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{February 5, 2007}   Monday’s Lunch






• Iceberg lettuce (nutritional value: none).
• Low-cal ranch dressing on the side.
• Water with lemon.
• Breathsavers mint – spearmint.

Monday’s dinner: nothing. Stuffed from eating too much iceberg lettuce from lunch.

Skinny Cincinnati Woman

(Photo of Skinny Cincinnati Woman ripped off from


Marilyn says:

I always wanted to be a skinny Cincinnati woman. However, I’ve never been willing to starve.

Jackie says:

What’s the obsession with skinny women today?

hard as nails says:

this is better than the fat guy last monday.

Matt says:

Larry this is you and you certainly don’t look this good.

Tell your Seattle friend I had a couple cheese coneys from Skyline.

Isis says:

Add to the Cincinnati Skinny Woman’s daily activities/menu: 5 miles of running, 500 jumping jacks, followed by several laxatives and an enema “in a pear tree”……

Man of the Hour says:

Two good looking girls here today. Blame this blog has a habit of always cutting off their faces aka LOL Girl.

Harvey says:

Isis forgot to say the skinny Cincinnati woman probably upchucks her iceberg lettuce after having that dandy lunch.

Jennifer White says:

Hey! I found you guys over the weekend. Your not listed with the other Citybeat blogs but I found you anyway. Your way cool over here, pretty far out.

And thanks for adding The Stranger Blog to your blogroll! I’m from Seattle, had to move here because of a job position. Citybeat is a good paper, but The Stranger is just too cool for anyone to top. And there blog stays on it constantly. Don’t mean to be critical, but since last Friday, they have added around 25 new posts. Your Citybeat blogs except for here haven’t added anything since last Friday. What’s that all about? Nothing going on here?

Anyway, got the LOL blog bookmarked. I’ll be back daily.

Karen says:

Welcome aboard, Jennifer! Don’t get some of the guys started on the other CityBeat blogs, kind of a sore subject on how the updates are so hit and miss.

Theresa says:

Hey Harvey,
You think food disorders are funny?

Matt says:

Just popped over to the old blogroll, nothing going on over at the other City Beat blogs. Maybe it’s too cold to type.

Dana says:

Well to Cincinnati Jennifer!

Julie says:

It seems like after the other two blogs got a bit of a shaking a couple weeks ago, especially the Art & Music Blog, the posts were fast and furious for a while. Now it’s back to more nothingness.

Frankly, to me, I don’t really care. I can come here and find somehow more interesting and fun anyway and not see the stiff writing put up over at the other two when someone makes them write a post.

Mr. L.Gross: Maybe you should get over there and show them how it’s done.

p.s. welcome, Jen.

Pal says:

Fuck those other citybeat blogs. Who cares.

For Lunch: Cheeseburger with FRENCH fries and a Dew.

Marilyn says:

Jennifer, too cool that you found us! We really are a motley crew, but we have fun. I guess you are as demented as we!

Marilyn, the woman searching for a voice…

Marilyn says:

Crap! Jennifer distracted me. What I logged on to say is this:

Everyone I know who gets cancer, becomes skinny. Me? Fuck no! I get cancer, endure 12+ surgeries, lose my leg, and I’m STILL 25 lbs. over what I started at.

Skinny Cincinnati Woman: I hate you!!

Jennifer White says:

Thank you Marilyn! I have gone back and read all your posts. How in the world did you come up with that “Package” story? Even the Stranger in Seattle hasn’t done that!

Wally says:

Lunch: Frisch’s Big Boy, Onion Rings, Cheese Cake for desert.

hard as nails says:

hello, jennifer. we are strange over here and i currently don’t have a life outside of this one.

lunch: oysters. others will know what i’m talking about.

Phil says:

I also have checked over at the other CB blogs. The sun has now fallen and not one single blog post.

How does one get a job there? I’d like to be lazy too.

Tim Graves says:

“Your Citybeat blogs except for here haven’t added anything since last Friday. What’s that all about? Nothing going on here?”

I’m a media hound, Jennifer, I follow what’s going on and there’s plenty. Check out CincyNation if you want to keep up to date on the news here and what’s going on and come here for silly, sexual, satire stuff. This blog is on it.

As for the other CityBeat blogs, just shut them down. It has become clear over a period of months that unless a “boss” forces the writers to write a post, nothing happens. It’s not possible to build any kind of audience if you’re not consistent and they are anything but that.

Marilyn says:

Jennifer, I can’t take all the credit for the inspiration I get! There are a few sick people I know, behind the scenes here, that encourage my madness.

Please stick around. Who knows what you will find next? It’s likely some disgusting post, but before you know it, you’ll keep coming back — it’s like watching a car wreck.

F.Y.I. says:

Lunch at the other CityBeat blogs: Rat poison. They must all be dead.

Maria says:

Lazy never looks good, especially when a paper considers itself a premier alternative. Cin Weekly is even doing a better job on their blogs.

Tim Graves says:

“I hear you guys about needing to improve our Arts & Music blog. We’re working on it.” –John Fox

What say you know? Your Arts & Music blog hasn’t made a post since last Friday. We’ll now into Tuesday. I don’t call that working on it.

C.A. MacConnell says:

what a dumbass…breath savers have 5 calories. Tic tacs only have 1 1/12, and orbit gum has less than five.

Boob says:

She needs to grow some tits.

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