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{January 27, 2007}   “More Than a Feeling”


I have a love/hate relationship with Bogart’s. I think it’s one of the most uncomfortable places to see a live show and the help is sometimes rude, but if it ever closed up on ShortVine, I know I’d be depressed. I’ve seen a lot of really good performances there.


August, 1976: I took my date to Bogert’s to see this little known heavy metal rock group called Boston. I can’t remember why we went, probably just something to do.

We were blown away, had never heard rock music like this – so space age. They were good live – really tight. The next day, my date bought me the album. I played it over and over.

A little over a year later, my date became my wife. We have two wonderful children together. Alright, the marriage failed after 17 years – no perfect ending here, but we’re still good friends. I see my adult kids all the time and I still got that album!

I know this wasn’t recorded live at Bogart’s but it’s the same year – 1976. Check out one of my favorite Boston tunes, “More Than a Feeling.”

Larry Gross

(Photo of Bogarts: Photo of Boston album cover:


Gloria says:

This rocked! Who doesn’t like Boston?

Jake says:

I also have a love/hate relationship with Bogart’s. I had no idea that they were even around in the 70’s. It must have been cool to see early Boston.

Matt says:

You probably got about twenty years on me but Boston was way ahead of it’s time. I got this CD.

numb says:

you’re old.

Charlie says:

That first album was hard to follow up. In fact they never really could live up to it. I remember buying the second album and only playing it a couple times. The first: a true classic if there ever was one.

Brian says:

Your always in the pass, Larry. Welcome to 2007.

Julie says:

Sometimes the past is cool, Brian. I’m 24. I can’t like listening to Boston?

Marilyn says:

For all you guys who think Larry is old — hell, I went to Bogarts before it was Bogarts. It was called The Inner Circle. Yuck.

I too have a love/hate relationship with Bogarts. I took my kids to their first concert there: Offspring. We then added Korn and others to the mix.

But here is where the Hate part comes in: My daughter likes the real “hard stuff”. She’s been nearly physically assaulted at a couple of shows. But at least she’s learned that she doesn’t really like being manhandled so much. She avoids Bogarts now.

Sally G. says:

I was only a little girl when I first heard this song but I’ve always loved it. Thanks for putting it up!

Sam says:

I’m a fan of Boston too and I enjoyed the clip, but I don’t think the music heard was really live. It sounded just like the record. The were just moving their lips to it or something.

Tony says:

No real comment, just enjoyed hearing the song again 🙂

Art Miller says:

I guess we are both old hippies! I remember this show very, very well.

I got the album a few days before the show, because they were playing More Than a Feeling on the radio and I liked it a lot. I loved the album and was really looking forward to going.

I got sick or something, the flu I think. I couldn’t make it. The album got really big and I kicked myself for not being there.

I enjoyed the video and keep doing what you’re doing.


Bridget says:

Boston is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy cool my man.

hotdog man says:

stay local, dude. this is cincinnati man.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Bogarts. ‘Lil late getting here, but I have some memories of shows at Bogarts. In ’91 I saw Wrathchild America & Pantera wearing a glow in the dark spiderweb shirt. It was my headbanging era.

In ’94, Toad the Wet Sprocket. The guy does have a nice smooth voice live. Okay, I was bored.

In ’97 I saw Seven Mary Three. Just okay. Sounded like the CD and the crowd was a bunch of meanies.

The best was Tool in ’96…singer was dressed in nothing but blue paint & some kind of speedo. What a body, and what a creepy dancer. His voice sounded so powerfully spooky live. A bird told me Nirvana played there way, way back in the day…is that true, or was it another club?

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