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{January 30, 2007}   The Sitting Room


Maybe all men do it. I remember when I was little, my dad taking the Sunday paper into the bathroom with him and being gone for awhile – guess he was reading the paper while taking a you-know-what.

My boss at work is the same way. Around mid morning every morning, he takes a newspaper or magazine with them to the restroom and he’s gone for at least 20 minutes.

What’s he doing in there: #1 or #2? I don’t really want to know.

I’ve tried it a couple times, but the lighting in my bathroom at home is too poor to read. Besides, it’s uncomfortable – and I would never think to do it at work.

Other men do it there too. One guy took a newspaper in with him to read and didn’t come out for an hour. Another guy finally had to knock on the restroom door to see if he was all right. Turns out he fell asleep while reading a copy of Cin Weekly.


(Photo of Brandy sitting on the toilet and reading something more interesting than Cin Weekly was taken by Deviant Art or something like that)


Anna says:

Hate to tell ya, Brandy. I’ve been known to sit & read on the toilet 🙂

Jackie says:

Eh…………….nice boots?

Dot says:

Years ago, I had a boss who would take a Playboy magazine in with him to the restroom. I don’t want to think what he was doing in there.

hard as nails says:

look at it this way: if you take a cin weekly in with you to read, you’ll have something to wipe your ass with when your business is done.

Polo Stick says:

Leave that bathroom door open all the time, sweetheart.

Celina says:

as soon as my aura starts, I can combat it before it gets to severe & go about my day with a minor headache. If I ca2t78n1#;&, I’ll be down for the day. I’ve gotten them since I was a teenager & have inherited them from my mom since she is also a sufferer.

Matt says:

Nothing gets my morning off to a better start than looking at a beautiful young woman reading on a toilet seat, puts a spring in my step.

Rita says:

Wow! I didn’t know people actually had the time to go to the bathroom during work. Is that some type of fringe benefit?

Why does she have boots on? Are thighs suppose to really look like that? Damn – back on the South Beach Diet.

Brian says:

Men read in the bathroom just like women go to the bathroom together. It’s a male, female thing.

Man of the Hour says:

Are you doing a 1 or a 2?

Tom says:

I think a lot of the post here were written in the toilet.

John says:

Being the pig that I am, I hope this Brandy girl continues writing here.

Brenda says:

I wish you would stop picking on Cin all the time. It’s like your jealous of this rag or something.

C.A. MacConnell says:

I never want to take a trip to the bathroom with other women. If they follow me there, that bugs me too. What bugs me more than that….when there’s a line and a couple of women are in there, talking about some serious issues, hogging the stalls. Or worse, talking on their cell phones. I figure…go in, get done with it, get out. I have been known to specifically go there in a group when I was in trouble…like in high school, when my buddy and me decided to make a paper clip chain long enough to stretch across the aisle and trip people during mass.

Marilyn says:

At home I refer to the bathroom as the “library”. However, like Rita, I never had time at work to dally in there.

Interestingly enough, I have known women who take magazines or even books into the bathroom at work.

Jen says:

Do gay men go to the bathroom together? I’m not being mean, just want to know.

Rita says:

I used to work with a woman who had some serious bathroom issues. The bathroom would have several stalls. When she needed to take a *****, she would lock the door and prevent all women in the building from using the facilities. I think maybe she didn’t want to kill the illusion that her shit did not stink – An incorrect assumption in her bathroom and work etiquette.

Just for fun if I saw her heading to the bathroom with a quite serious/urgent look in her eyes, I would get to the bathroom first and stay in there as long as it took; she actually could not use the bathroom with others in there. I just wanted to see if she would actually explode or something.

Heather says:

Reading on the toilet is good because it distracts you and keeps you from straining to go. Straining is bad for lots of reasons. Hemorrhoids for one thing. People with really high or really low blood-presure can pass out from straining on the toilet.

Just relax and let it happen naturally.

Personally, I can’t read on the toilet. It’s gross.

And like C.A., I don’t want to go with friends. At my last job, one of my bosses had a gal who’s job it was to follow her around and chat. They would either be outside smoking or in the bathroom gabbing over the stall divide.

Nate says:

I go with Troy all the time to help him find his penis that is the size of a toothpick.

hard as nails says:

Just relax and let it happen naturally.

yes. i begin and complete long novels in the toilet.

Taylor says:

Why the boots? You going horseback riding after your dump?

Julie says:

I don’t even line my bird cage with Cin Weekly. It would put the bird to sleep.

Paul Wife says:

The only way I can get any relief from Paul and the constant sex on demand is to go to the john and lock the door and read.

Polo Stick says:

You got great legs despite the fact that I’m looking at them while you sit on a toilet seat.

William says:

“Do gay men go to the bathroom together?”

This gay man does not!

Wally says:

Sorry – this is a true story.

Ond day, a co-worker, an asshole to boot, would a Penthouse Mag with him in the jobn at work.

Minutes later, he came out and had a stain on the front of his pants, around is fly.

It was the talk of the office all day.

Eddie says:

I’m not a pig at all, but I find this picture of you so sexy.

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