downtown restaurants.

Roy says:

I agree with Will, it’s gonna get dismissed. Chabot doesn’t want to deal with this type of thing.

Matt says:

I wish she would go vacationing in Iraq. When she came back, maybe she would be singing “Give Peace a Chance” and throw this thing out.

Dell says:

Does the city prosecutor know what this Nate guy has been up to?

John says:

I see you in the photos, Flannery. My God, lose some weight!

Rita says:

“This is all such a waste of taxpaper money.” That’s what is important to you? I’m sure that cannot be your intent. Contrast this small amount of money to the number of lives lost or forever altered and the funds used and abused to finance the Iraqi war.

Larry Gross says:

Nice Earth Shoes.

Marilyn says:

Huh! In the real world, we schedule our vacations with an eye toward “working it in”. So we look at the work calendar and decide on vacation days we KNOW will work.

I guess it is much more complicated for all those public servants.

Rita says:

Perhaps you could send us an authentic picture of yourself to the post. You feel comfortable negatively commenting on the physical appearance of another person – especially one that has enough balls to stand up to authority – so I am sure you will have an equal set to have your photo critiqued by the blog participants here.

Polly says:

I love this Marilyn and Rita duo. They should start their old blog.

Adam says:

I respect these war protesters but this trail, this case has turned into a no issue.

Rumsfeld won’t be there and Chabot won’t be there. This thing will get dismissed no doubt.

Brandy says:

God bless these people. They are fighting the war and they are also now fighting the “system.” What a shame that vacations can’t be rescheduled. What a shame that lives lost in Iraq also can’t be rescheduled or none away with all together by sending our kids home.

This is a useless war. I hope our city prosecutor has a wonderful vacation.

Rita says:

Beautifully said. I also hope the prosecutor has a lovely vacation while other families must make arrangements to bury their dead loved ones.

sally says:

this fucking war. i’m so sick of it. all these dead people who get in the way of it. it makes me cry almost every day.

why are we as a country so fucking stupid? i hate bush. i hate him.

Jane says:

God bless our country and God help us from George W. Bush.

hard as nails says:

someone has said it here before, shit maybe it was me – those bush twins can’t seem to find a job. enlist in the army and send them to iraq.

Teri Archer says:

War is hell. Bush is a fucking asshole.

J-O-E says:

the dems are in power now and i want to think things will get better. i pray that but i don’t know who i’m praying to. i’m just tired of this. i don’t want more people to die.

Brandy says:

Thank you Rita, God bless you.

I am so angry about this war, about all the lives that have been taken.

This president, this person who is a christen, needs to pray less and read more, needs to know what’s going on.

God help us all.

Marilyn says:

Polly: No, Rita and I like it HERE. Plus here, Larry has to do all the work, we just have to play!

Rita says:

God bless you too.

Bush and many of his current ongoing supporters continue to believe that they are doing the right thing – they advocate for war and chant the insane imbecile Bush mantra. They believe they are on a mission from God to slay the sinners and nonbelievers of the earth (it also helps that Bush makes money).

I have several people I know including family who continue to support Bush because of his stances on abortion and his “Christian” beliefs – “let’s just ignore the reality of it all”.

Since I was an adolescent, I decided that organized religion was not the correct path for me. It becomes so corrupt. I have many who have come to me to say they are praying for my soul. A friend said it is better to be in hell with Ghandhi then many of these people.

Gregory Flannery says:

The lighting in courtrooms adds 40 pounds.

Marilyn says:

Then how is this courtroom lighting following me around 24/7?!

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