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{January 25, 2007}   Missing Mullane’s


Restaurants come and go in downtown Cincinnati so quickly, it’s hard for me to keep track which ones are still around, but the one I miss the most is Mullane’s which was over on Race Street.

They had great vegetarian dishes, a good wine list, and the atmosphere was very friendly. According to, Mullane’s is a “downtown fixture” but the reality is it’s been gone for a long time. Click here to see Citysearch’s “current” web site. Maybe this place is also the one in charge of those outdated skywalk signs.

As far as other restaurants I miss, I always loved Poppy’s Deli, and Bella had good food too. Za was fun and I miss the coffee at Frisch’s.

All gone.

Which restaurant do you miss the most?

Larry Gross

(Mullane’s logo:


Nancy says:

Just give me a Frisch’s downtown and I’ll be happy.

Dan says:

I thought the downtown Za or Uno’s -whatever it was called had the best pizza in town. When I walk by it now, my stomach cries out for it.

Jenny says:

Poppie’s Deli was perfect for lunch. I miss those poppie chips!


MULLANE’S!!! There hasn’t been a good place to eat downtown since they closed. I went to Palomino last fall and it was just awful. Bad food, bad service. I had been there before, and it was better. But what I got in November was not worth the cost of admission. When people ask me where to eat now, I always send them to Mt. Adams or Northside. Downtown’s just pitiful.

Julie says:

I went to Mullane’s at least once a week and when word got out they were closing, I went everyday. I thought the city was going to help them find a way to stay open but it didn’t happen. You’re right. The food there was out of this world.

Randell says:

Nope, not a fan of Palomino either. Bad food at a high price. I Thought Bella was really good and I would go there a lot. Sorry to see them gone. Also Uno’s.

Matt says:

Check out Sophia’s restaurant over on Main Street, around 8th & Main. Great, GREAT pasta over there, home made.

Carol W. says:

Two Cincinnati put downs in one day. Wow, really on a negative roll here.

Deana says:

Mullane’s was heaven. What a shame it’s gone. It was my favorite.

hard as nails says:

larry’s trashing the nati again. jean, where are you?

Tate says:

I always like the House of Sun, I think that’s what it was called, liked their buffet.

Patrick says:

I went to Palomino last fall and it was just awful.

What do you expect? It was a chain restaurant. It is bad. So was Redfish.

Barbara says:

I’m not Jean, O.K.? Please don’t attack me here.

You are always so hard on this town. Can’t you ever say anything positive here about Cincinnati? You never mention new restaurants that are opening. Why don’t you write a post about that instead of going down memory lane?

You need to talk about the good AND bad. You are always looking for the bad things.

Alex says: is just lazy. Mullane’s isn’t the only closed restaurant that they show as being open.

D.K. says:

Get over it, man. Shit, you probably still miss the lunch counter at Newberry’s.

Babble On says:

Get a McDonald’s downtown. Not all of us have the money to buy an expensive lunch and Arby’s is getting old for me.

Amy says:

There was nothing like Mullane’s. Audrey and her crew made the most excellent dishes.

Sam says:

“All gone.”


Betsy says:

I miss Bella so much. Wonderful service, outstanding food.

Paul says:

Longhorn Steakhouse was not bad at all. The steaks were good but their salmon was really outstanding.

Eddie says:

I miss the Wendy’s on Vine Street. The place was always packed. Why did it close? The 99 cent menu was good and so was their chili. Better than Skyline.

Stan says:

As of now, I’m giving up on you.

Just got home, wanted to relax and thought I would check out your blog. Just more of the same putting down Cincinnati stuff.


Larry Gross says:

“You are always looking for the bad things.”


I’m going to blame my mother for this. She didn’t breast-feed me when I was a baby.

Turner says:

You’re turning into a broken record.

nat says:

…….god man, get a life.

rhines says:

I think Larry wants to point these things out with the hopes that whoever is in charge of CitySearch will make the neccessary changes.

He’s doing CitySearch a service; better than having bad information.

Also, there is nothing wrong with pointing out Cincinnati’s faults with the hopes that some day they’ll be corrected. Better than sitting on your asses accepting the faults and problems while watching from your comfortable sofa as the city decays.

Larry Gross is a great Cincinnatian for wanting change — at least he’s trying. Cincinnati needs more people like him.

Biscuit says:

Speaking of closings, I have a question for Larry.

How long with this blog be up? I heard on the grapevine that you were thinking about discontinuing the Living Out Loud Blog. Any truth to these rumors?

Biscuit says:

you know if you do shut this down Jean will thing that she won.

Gabriel says:

I like Scottis at downtown but that’s the only good one there… everything else CLOSED!!! Not a lot to do in downtown these days.

And yes, citysearch stinks.. it is really bad.

Larry Gross says:

First of all, rhines is my kind of person. A lot of people basically tell me to go to hell with my views on the city. To be called a great Cincinnatian makes me think I’ve been doing many drugs with Mike Hunt – but that’s another story.

Biscuit, if you would have asked me a year ago if I would be a blogger, I would have told you you were crazy. The Living Out Loud blog was the idea of John Fox and after a lot of indecision on my part, we started the thing up.

It’s a love/hate relationship. It takes me away from other projects, the novel I’m trying to write and sometimes I think it makes me stupid. Try reading over 40 comments about a guy screwing a sheep and maybe you’ll get my point.

But no, I’m not going anywhere for now. It is addicting and on some days I think we get it right here. The audience has really grown and it’s become part of my day without totally consuming it.

And besides, as you said, there’s no way I want Jean to think she has won.

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