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{February 6, 2007}   It’s Snowing! It’s Snowing!! We’re All Going to Die!!!

snow-and-woman.jpgProbably not, but panic sure overcomes us here when we hear the word snow – don’t it?

Some schools closed this morning. Grocery stores were packed with customers buying milk and bread. Some people skipped work all together, because they heard about the snow coming this afternoon. Cin Weekly readers were requesting the new edition a day early so that they would have something to help put them to sleep as they fret about the doom that’s coming (4 to 7 inches of white stuff).

I’ll do my part to help induce the panic. Click here to read the horrible weather forecast.

Heading home from downtown to Clifton in the snow was uneventful on the bus, except for a handicapped person in a motorized wheelchair. When he got off on Clifton Avenue around U.C., he took his wheelchair out into traffic, against any kind of traffic light and weaved across the street dodging cars. All of us on the bus looked in horror as we felt sure the guy was going to get hit. He didn’t. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying himself – zipping that wheelchair through the snow.

Maybe we should all take a lesson from him.

Larry Gross



Willie says:

I left work early and the roads were getting slick. I wish people would learn how to drive in this town on snowy roads.

Susan says:

Can’t you do anything else except make fun of us?

Larry Gross says:

I’m sorry. It’s what I do best.

Marilyn says:

Whoo Hoo! Extreme weather is fun. Of course, I’m holed up in my home and can sit and watch the cars go by s-l-o-w-l-y.

I’m in the band (including southern Brown County) that has the heaviest snowfall prediction.

My big preparation for this snow storm? I made sure I have plenty of smokes!

Matt says:

I made sure I have plenty of smokes!

………..and Miller for me!

Marilyn says:

Matt, yes! Tonight I have a vintage wine from a great year. It is enclosed in one of those boxes with the plastic spigot to keep its bouquet at the peak.

(I swear, I’m going to invent a wine rack that will hold those boxes of Franzia and such.)

John says:

Anyone reading this while still at work should think about this. It took me over an hour to get home to Westwood. It’s usually a 15 minute ride from downtown.

Tim says:

For anyone still interested in what was talked about yesterday during the “lunch” post, The Arts & Music CityBeat blog has posted not one but THREE new posts today. I guess “the boss” was reading over here yesterday. What a shame that’s what it takes.

Marilyn says:

I’m not making this up, I swear on a stack of bibles or whatever…

Two nicely dressed gentlemen were just now walking on the road outside my house. I watched as they turned into my driveway, came up to the porch, and knocked on my door.

I Swear: They introduced themselves as Jehova Witnesses.

Guys, I’m in the COUNTRY. I haven’t a clue why these guys are out walking and evangelizing on a day like this — near white-out conditions!

hard as nails says:

They introduced themselves as Jehova Witnesses.

neither rain, sleet or hail will stop them.

Marilyn says:

H.A.N., these were perfect specimens of young male-dom. Perfect teeth and skin, about early 20’s. They should probably breathe a sigh of relief that I sent them away. At 51, I don’t see too many beautiful young men up close and personal. And Hubby is at work~!!

hard as nails says:

……….when the hubby’s away…………..

Karen says:

It’s getting messy here in Clifton – already at least a couple inches on the ground.

Keller’s IGA is packed! People stocking up on — as you said –milk, bread, cigarettes, beer. It took me 20 minutes to get through the express lane!

Jane says:

I love this kind of weather! I’ll be out with my kids building snowmen tomorrow!

Rita says:

Why the hell did you open the door? “nicely dressed gentlemen were just now walking on the road outside my house” in the middle of a snowstorm in your County. Have I not taught you the fine art of paranoia? Maybe we should go see “The Hitcher”and then as we drive down Milford Parkway we can pick up that nice looking man with an ‘x’ on his forehead by the name of Charlie. What alcohol did the hubbie pick up for you????? Any left?

Marilyn says:

Dear Rita, not to worry, I had the watch cat and my two evil birds looking after me! They left, with their perfect smiles, and I don’t think they’ll be back. I always challenge them on the 66,000 (or something like that) people who get to go to heaven. I once asked a woman who was trying to evangelize me, “how do they know if they get to go to heaven?” Her answer, “they just know”. Apparently, only a certain number of folks get to heaven in this scenario, the rest of us have to remain on earth. Kinda sux, don’t you think???

I’ve broken open a fine, vintage box of wine. I looked for the year on it, but alas, no year was noted!

Mandy says:

Yes. This is a good night to drink A BOTTLE of wine. It took me two fucking hours to get home.

Tate says:

Know what I say to people who tell me “It’s so pretty?” I don’t say it but I sure think it. Go FXXK yourself.

Debbie says:

Interstates are slow going, folks, and slick.

Karen @ the hood says:

With the snow that’s falling, we are assured a quiet night in the Hood. I’m counting my blessings.

Vickie says:

Glad to be home with my two cats and a warm fire going. I love watching the snow fall outside my living room window but I hate being out in it, especially driving.

hard as nails says:

I’ll be out with my kids building snowmen tomorrow!

stay away from the yellow stuff.

Guy says:

I got a four-wheel drive vehicle. This snow doesn’t hassle me much.

Jennifer White says:

In Seattle, you don’t see snow like this. I’m enjoying it.

Karen says:

The snow has stopped here in Clifton – at least for now.

Marilyn says:

Jennifer, I think I’ll move to Seattle!

Julie says:

The Arts & Music CityBeat blog has posted not one but THREE new posts today.


Yeah? So? That’s just because they got called out on it yesterday. They’ll fall off again — that’s the pattern.

Whatever. I don’t check them out anymore.

Laura says:

The snow has stopped in Anderson too!

David Gallaher says:

Are we discussing snow or the mentality of motorists in this thread?
I’m going with the (latent) mentality of motorists.
Does anybody remember when Cliff Radel had a piece in the Inkwar (Sinincincinnati Enquirer) about how much money will be saved by replacing all the traffic signal bulbs with LED bulbs/whatchamacallits–a process underway?
I responded to him–and Inkwar editors–about how all traffic signals should be melted down, citing an article from Wired Magazine about some cities in Europe which don’t need them, period, thank you.
Well there was another response which was the one that got published… a person calling for all intersections to be converted to round-abouts.
(There is a round-about in Eden Park that I sometimes drive round and round and round, just for fun. Come down and try it! If you see a cop, you can flip a bird and get away with it.)

D.K. says:

The snow has stopped. Shit, I guess I’m going to work tomorrow.
David — I have no idea what planet you’re from, but have a good evening.

Jim says:

Downtown to Bridgetown – 4 hours. Got stuck at the crest of West Fork near Cheviot Road. Myself and others were spinning their wheels. The irony is that the same snow that caused my problems was the same snow I shoveled into the bed of my truck for the added weight and traction. I inched my way to more level ground. And I’m home. Good night.

Dinner = Snickers Bar and Coffee.

David Gallaher says:

Are some planets not good enough for you? Pluto?
I’m from Blypton.
Come fly with me, terra-bound creature.

David Gallaher says:

Our Presidente has shown that we are creating enemies faster than we can kill them.
Is it possible we are creating snow faster than we can salt it?

C.A. MacConnell says:

I thought of this blog and worried as I was trekking through the dangerous, slippery, catastrophic streets in my old horse boots and layers to go two blocks the nearest shelter (IGA) and stock up on bottled water (Dew) and nonperishable food items (gum and smokes) on my way to the next nearest shelter (Esquire).

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