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{February 10, 2007}   The Best of Dr. Johnny Fever


WKRP in Cincinnati ended its network run in 1982, but I’m amazed at how good the comedy still holds up.

Here’s a collection of some of the best Johnny Fever moments. Hope everybody has a good weekend.

Larry Gross

(Photo of Johnny Fever:


Taylor says:

I loved WKRP when it was on the air – Fever was my favorite character. Thanks for the clip!

Deana says:

The guy who played Mr. Carlson, Gordon Jump I think was his name. Is he dead?

Matt says:

Yeah, Deana – think he died in 2003 or something like that.

Rita says:

I love WKRP, especially Johnny Fever. I wish I had something better then dial up – it will be a couple days before I can download the link.

My favorite is the episode when the tornados hit Cincinnati.

Jill says:

Rita, I remember that one. It was really good – kind of serious.

Karen says:

Johnny Fever is STILL cool!

Jennifer White says:

This show is a little before my name but I watched the clip. This Johnny Fever guy is pretty far out!

Marilyn says:

It’s time for our local fox station (or somebody!) to play reruns… it’s been a long time.

I rather liked Venus Flytrap.

Patty says:

Yes, I’m a little surprised a Cincinnati station isn’t reruning this, being as its sooooooooooo Cincinnati.

hard as nails says:

i’ve never heard of dr. fever. not everybody is as old as larry.

Keith says:

You keep showing your age, man. Put up something current we can relate to.

Julie says:

I can relate to it. I remember watching WKRP with my parents as a kid. Now go back to your MTV.

Gus_Johnson says:

Keith, alot of old shit is good brother. In a technical sense, since the majority of art & entertainment is mediocre, and a smaller percentage of art is spectacular, there is much more cool old shit than cool new shit. We’re only talking 25 years or so anyway. Most of us here are older than that. Hell, hard as nails is a battle hardened warrior of some 159 years.

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