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{January 26, 2007}   CityBeat Editor John Fox on the L-O-L Blog and Complaints














The following is a comment that co-publisher and editor at CityBeat, John Fox made on the “Kim Taylor Has Arrived” post. At the risk of sucking up, I thought it was important enough to make as it’s own post.

Sorry to interrupt Living Out Loud for a brief fact check, but CityBeat covered Kim Taylor’s “new” CD more than four months ago — check Mike Breen’s lengthy discussion of it in Spill It from the issue of Sept. 6, 2006:

And to set a different record straight, our friend Jean has never contacted me about the “vile and disgusting” posts on this blog. No phone calls, no emails. I don’t want anyone here to get the impression I’m being bombarded with complaints that I’m either blowing off or tucking away in a secret “Fire Larry Gross” file. Jean, if you’d like to discuss the content of this blog with me, drop me a note at

But to save you time, here’s my answer: No, I don’t approve each and every post on Living Out Loud before it’s published. I don’t approve any posts here or on CityBeat’s two other blogs. Other people are in charge of that; Larry has the responsibility here. I trust Larry. He knows that a variety of opinions and topics are what bring all of you back to this blog. He knows better than anyone if LOL starts to drift into being too much about office sex or too much about people and their cats. It’s all about the mix. It’s not about micro-managing.

A final point: I hear you guys about needing to improve our Arts & Music blog. We’re working on it. We have coverage from the Sundance Film Festival right now, and Mike is stepping up his music posts. Still not where we want it to be, but I appreciate your interest and encouragement. Just realize that maybe the reason we don’t write about a particular local CD is because we wrote about it four months ago.

Thanks for listening. The rest of you can contact me too any time you want — that email address isn’t just for Jean.

Thanks for the comment, John, appreciate it (God, he really does read this thing. Does he know about the post with the sheep?)

Larry Gross



Matt says:

I knew Jean was all bark and no bite.

Karen says:

Well that kind of clears the air a little bit. I didn’t think this blog was going to be shut down but this city is so strange and uptight sometimes you just don’t know.

hard as nails says:

jean as been busted. may she forever be so.

Kevin says:

Whatever. We have heard this before about the arts & music blog stepping up and being better – like last summer. Why would I believe it now?

Darrell says:

It sounds like John Fox supports this blog but I can never understand why it’s so hard to find on their site. The only place you find it is in the blogroll with other seperate blog listings. I know where it is now but it’s like you try and keep this one a secret and promote the other two.

Marilyn says:

Hey does this mean that John Fox WASN’T in the bathroom all day the other day?

hard as nails says:

marilyn, that was nate, not john. nate, nate, nate.

Susan says:

I trust Larry.

What? You trust him to put up posts about having sex with farm animals, anal sex, promoting the use of drugs and constant city bashing? I’m not saying this web site is all bad because it isn’t, but provoking just to provoke and piss people off is not good judgment at all.

Marilyn says:

HAN, Hey remember when Jean kept saying she’d called and the office said Mr. Fox was unavailable? I THINK it was Buscuit that suggested perhaps John Fox was unavailable since he was in the bathroom stall all that day.

(Kinda loses it punch when I have to go back so far!!)

jackula says:

what’s with the jean chick? all this noise here, all this ranting and she doesn’t –excuse me– have the balls to do what she said she’s going to do?

put up or shut up, jean-y.

Polly says:

Maybe she’ll go away now. The rants were getting very old.

None with work for the day, if you call visiting here all day work. All have a great weekend.

Jackie says:

No, Jean will be back. She likes being the target here.

Beaver Head says:


Janie says:

I’ve noticed the arts & music blog is active again and adding pictures gives it a better look. Mike always writes well but this Jason is so stiff. I can’t respond to anything he writes.

Man of the Hour says:

Must say, this was more interesting than that stupid bus driver post.

Tim Graves says:

“The only place you find it is in the blogroll with other seperate blog listings.”

