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{February 8, 2007}   A Hard Interview

ms-mchenry.jpgA couple weeks ago, I was fired from my high paying job, because I spent too much time in the restroom and wasn’t meeting company deadlines. I’m ashamed to say I was in the restroom almost every hour jacking off. Please understand, since my girlfriend left me, I’ve been in a constant state of arousal. I haven’t had sex with a woman in weeks.

Yesterday, I had my first interview downtown at a large corporation over on Race Street. I would be working for a woman – something I’ve never done before. Her name was Darlene McHenry.

Ms. McHenry was a looker – long brown hair, brown eyes. I loved the way she moved her mouth when she asked me questions and I made every attempt to stay focused on what she was saying.

As the interview continued, I couldn’t help but look down at her breasts, not large ones but very firm, very nice. In fact, they were magnificent.

Suddenly, I felt movement inside my pants. Mr. Walker (Marilyn, that’s my name for my package) was becoming larger by the second.

I told myself to concentrate, to pretend it was just a guy interviewing me, but when she crossed her beautiful legs, I almost ejaculated right there in my chair.

When she looked down at my pants and saw Mr. Walker trying to escape, she raised her eyebrows and a concerned look came across her face. At that point, I excused myself to use their company restroom.

After I relieved myself, I went back to her office, but she wasn’t there. Her assistant told me that Ms. McHenry had seen enough.

Something tells me I didn’t get the job. However, I’m still thinking about her (if you know what I mean) and hoping she’ll call.




Mikey says:

No, probably didn’t get the job, Nate. Next time, jack off in the restroom BEFORE the interview.

Phil says:

Get a hold of yourself, man! No wait, you do that enough.

Susie says:

Very clear this blog tries to be all things to all people, but your “dick posts” — Nate and Troy — really get on my nerves.

Karen says:

Poor Nate! Well, at least he went to the bathroom instead of doing “it” in front of her 🙂

Wanda says:

Can you imagine working with an asshole like Nate? Maybe he’s made up, maybe he isn’t.

Jennifer White says:

Back in Seattle, I worked with a guy who seemed to constantly have a hard on. I don’t know if he jacked off in the restroom or not, but often times he would come up to my desk all talkative and friendly and after a while, you could see his “member” raising in his pants. It was funny and sickening at the same time.

hard as nails says:

nate is great holding his weight.

Debbie says:

This was pretty funny! I don’t know how you guys put up with those things of yours.

Polo Stick says:

I thought I was bad, but Nate, you’re a sick creature for sure. If you did have a girlfriend, you would wear her out – or maybe now you’re beginning to like making love to yourself more. Oh please let us know.

Isis says:

What a confirmation: You actually do think with your dick.

Biscuit says:

You think she didn’t hire you because you are a chronic masterbater?

I feel a discrimination suit coming on. You not only should get that job but you should have a special parking place, perhaps near a port-o-let. I’d love to design the special parking place sign- the mind whirls with possibilities

Jennifer, This is not my business but why would anyone move from Seattle to Cincinnati?

Jennifer White says:

I followed a job here. Cincinnati is fine but it’s not Seattle. You don’t even have a Dick’s here!

Tate says:

I hate this Nate character. How many more of these stories are we going to have to put up with?

Man of the Hour says:

Yep, a hot looking girl. So you didn’t get the job. So what? Ask her out on a date anyway.

Babble On says:

Do women sometimes do this too – get alllllll horny over a guy and go to the bathroom to do you know what? Can’t say I ever have.

Tammy says:

Do women sometimes do this too

I haven’t either. I think guys can “shoot out” pretty quick if you know what I’m saying and I can’t imagine having a quickie with myself in a restroom stall. Actually, I think I would find that very gross.

Bill says:

I hope you didn’t get any on your or at least you were wearing dark pants.

Mandy says:

I don’t like your disgusting jacking off stories. Put up another Judy Darling post.

Marilyn says:

Dear Nate,

I can’t help but notice that for the second time, you have focused on a woman’s mouth “… I loved the way she moved her mouth when she asked me questions…”

Now Nate, you know there is no other way for a woman to talk except by moving her mouth.

Apparently, Mr. Walker is getting tired of YOU and needs some outside attention!

hard as nails says:

if nate needs to have sex with himself everytime he sees a women move her mouth, he’ll end up dead in that restroom stall.

Wendy says:

A disgusting, sickening, gross tale of masturbation. I laughed my behind off.

Natasha says:

For goodness sake Nate!

You need a job, I need a job. Tell you what, the next time you have an interview, call me 2 hours prior, bring $200 and I’ll make sure you get through that interview without having to release yourself in the bathroom!

Wally says:

“call me 2 hours prior”

with a guy like nate who needs it constantly, you had better just go with him.

Natasha says:

Wally, probably true. I was allowing for traveling time!

Tori says:

Rsrsrsrsss…..Oi amigo, isto era um segredo de estado! Agora ninguém vai mais comprar a imagem que eu vendo de fortão e todo poderoso, rsrsrsrsssss!!!E lembrar que ela só tem um metro e sessenta hem!Não sei onde arruma tanta força para me carregar a tanto tempo o tempo todo, porque segundo os filhos dela eu sou um grande mala, rsrsrsss…A minha sorte é que ela manda neles também, me sinto vingado, ha#&aahahhhahaaaaah8230;Boa memória a sua, mesmo fora de hora não é!!!Obrigado pelo carinho, grande abraço.

Joy says:

Hook up with Troy. I understand he’s looking for ANY kind of action.

Nikie says:

She’s got a wedding ring on her hand. You wanta screw a married women?

Rapid Shave says:

Her dress appears to be a bit low-cut. I think she was teasing you. Maybe she wanted to watch you masturbate. I think you blew it, Mister.

Judge Judy says:

If you’re so hard up, go over to Covington and pick up a hooker.

Roger says:

What’s next for this Nate guy- jacking off while in prison? At least there he can get some sex.

hard as nails says:

If you’re so hard up, go over to Covington and pick up a hooker.

nate’s a horny cheapskate.
god, i need to find a job.

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