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{February 7, 2007}   Our President is not the Devil

bush_devil.jpgI’ve been recently troubled by Americans demonizing our own President. Specifically, it has been suggested that he has no soul, doesn’t really care about the troops or their lives. Perhaps I was obsessing about it with my conservative friends who told me I was “preaching to the choir.” So I thought I’d put my opinions to better use by trying to plant the seed of common sense in the minds of a more liberal audience. Please hear me out. All I ask is that you read this post with an open mind.

I don’t bat an eye when I see foreigners burning the American Flag or abusing an effigy of President Bush as I know they are ignorant savages. They are ill-informed and acting out of lack of self-control. Perhaps they are paid to act for the camera or are told their sisters will be raped if they don’t perform with passion. And I can accept Hugo Chavez calling President Bush “the devil” as it’s simply another example of Latin American machismo and boosts his image and ego. However, it really distresses me to hear Americans say he is without a heart and doesn’t care about the lives of our American military in Iraq.

Let me remind you of Abraham from the Old Testament who was on the verge of sacrificing his son Isaac according to the Lord’s commandment. He loved his son, but he loved the Lord more. Who would go as far as he did, but a man who has faith in Powers beyond his knowledge? I would suggest to you that President Bush has faith in the same Lord and in American ideals. As much as it hurts him to see the loss of life, his eyes are on a higher goal for America.

Let me remind you that God sent his only Son to the cross for our sins. What an incredible idea! How could He do such a thing? On the surface it seems cruel, but our chance of redemption is more important than the life of His Son. That is a powerful thing. I would suggest to you that President Bush indeed has a soul. He cares deeply about the troops and regrets any loss of life.

Last, I would remind you of the Fifth Commandment – to honor your Father and Mother. President Bush is currently the Father of this country. Notice the Commandment doesn’t say to love him or agree with him. But are we honoring him?

John T. Sixteen

(Photo of Bush stolen from The devil made me do it)


Danny says:

Your post points out one of the problems of Bush. He hides behind God. Bush prays too much. Instead of praying, he needs to be reading and needs to face reality with this war. God isn’t going to win it for him.

Polly says:

I believe President Bush has a soul and is a man of God, but he’s just a stupid, stupid man.

Eric says:

This war has been one big LIE. No, this president has no soul. Thousands are dead because of his lie. Get out from behind your bible and face reality.

Matt says:

I’m sure you’re a good man, but don’t be misguided by this president.

How many lies has Bush been caught in? Where is the war plan? Where are those weapons of mass destruction? Why is he how planning to go to war with Iran?
If he’s a man of God, why have no many died on his watch?

He is not a good president, sir.

Brenda says:

“are we honoring him?”

With all the lies this president has told us – let me ask you – is he honoring us?

Dana says:

John, as you say, this is very much a liberal blog and you’re not going to find many who are going to agree with you – but you’re brave to come here. Just hope you’re not beat up on too much.

Isis says:

Well – you certainly got the picture right.

As far as Abraham sacrificing his son for the Lord……I don’t see Bush scrificing his daughter but he certainly finds it okay to sacrifice everyone else’s sons and daughters, mothers and fathers…….

Bush believes he is acting on God’s commands. Organized religions advocating their way is the only way – all others condemned to hell and as unworthy unless they repent and “believe” in the correct creed. It is saddening with so many individuals and groups that walk the earth and take life in the name of God yet can not share her Love, compassion, acceptance and kindness. Fortunately there are still people who perform acts of kindness with no attachment.

Bush is an extremely horrible excuse for a living being.

Mac says:

John T.

Close your bible, rub your eyes and look and listen around you. We are engaged in a dishonest war implemented by a dishonest president.

Sally says:

Screw Bush. Let’s really support our troops by getting them back home.

Sarah says:

How can we honor a president who lies to us? Sometimes I don’t think he even knows it. This is a president totally controlled by others. Cheney is an evil man who influences what Bush does. Maybe Bush isn’t smart enough to figure out the truth either.

matthew says:

blind faith can be very dangerous, mr. Sixteen. yes, as others have said, open your eyes to what’s going on around you.

John T. Sixteen says:

Alas, if the last bus on a one way trip to Hell was at the curb, some of us would be fist-fighting for a seat on board. I just don’t understand.

Ann says:

“I just don’t understand.”

Tell me, John, are all christians sheep? Do you follow our leader when it becames clear he has no plans to end this war? That he intends to let another president clean up his mess?

