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{February 7, 2007}   Bush Ain’t the Devil – The Chicks Are!


Well, at least according to those listeners of Cincinnati’s B105. “Good Times, Great Country” (whatever) still won’t play them, because of what lead singer Natalie Maines said about President Bush.

No, I won’t be that broken record I keep getting accused of being, but click here in case you missed one of my earlier rants.

Here’s another great song from their “Taking the Long Way” CD that you won’t be hearing on B105 (sorry, there I go ranting again) – a live version of “Everybody Knows.”

Larry Gross

(Photo of Dixie Chicks from Sony Music)


Elly says:

This is my favorite song on the album!

Jeff says:

Just gave it listen. Liked the song (doesn’t sound that country to me, maybe that’s why). Country music listeners are conservative, no shock that country stations would drop them like a hot potato. You know, King Bush and all.

hard as nails says:

i like the chick with the black hair.

Barbara says:

Nice song and video, but stop harping on the same thing. Country stations aren’t going to play them. Get over it!

Karen says:

You’ve turned me on to the chicks, but you are fighting a losing battle. No, country radio is not going to play them. In fact, get over radio. It’s too corporate these days.

Matt says:

Yes, get PAST radio and stop supporting corporations like Clear Channel who want to control what you listen to.

And, really, nobody should feel sorry for the Chicks. This CD sold millions of copies.

ed says:

between your column and this blog, i’ve lost track of how many ways you have tied the dixie chicks to something – even to that writer richard ford that you write about too much. ford’s all right, but enough on the chicks. they’re country and who likes that?

Julie says:

I don’t like country music, but I do enjoy the new Dixie Chicks CD. I basically bought it, BECAUSE country radio wouldn’t play it, because they don’t like freedom of speech.

The album is great throughout. “Everybody Knows” is a wonderful song. As far as I’m concerned, keep putting up YouTube posts of them.

Mike says:

I think the best thing that has happened to the Dixie Chicks is country music shutting them out. The “Taking the Long Way” CD really takes them out of that pickin’ and grinin’ box. The whole thing is a cut above the other stuff. If you don’t rock to their “Lubbock or Leave It,” then you’re dead.

Janice says:

I feel sorry for the other girls having to put up with this Natalie Maines. She’s too full of herself.

Beth says:

I liked their older stuff better 😦

Gloria says:

ENOUGH on the Dixie Chicks. We get your point!

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