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{January 29, 2007}   Monday’s Lunch


• Five-way from Skyline.
• Four cheese coneys.
• Three Arby cheddar melts.
• Large curly fries.
• Two hot dogs from street vendor.
• Large diet Mountain Dew.

. . .and now what to have for dinner


Fat Man from Cincinnati

(Photo of disgusting Fat Man from Cincinnati:


Janice says:

This is a big day. Two “pig” post in a row.

Marilyn says:

The obesity epidemic in the US is becoming horrific. I, too, could lose plenty of weight, and still I acknowledge the issue.

The government is busy cracking down on smokers (because of health concerns and rising health insurance costs). Wonder how long it will take the government to outlaw (or heavily tax) Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Baby Ruth, All Sodas, All Chips, etc??? Why should the sin tax apply only on Cigs and Alcohol?

Much of ADULT ONSET diabetes can be controlled by exercise and diet. Those who choose not to take those measures will join me in being amputees. The average cost of the simplest, most basic prosthesis is $15,000. This is going to cost everyone who pays even a dime in health insurance coverage BIG BUCKS.

But don’t listen to me, I had 5 fried cheese sticks and a beer for brunch today!

hard as nails says:

this guy kind of looks like my mother.

Jeannie says:

The man is gross. I’ll be having nightmares all night.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Lunch: Two Tylenol. Two Vitamin C pills. Cough syrup from the bottle. Dr. Pepper. Candy. (I’ve had the worst death flu for a week) If one more person asks me if I want soup, I’m gonna slug him/her. I don’t want soup. I want candy. I don’t know why. I just do. So there.

Matt says:

Had some Skyline for lunch and stopped at that. You should too, Fat man. You’re very sickening.

Rita says:

No need for guilt about the candy remedy. I would prefer to think that your body is telling you what it needs. You have an intelligent body.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Oh, no, I just remembered I have a candy bar hidden in my file cabinet………

Hope you are feeling better.

Karen @ the hood says:

At the rate you’re going, you may not LIVE until dinner!!

Man of the Hour says:

With all that fat on your stomach, can you even find your penis to take a leak?

Carol says:

I had a salad for lunch. Ever heard of a salad?

Karen says:

Man, what a fashion plate!

Tinker Bell says:

He’s gross.

Gail says:

Two posts today on subject matters that aren’t funny. The first one being from Paul who expects sex on demand from his wife and gets spanked when she doesn’t put out and now this making fun of fat people.

Sometimes you put up some pretty good stuff like yesterday, but you are so inconsistent here.

Harvey says:

Lunch: red beans & rice.

tilly says:

he has tiny little feet.

hard as nails says:

at least we didn’t have to look at his ass.

Ann says:

You’re so fat. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

C.A. MacConnell says:

it looks like he’s wearing one of those big people suits, like they use on TV, but that’s just me.

Marilyn says:

Damn, CA, you are right! I had just assumed this weird guy was wearing flesh covered long johns… but nope! Those are fake dimples in and around his knees.

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