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{February 1, 2007}   Leave Your Stupid Cat at Home

puff-ball.JPGI have a co-worker who’s a flake – not the sharpest knife in the drawer either.

Yesterday, she brought her stupid cat to work – needed to take it to the vet during her lunch hour.

She sits in the cubicle next to me and all morning long, you could hear the cat crying in its cage. Other workers would stop by to see the cat.

“What a nice kitty.”

“Ahhhhh, she’s no cute!”

“Here, kitty, kitty!”

If I wasn’t so busy working, I probably would have taken the time to throw up.

A couple times, she took the cat to the bathroom with her. Apparently Puff Ball (that’s the thing’s name) uses a bathroom just like a human does. Perhaps my co-worker is the one who uses the litter box.

Around noon time, this dizzy school girl took the cat to the vet after which she dropped it off at her home. Thank God.

I don’t mind animals, in fact I like them – but bringing your cat to work? Come on. It’s a little bit like show and tell.

Teri Archer

(Photo of Puff Ball: animal


Amy says:

If you liked animals, you wouldn’t have used the word stupid in your title.

Laura says:

I love animals and I love cats (got two myself) but in the office? No way. I would never get anything done.

Debbie says:

You lost me right at the beginning when you called the cat stupid. Go back to having anal sex with your boyfriend.

hard as nails says:

It’s a little bit like show and tell.

you go to bars to pick up men and talk about it. you have anal sex with a guy and talk about it. you have sex in very room of your apartment and talk about it.

isn’t that a little bit like show and tell?

Marilyn says:

I brought a cat into the workplace once. A long time ago. I was given a kitten by a co-worker and since we lived so far apart, she brought it to work. The security guard kept ‘Joseph’ at his desk all day. Joseph was one of my daughter’s christmas gifts that year.

Jen says:

I once worked in a little office that had a cat running around. It was kind of cool. Keeping one in a cage isn’t.

Rally says:

Good point hard as nails. Teri, your life is an open book, yet you get upset about a cat being in the office. Don’t you think that’s a little off balanced?

i'd rather not say says:

“Yesterday, she brought her stupid cat to work.”

let’s hope mike hunt wasn’t in the office. if he’ll do it with a sheep….

Bret says:

I worked for a company who’s owner always brought his two dogs to work. At least a cat is quiet. Those dogs barked constantly.

Beth says:

I don’t know why this woman kept her cat in a cage all morning. That seems mean to me. As for you, Teri, I don’t think you like cats. If you did you wouldn’t call them stupid.

jackula says:

i love cats. you don’t. if you like animals, you don’t call them stupid, stupid.

Polo Stick says:

A. I hate cats.
B. I love Teri.

Let’s go have anal sex!

Rita says:

I’ve never met a stupid cat; perhaps you were just projecting your own inadequacies and feelings about yourself.

If you are not careful, I must introduce you to Butch the Cat – he’s a bad mother… – hey, we’re just talking about Butch. (please hum to the Shaft song.)

Karen says:

You will never ever live down that anal sex post!

Marilyn says:

Karen, yep, she’ll be in the Annals of Anal!

Theresa says:

I also have never met a cat that is stupid. This Archer woman had to know she would be pissing off readers when she wrote this.

hard as nails says:

being pissed on. that’s probably the next thing teri will try.

Maggie says:

Everyone is always so hard on Teri when she puts up a post. I personally like cats, but many don’t. Why jump all over somebody?

D.K. says:

Teri’s quite hot. Remember that picture of her in the shower? I would rather see a picture of Teri than one of a STUPID cat.

Vickie says:

I don’t care for you so much. Just so you know.

Heather says:

Why so angry about a cat?

Cats make most people happy. Fluffy animals reduce stress and lower blood-pressure.

You really need to look inside yourself and figure out what you’re really angry about.

And the next time someone brings a pet to work for a few hours, for your own sake, just go love on it for a few minutes and chill the fuck out.

Gus_Johnson says:

Shit, I was going to say something witty, but I believe Heather beat me to the punch. I love show and tell.

Harvey says:

“Fluffy animals reduce stress and lower blood-pressure”

Fluffy animals make me sick, make me tense, gets my blood pressure up and makes me want to send the stupid thing flying through an open window.

That’s not normal?

Heather says:


I said “most people.”

And Teri said she LIKES cats, which makes her reaction odd.

And no, you’re not normal, at least as far as your reaction to animals. Nothing wrong with it, it’s just not normal.

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