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{January 26, 2007}   Say Hello, You Grumpy Old Dog


I live around University Hospital and always take the 39 bus into work. I catch it a little after seven and I usually get the same bus driver.

Now I’m not a morning person, but I do say good morning when I get on the bus. Not this guy. He’s looking straight ahead like I’m not even there with this attitude look on this face. He’s a grumpy old dog and I’m trying to be polite here.

Most of the other drivers are courteous but it’s really apparent this guy hates doing what he’s doing. Lately, I’ve just stopped trying to be nice. I get on and off without saying a word to the grump. Sometimes I feel like telling him he’s a jackass.

If you’re going to deal with the public, at least pretend to put on a happy face.




hard as nails says:

he’s a bus driver, not a talk show host.

Bev says:

Rude bus drivers are a part of life here. I agree with you. Saying good morning shouldn’t be such an issue for the guy.

Paul says:

Just get me from point a to point b. I don’t care if they talk to me.

Bill says:

This looks like the guy who drives the 47

Erin says:

Being as I’m usually half a sleep, I seldom talk to the bus driver. Just get me to where I want to go.

Peter says:

A bus driver doesn’t really need to talk to me. Just get me to where I want to go.

Rita says:

It’s really not about him. (although this from the picture above – he’s a cute little fellow.) It’s about you. Just because he’s a grump doesn’t mean that should change you; continue being nice. “Don’t be seduced by the dark side Luke.”

Peter says:

The photo is funny!

bob says:

at least your bus driver doesn’t “bark” at you. ha ha ha ha

hard as nails says:

…..and he didn’t lift his leg up on you.

Deb says:

Just a bus ride, Brandy. You’re not having sex with him.

Marilyn says:

Alrighty, I’ve never availed myself of the public transportation in Cincinnati. The bus doesn’t come out to this corner of bumfuck.

However, I worked at Children’s hospital for a time. We had to park in the garage at old Bethesda base and rode shuttle buses to the hospital.

There was one jolly driver that I absolutely loved. He was jovial and talkative. I’d sit up front just to shoot the breeze with him. I liked this interaction. Yeah, but not everybody is cool.

Jim says:

Sneak him a quick peck on the cheek. He’ll melt.

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