Conservative faith seeking sheep like yourself needs to get your head out of your ass and face fact: Bush and his administration are total screw ups. Ask your god to confirm it.

Jim Allen says:

John, if there’s any justice, you’ll be under the wheels of the last bus to heaven.

Darlene says:

Almost every country in the world hates us because of cowboy George W. Bush, but take comfort in holding that bible, buddy.

hard as nails says:

too heavy here today. bring on an lol girl post.

C.A. MacConnell says:

That picture is cracking me up so much, I can’t even comment. Wait a minute, I just did.

Bret says:

Question for John –
If Bush is such a good president, why are so many americnas against him now?

Isis says:

As Seinfeld’s neighbor would say: “He’s a very, very bad man.”

Marilyn says:

There are many aspects of the president and this administration that scare the hell out of me. If I had to pick only one (!), it would be his ideology that he is fighting a holy war.

That should scare the fuck outta each and every one of us.

Stan says:

No, Bush isn’t the devil, he’s just a stupid asshole – and I mean that seriously.

wayne says:

with all due respect to john t., you are being a sheep if you’re not on to bush by now. he has no respect for life. this war is all about oil – nothing more and he doesn’t have if lives are lost.

Becky says:

John, before you go to bed tonight, make sure you say a prayer for this country. Because of your beloved George Bush, we are hated almost everywhere. Glad you feel safer here. Most of us don’t.

Tate says:

What, man? You don’t have a brain? I don’t “honor” liars.

jackula says:

john t,
honestly, tell me why you think we’re over in iraq? do you think we attacked the right country? where are those wmd’s? how come bush kept linking 9/11 to iraq? do you like his cowboy approach? do you feel safer with him as president? do you consider him stable? or is the only thing that matters is he’s our president and we must honor him?

if you stick by your guns, mister, you bought the kool-aid.

Babble On says:

It’s really hard to honor an idiot.

Kathy says:

I think I understand what John is getting at. The media is all over Bush and the comics have a field day with him. I think this was the case too in the old days but now everything is so, so mean. I thought the first Bush president was awful, but I don’t remember him getting beat up like his son is.

Betty G. says:

“I would suggest to you that President Bush indeed has a soul. He cares deeply about the troops and regrets any loss of life.”

Really? I would suggest to you that Bush invaded the wrong country for the wrong reasons. You say God sent his son to the cross. Yes, very noble. Why doesn’t Bush send his twin daughters to Iraq. Wouldn’t that be noble?

You have the nerve to compare Bush to God? Give me a break, sir.

Karen says:

This is like coming into the lion’s den. You’re a brave man 🙂

John T. Sixteen says:

The world would be a boring place if everyone agreed with me, but can’t anyone throw me a bone?

Matt says:

Here’s your bone.

You have good intentions and you respect your president.

Gus_Johnson says:

Like a good friend of mine reminded me the other day (he is very conservative and very upset about dubya’s actions) “Follow the money… it doesn’t lead to god.” This war is making alot of wealthy people wealthier at the cost of lower and middle class lives here, and a lot of innocent people abroad. I’m not christian John, but I do believe deeply in the commandments. I have a profound respect for “Thall shalt not kill.” I don’t believe it needs further explanation. It stands on it’s own. As for the bible, neither were penned by god. Look to the Levites, then later the kings men. The kings men. John your heart is in the right place, but you need to look deeper for answers. It is your duty as an American to protect our most valuable resources, the fine men and women of the armed forces, from politicians and businessmen whom only understand profit.

C.A. MacConnell says:

What Gus said.

David Gallaher says:

John 3:16,
If you really think the Fifth commands us to honor our President, you illustrate why religion is so dangerous. Religion works hand in hand with government to the detriment of us all. Both exist to perpetually promote a certain hierarchy.

Heather says:

It’s interesting that you bring up Abraham and Isaac. That story gave me nightmares and made me start to question my faith when I was about 10. I thought “What kind of father….?” and then I thought, “What kind of GOD…??”

David Gallaher says:

It’s incredible how people take some of those early books seriously. They are more like Grimm’s fairy tales.
Jonah and the whale
the woes of Job (which portrays Jehovah as a god who was an asshole for the fun of it)
the soft porn of Song of Solomon

How did stories your grandparents would tell (I’m talking about your grandparents, if you lived about 3000 years ago.) morph into religion, in the sense of instruction about how to live a “good” life?

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