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{January 24, 2007}   My Faith Went Down the Toilet


It was a little country church.

As a boy, I was a server at Mass. The sacristy, where the other server and the priest and I put on our vestments before Mass, was very small. Say what you want about Father Dick, but that man was regular.

Every Sunday, just before noon Mass, he’d go in the bathroom just off the sacristy. The noise he made in there! All the servers made cracks about his gas being more interesting than his sermons. But here’s the thing. Like I said, it was a small sacristy, and we heard everything. What we didn’t hear after Father Dick took a dump was the sound of the sink running or the toilet-paper dispenser being used. He didn’t wash his hands afterward! Then he went out and served communions to all the parishioners.

My mother used to make me go to confession all the time, because I quit receiving communion whenever Father Dick said Mass. Just the thought of it grossed me out.

To this day, I can’t stand the thought of receiving communion; it sets off my gag reflex, like I’d be infected or something. I wonder how many people he made sick.

Mike Hunt

(Painting from


Carol says:

If this thing is true, I’m totally grossed out.

Barbara says:

You should warn people before you put up sickening stories like this so we’ll know not to come here.

Karen says:

I hope this is made up because I laughed and laughed!

Susan says:

Just more shock for the sake of shock. One of your worst post ever.

Jim Stanton says:

I come here most days and I usually like this blog, but not today.

As a person of faith, I don’t find this funny at all. Come of us take communion seriously. To associate it with some kind of bathroom humor is very insulting.

Matt says:

This is really funny. Cheers to this Mike Hunt guy!

Bob says:

You should be ashamed of yourself.

hard as nails says:

please keep in mind this was written by a guy who does a lot of drugs and who fucks sheep.

Vickie says:

Whoever this guy is (Mike Hunt, yeah…right) he’s a pig.

Joe says:

This isn’t funny, it’s just gross. F.Y.I.: this blog is quickly losing it big time.

Mark says:

So many uptight people here this morning. I laughed out loud when I read it. Take a chill pill folks.

Biscuit says:

Let me see if I have this right, you put your cock in farm animals but you feel the priest not washing his hands is unhealthy?

Lonnie says:

Wow!! Isn’t this funny??????? It’s so fucking funny I forgot to laugh.

hard as nails says:

paging mike hunt. paging mike hunt. has anyone seen mike hunt?

Justin says:

Really, really stupid.

Norma says:

I laughed my socks off!!

Tom says:

So the guy who screws sheep and chickens gets grossed out because a priest doesn’t wash his hands.

So ahead Mike, have some more mushrooms.

Marilyn says:

I understand that most feel religion is sacrosanct. And I guess it should be, after all I was appalled by the fellow who did drugs and then took his kids to church and all.

However, in the cold light of reality, things happened within the church that were much more horrific than Mike’s situation.

This week on PBS I watched a stunning documentary called Hand of God. About the cover up of pedophile priests, written and produced by a victim and the victim’s family. While we’d like it all to go away, it did happen. Hopefully it’s over. Go here to check this out:

Dan says:

Probably if this post was about pedophile priests, the reaction wouldn’t be so strong. Write about a priest who doesn’t wash his hands (and I suspect this is all a joke), people get all offended. People need to LEARN what to get upset about.

Theresa says:

Nice painting. The story smelled.

Pat says:

“I wonder how many people he made sick.”

You made me sick just now.

Tony says:

Lighten up people. This was funny!

Susan says:

If you call disgusting and sick material funny, yeah this was a scream.

hard as nails says:

for the record it wasn’t mike who screwed the chicken. it was his buddy. mike has standards.

del says:

the sad thing is, this probably actually happens.

Deb says:

Man, what an asshole this Mike is.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Made me think of the nun I knew with the questionable tattoo on her ankle. Two words for Father Dick: Wet Ones.

Shawn says:

With the introduction of this Mike Hunt fool, this blog has started to slide. Why don’t you get rid of him?

Andrew says:

Mike Hunt. I know your sister Rosy.

Cliff says:

Award winning this ain’t.

erin says:

what a conservative mess this town is. whenever something is put up here that’s a little out there people scream stop, stop, stop like the world is coming to an end. get your head out of your ass people and enjoy a laugh.

not to be negative says:

…………..and you all thought that was chocolate on that wafer.

Maggie says:

I get really confused here these days. I can’t tell what’s real and what’s being made up. If this is real, then someone needs to say something to that priest.

Matt says:

If you think this is serious, then I think you’re doing drugs with Mike Hunt.

Mike Hunt says:

Public health should not to be sneered at.

Kasty says:

Maybe I’m going to hell, but I thought it was funny.

Eric says:

“Public health should not to be sneered at.”

This coming from a man who fucks farm animals.

Becky says:

Did your sheep take communion with you.

Nancy says:

I don’t find Mike’s humor funny at all. LOL Girl is even better than this trash.

Adam says:

Can you picture Mike Hunt, Troy, Nate and LOL Girl all in one room. What the hell do they talk about, how to make it all more shocking?

Not complaining. I like it!

Rita says:

I agree with Marilyn. When the post mentioned noises coming out of the bathroom, I immediately (how sad) thought this would be a post about a priest being a sex offender.

As far as not washing his hands before giving communion, you don’t even won’t to know what goes on in the restaurants you eat in; if you did, you would stay home and save alot of money.

Natasha says:

I’m really saddened that I can’t believe in The Church like I used to. There are many reasons why I can’t. I really liked when I did believe without reservation.

The Morning Mayor, JFPO says:

Oh, your red scarf matches your eyes.
Close cover before striking.
Wash hands after defecating.
Don’t use the body of Christ to remove
the shit from your fingers.

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