I for one think this should stand alone from the others. Yes, promote it a little bit (why aren’t you promoting the one that gets the traffic?), but don’t make it part of that mixed bag over there. Music and news combined doesn’t work well together and that’s why they’re struggling.

Maryellen says:

Thats a wholesome wholegrain dish,i wud love to make,but have one doubt,will it be ok if i skipped baa,,aaraisinsnnnd sugar,coz i dont like sweet taste,it sounds yummy otherwise,can i instead add some chillies etc?

Wow, that’s a really clever way of thinking about it!

Erin says:

Give John Fox some credit. He came here and stood up.

KRISTY says:

I checked out the spill it column on Kim Taylor or maybe I should say the paragraph that was written. Is this the way you support local talent? At least here there was a picture along with a video clip. You don’t deserve any kind of pat on the back. She deserved a hell of a lot more than a “mention.”

Jay says:

I’m a reader here, don’t like to make comments. I’m heading out the door to get my weekend started, but I have to say one thing to John.

Make your promise stick this time.

CityBeat is a great paper, I read it cover to cover every week, but take better care of your blogs. Not this one, because it’s on track. Your arts & music blog has been way out of focus. You ARE the arts & music paper in town. Don’t blow off your blog.

Bobby Dee says:

I think John needs to know if we didn’t care, we wouldn’t complain. City Beat is a part of our lives here and if you’re going to put up blogs, do them right.

hard as nails says:

does john have any thoughts on lol girl and that oyster of hers. just curious.

Tammy says:

Larry R O C K S. If you EVER take this down, I’ll kill myself. Kidding. Maybe. I love this place and come here when I need some company with all these odd balls here. I’m one myself. I found a home 🙂 🙂

Julie says:

I very much agree with Kristy. Kim Taylor’s new CD was a BREAKTHROUGH. Not even a picture? Give me a break.

Jill says:

I think John Fox has sexy hair 🙂

Liz says:

No, Mike’s piece on Kim Taylor just wasn’t enough. She’s a great local artist. Three paragraphs doesn’t cut it.

Matt says:

Out the door, but I got more to say on this. Tomorrow.

Anders says:

Google CityBeat and you’ll find plenty of Kim Taylor coverage…including a full length feature story about her debut CD from SEPTEMBER 2002.

Kim has been nominated at least four times for a CityBeat CEA…winning New Artist of the Year in 2002 and favorite Singer/Songwriter in 2004.

Does that cut it??

Perry says:

Nice link to an article written FIVE YEARS AGO.

Citybeat has a hard on for Jake Speed but when it comes to other local artists, most are a one story act. That’s a pattern a lot of us notice.

Matt says:

a full length feature story about her debut CD from SEPTEMBER 2002.


Don’t you think things change with a music act over a period of four or five years? Do you think Rolling Stone has only done one feature story on Madonna?

Sometimes you have to catch a reader up on what an artist is doing and music lovers go to CityBeat for that. The truth is on some artists like this Kim Taylor person, they drop the ball.

Dewy says:

Why is this Anders guy getting so defensive on Citybeat coverage of Kim Taylor? Must really be Brian Baker.

Gail says:

I think if your a Kim Taylor fan, your going to want to see more of her in the paper. That’s just how it is.

Gregory Flannery says:

Hey, I wanna have sexy hair, too!

Ted Stevens says:

“Still not where we want it to be.”

It is a little amazing to me the power that this mixed bag of a blog can have.

Last summer, this blog woke you up to the fact that the Arts & Music blog didn’t really exist. All of a sudden you start making posts to it.

Several days ago, this blog woke you up to the fact that no new posts had been made for two weeks on that blog. All at once, new posts are there.

Don’t you think there’s something wrong when a blogger has to keep you on your toes?

hard as nails says:

fast and furious post on the arts and music blog now. funny, ain’t it?

Matt says:

This will be the last thing I’m going to say about the poor arts & music blog.

I just paid a visit over there. All of a sudden, four new posts. After each one it says “be the first to comment.” Hey, no one is reading.

Why does this happen? Lack of attention.

Gregory Flannery says:

Matt: And yet you keep going back!

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