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{January 25, 2007}   Waffle House not Moving Into Old Maisonette Location


Officials here in Cincinnati have denied reports that a Waffle House will be moving into the old Masionette location over on Sixth Street.

“That’s nuts,” one city official said off record. “We could never support anything like that here downtown. It would draw too much attention. We like a quiet downtown.”

Waffle House is known for its egg dishes, peppered hash browns, cheese melt plates and other gourmet food.

“It would be nice to get a little culture back to Sixth Street, but getting a Waffle House here is a little out of our league,” said another city official – or he told me he was a city official. “We’re trying to get another Skyline Chili to move into that spot.”

Waffle House is a famous restaurant chain well known for being open 24/7. Most don’t even have locks on their doors.

“A 24/7 restaurant in the heart of downtown? You gotta be shitting me,” said a want-to-be city official. “There’s no way that could happen. “We gotta get out of here before the sun goes down, before those Over-the-Rhine folk start heading this way.”

A local crack dealer thinks a Waffle House downtown would be good for his business.

“Those mother-fuckin’ kids get trashed and show up at the old Waffle House to eat their fuckin’ hangovers away – know that I’m sayin’?” the crack dealer explained. “We can sell them some quality crack after they get done eatin’ their waffles – know what I’m sayin’? It would be a good thang for this mother-fuckin’ town all round – know what I’m sayin’?

Yes, we know what he’s saying, but at present, it looks like the old Maisonette location will be remaining vacant.

“White Castle is interested,” said a person I met walking down the sidewalk.

Judy Darling,

LOL Blog Reporter



Karen says:

This is damn funny! Actually, we could use a Waffle House downtown 🙂

Geri says:

Was this really going to happen?

Tad says:

I know this is a joke, but having a Waffle House downtown would be super!

Rita says:

Maybe we could have a “Crack”er Barrel.

Babble On says:

Or how about a McDonald’s? We can’t even get that downtown?

Jackie says:

If only you were being serious. I would be great to be a waffle house downtown.

Bill says:

I really got sick at a Waffle House about two years ago. I haven’t been back since.

Barbara says:

Just another LOL Cincinnati putdown.

Peter says:

This is fucking funny!!!!!

Audrey says:

You had me going for a minute there! I wouldn’t mind having one of these downtown. I still miss Frisch’s.

hard as nails says:

if we can’t keep a mcdonald’s downtown, i doubt if a waffle house would work. yes, put in another chili place.

Jan says:

Don’t get my hopes up. I thought you were being real!

Mark says:

Unless you like chili, the fast food available downtown really, really sucks.

Karen @ The Hood says:

You had me going!!

Susan says:

I suspect “Judy Darling” is really Larry Gross who just can’t resist putting down Cincinnati. He did it also in his column this week.

Yes, Cincinnati does have it’s problems, but you have already made your point. Do you have to keep hammering it into the ground?

Matt says:

Larry (or Judy) just tells it the way it is. That’s all.

Marilyn says:

As quoted to our erstwhile reporter, Judy Darling: … “We gotta get out of here before the sun goes down, before those Over-the-Rhine folk start heading this way.”

Lordy, lordy! 🙂

Karen @ The Hood says:

I guess that includes me!!

Pam says:

I liked this! I think this Judy Darling should continue on with more “fake” news reports.

Jim says:

Good reporting. Very “Onion-esque”. I like that.

Marilyn says:

I want some peppered hash browns! Truly a gourmet treat…

Tim Graves says:

I thought this was totally hilarious! You need to keep doing this type of thing.

Charlie says:

I actually love the Waffle House. Go to the one over in Covington all the time.

Tinker Bell says:

Always picking on the city here aren’t you? Always looking for something wrong.


Tammy says:

Now this was pretty darn funny.

Jacob says:

I don’t see anything funny about talking to a crack dealer.

Rally says:

I dig the old waffle house. Good eats and a good price. Hell yes, let’s get one downtown.

Chin says:

I could never afford to go to the Maisonette but Waffle House would be another story. Bring it on.

Polly says:

I liked this A LOT. More Judy Darling!

numb says:

dumb. boring.

Matt says:

The return of numb and his ass comments. How sad.

Rebecca says:

The Maisonette was heaven. The Waffle House makes me want to puke.

[…] and entertainment activity in downtown Cincinnati ever since the reported opportunity to get a Waffle House restaurant in the old Maisonette location fell through last week. That was just the latest in a list of failed remedies for The Queen […]

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