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{February 1, 2007}   Cincinnati’s Fascination with Iceberg Lettuce

iceberg-lettuce.jpgWhen you go to restaurants in other cities and order a salad, you’re going to get one that has some nutritional value. Chances are you’ll be served romaine or looseleaf – good sources of vitamin C, calcium, iron and copper. In other words, something that’s good for you.

Don’t expect that here.

When you come to Cincinnati, most of the time, you’re going to be served good old iceberg lettuce.

The nutritional value of iceberg lettuce? None. It has high water content. When you order an iceberg salad, you’re basically ordering a bowl of water with ranch dressing on the side.

Sometime back, a friend and I had lunch over at McFadden’s on Seventh Street. It’s not totally upscale but it’s not cheap either. When my friend ordered a salad for lunch, she was expecting something decent and healthy. She almost screamed when her lunch was put down in front of her. You guessed it – iceberg lettuce and at a high price too.

No nutritional value. None. I could feel her pain.

If you want a salad for lunch and want some nutrition to go with it, ask what kind of salad they serve first. There are a few places around that have good salads like Washington Platform and, believe it or not, Madonna’s – which is just a few doors down from McFadden’s. Mullane’s and Poppy’s Deli had great salads, but you know what happened there.

I wonder if not serving iceberg lettuce had anything to do with their closing? You know how strange this city is.

Larry Gross

(Photo of iceberg lettuce: No nutritional value. None.)


Polly says:

I also feel the pain. I work around the courthouse and every restaurant around there only has iceberg lettuce. The only place I can get a decent salad is at home.

hard as nails says:

real men don’t eat lettuce.

Wally says:

No nutritional value? NONE? But it looks so beautiful on my plate.

Brenda says:

Yeah, we do seem to like it here. I really like Frisch’s, but when you order a salad, you always get iceberg lettuce. Why is that?

Chuck says:

Larry, you’re too much man. When it comes to the Nati, even the lettuce we eat, it doesn’t escape your eyes.

Susan says:

Jesus. Now you hate our lettuce too?

Jackie says:

When you order an iceberg salad, you’re basically ordering a bowl of water with ranch dressing on the side.

Too Funny!

Tony says:

You’re strange. Only someone with a brain like yours would write a story about lettuce. I had to admit that I laughed.

Bob says:

Pretty stupid

Brian the 1st says:

There must some catchy slogans we could send to restaurants in the area, huh? Like, “Lettuce be free of your crappy salad choices”?

Hmm, maybe not, I’m embarassed I’m even putting my name on this bonehead pun. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be sitting quietly in the back booth here for the rest of the day.

Babble On says:

We’re no longer known for our Pork, being known for our chili is stupid – whY not be known for our ICEBURG LETTUCE??

Shawn says:

This is the dumbest post you’ve ever made – and that’s saying a whole lot.

Del says:

No, Larry’s not the only one to notice all the iceberg madness here. Even your better quality restaurants will serve it. We really are backward here, aren’t we?

Brian says:

Again, you will put down this town any way you can. Again, you mention that Mullane’s and Poppie’s is closed. Again, you mention how strange we are. Again, again and again.

Get off it and move on to something else.

Karen @ The Hood says:

You’re funny!!

CA MAC says:

all right, who’s going to make the tshirts? i WANT ONE. I can see it now…picture of iceburg…
“Eat a whole head, go ahead, NO NUTRITION.”

Marilyn says:

I’m with Larry on this one. Hell, I was 35 before I realized there were salad greens that WEREN’T iceberg!!

CA, I’ll have one of those t-shirts…

Alex says:

People in the United States eat more Iceberg lettuce than any other kind which goes to prove we’re a nation that doesn’t know what’s good for us.

hard as nails says:

a day without iceberg lettuce is like a day without water.

Man of the Hour says:

“Lettuce be free of your crappy salad choices”?

I suggest Larry make up t-shirts saying this and sell them on the blog for $15 each, donating the money to those restaurants who can’t afford the better lettuce. Thing is, you would have to sell a ton of t-shirts.

Amy says:

All right. I consider myself educated now. I always thought any kind of lettuce was good for you. I’m a bit wiser now.

Jimo says:

A column about lettuce? Must be a slow week here.

Janice says:

I found this amusing until the end when again – more Cincinnati put downs. Truly a broken record.

Susan says:

“You know how strange this city is.”

Do you know how strange YOU are?

Marilyn says:

Larry, how dare you rag on this helpless city?!

Deb says:

You would think Keller’s IGA in Clifton’s Gaslight District would be hip. Guess what’s in their salad bar: Iceberg lettuce.

Robin says:

Go to the Kroger’s in Hype Park if you really want to find decent salad.

Buster says:

Is your underwear too tight? Maybe that’s why you’re always bitching about Cincinnati. Buy a larger pair of undies. Maybe you’ll feel better.

numb says:

larry is made of iceberg lettuce.

Tangy says:

I don’t comment, but I will today on this one.

I’m from Cincinnati, am a little conservative but I’ve visited a few places, a few big cities like Chicago and even went to New York once, which scared me a lot. I’ve seen a few other big cities.

I like the way you “pick on us,” pointing out things. Like in your column the Out Of Towner, about the mall having no sign out saying it’s there or even this thing about iceberg lettuce. No, not a big deal, but it is so Cincinnati like and in a lot of cases we did to act like a city that’s kind of with it instead of just leaving everything the same.

I know a lot of people don’t like you but I hope you don’t stop putting Cincinnati down. Maybe in the long run you will make it bettr.

not to be negative says:

you go, jackass, you can go to the store and buy other kinds of lettuce. or maybe you didn’t know that.

Matt says:

That’s great. The grand return of numb. what happened? did you kill jean or something so you can be the sole negative person here?

hard as nails says:

numb is love. let’s all love numb.

Vanessa says:

I love your views on Cincinnati!! Keep doing this!

tooly says:

you are such a bore.

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