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{January 23, 2007}   Should I Tell Them?


A few weeks ago, I was really running low on money, still trying to recover cash wise from Christmas. My employer was nice enough to give me a payroll advance of $100.

When I got my regular paycheck on Friday, I noticed that they forgot to deduct that hundred bucks from the check. I don’t know why exactly, but I didn’t say anything, didn’t go to the accounting department to tell them about the error.

I’m feeling guilty about it now. I can use that extra money and can tell myself it’s accounting’s screw up, but that’s not really right is it?

Should I give the money back to my employer?

Teri Archer



Polly says:

Accounting will sooner or later find the error. Make it easy on yourself and tell them first.

Harvey says:

Hell no! It’s accountings fuck up.

Laura says:

As you said, your employer was nice enough to give you the advance. You need to return the favor.

Pam says:

This happened to me a couple years ago, got a payroll advance and they forgot to deduct it from my regular check. They never did catch it. It’s accounting’s job to get it right.

Biscuit says:

Of course you need to return it.

Brenda says:

Are you an honest person? If you are, there is no reason to even write a post about it. Return the money.

If you offer it up, they’ll be more likely to give you an advance next time you need one.

If they find out on their own, you could say you didn’t notice, but they would still think twice about giving you an advance again.

Like Brenda said, if you’re an honest person, there’s no question.

But this is an opportunity to look like an honest person, which could prove to be more valuable than the $100.

Joy says:

Yes, be straight up and tell them about the mistake.

Peter says:

I think it kind of depends. If they are generally good to you, yes, tell them about the mistake. If they are assholes, screw them!

Tom says:

PLEASE PEOPLE!! Only one thing to do..give the money back.

Biscuit says:

The ethical thing to do is give the money back -even if they are assholes (obviously they aren’t as they fronted you $100 buck).

3 senerios
1.Do you give it back because it is the right, honest thing to do?
2.Do you give it back because they might find out about it, thereby letting them know you are a thief.
3.Do you give it back because it will give the appearance of being an honest person and maybe you can profit by that later on?

How we answer this probably says a lot about who we are.

hard as nails says:

gee, teri, things are a little slow here on the lol blog today. next time, do another piece on anal sex and things will pick right up.

Dana says:

“How we answer this probably says a lot about who we are.”

Ain’t that the truth. I’m surprised that there’s any debate on this at all. Teri, tell them about the over sight.

Marilyn says:

I do understand how tempting it is to be handed $100 that you MAY be able to get away with. Especially if you could always use more funds.

But of course, temptation exists to teach us a lesson; to help us define who we are.

Do we win or does the temptation win?

Andy says:

If you worked for the cheap assholes I work for, you wouldn’t think twice about keeping the money.

matthew says:


you’re being really mean to ms. archer. stop it or i’ll kick your ass.

Biscuit is right, there’s only one option, and why you give it back says a lot about who you are.

You’ve already ruled out giving it back because you’re an honest person (otherwise, we wouldn’t be having this discussion).

Personally, I would have pointed out the error immediately because I would have been afraid that they were secretly testing me. Perhaps that says that I have some sort of borderline paranoid delusional personality traits.

Hey, we gotta work with what we’re given.

Dela says:


Gregory Flannery says:

Donate it to Marilyn’s fundraiser to buy Larry a bull-penis cane.

Rita says:

I think we all need ask ourselves this “What would President Bush do in a situation like this?” When you receive the answer, you should do the opposite.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – I know the post has nothing to do with Bush but he’s giving his State of the Union Address tonight – targeting domestic issues – and I am already getting slightly agitated and wondering why I didn’t buy more Ancient Age to consume for the showing.

Greg – Perhaps we could have a Blogathon and raise funds for the endangered bull penis cane.

hard as nails says:

a bull-penis
……….i think troy needs this.

Marilyn says:

Sorry Teri, I must digress and respond to Rita’s mention of tonite’s State of the Union Addy.

Some people who know me well, know that I treat any major speeches of the “ahem” president much like other folks treat the Superbowl. I make sure I have lots of liquid refreshments handy and plenty of cigs. I make everyone in the house go away and cover up the birds. I have my clip board and pen at the ready (for note-taking, you see).

This is MY superbowl. And I’ll tell ya, there is no sit-com funnier than watching the “ahem” president speak!

Biscuit says:


You have your pen in hand
Nate will have his penis in hand

…all is right with the world.

hard as nails says:

…..and troy will be picking his teeth with his penis which is the size of a toothpick.

Bitch from Price Hill says:

Do you think Bush would give the hundred bucks back? He has so many dead on his watch, I’m betting the answer is no.

Man of the Hour says:

If you have sex with your boss on his coffee table, maybe he’ll let you keep the money.

Marilyn says:

HAN: I think if Troy could pick his teeth with his toothpick dick, he wouldn’t be missing his woman so much!

Marilyn says:

ooops, I screwed up. NATE is the one missing his woman. These guys are all alike!

Matt says:

Yes Nate is missing his woman and Troy is missing Jean and working on a way to make his toothpick penis bigger. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

O.K., maybe I can.

Polo Stick says:

Just tell the accounting department you’re not a numbers person.

Taylor says:

God, Teri, return the money. Why are you even thinking about keeping it?

Tom says:

I want to slap you across the face.

Yes, return that $100 dollars to your employer. Why are you even thinking about not doing it? Do you respond to any of these type of questions?

Ed Ramsey says:

I can’t get that shot of you in the shower out of my mind.

Return the money to your employer. I’ll give you the money back if you show me your beaver in person.

hard as nails says:

Just tell the accounting department you’re not a numbers person.

just tell the accounting person you were PMSing and couldn’t figure things out.

Vickie says:

Return the money, you little silly school girl. :-

David Gallaher says:

Give it back.

g says:

Give it back. It might be a test.

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