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{February 12, 2007}   Monday’s Lunch



• Fancy Feast shredded white meat chicken fare in a savory broth with garden greens.

• Two Bud Lights.

Puff Ball

(Photo of Puff Ball:


Jackie says:

Fancy Feast? You look more like a Kozy Kitten kind of cat.

Matt says:

Wendy’s cheeseburger, fries and a dew for me, Puff Ball.

hard as nails says:

what did freddy have?

Lassie says:

For lunch: Puff Ball

Mac says:

Puff Ball: Our drunken, LOL Cat. I’m going to imagine in my mind that Puff Ball’s owner is LOL Girl. Oh, the sights this cat has seen.

Marilyn says:

Puff Ball, I’m very concerned! It appears as if a tiny iron has been applied to your forehead! What happened? Where is your fur?

Chicken noodle soup and triscuit crackers for lunch here.

Baby the Cat is still yowling and hundering under furniture. Not sure if she has eaten in her quest for fulfillment.

Puff Ball says:

“It appears as if a tiny iron has been applied to your forehead! What happened? Where is your fur?”

Lassie attacked me but I kicked “girl” in the nuts and got away.

Andrew says:

Lunch: left over cheese pizza from the weekend.

Natasha says:

PB says: ‘with garden greens’

What?! No iceberg lettuce?

numb says:

puff cat, i hope you vomit.

Puff Ball says:

What?! No iceberg lettuce?

No. Iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value. None.

Fran says:

You’re a cutey!

Marilyn says:

Numb, cats live to vomit. Have you never resided with a cat?!

Puff Ball says:

“puff cat, i hope you vomit.”

Yes I will, as soon as I find your shoe.

Garfield says:

Lunch: Lasagna.

Butch the Cat says:

Puff Ball

My favorite is 9 Lives Seafood with a side of Nutro dry food. I want to keep my teeth healthy and sharp so I can bite Lassie’s ball’s off and spit them on Numb due to his desire for you to vomit. I also like to digest my Nine Lives with a glass of Allegro Moscato to make the female felines believe I have a vulnerable side.

My buddy Karma Cat prefers to practice his kundalini yoga while drinking yoga tea and burning sage.

Butch the Cat says:


Karma said that should have been Yogi Tea. My mistake. Now he can go back to chanting his mantra and be at peace. Ommmmmmmmmmm

Puff Ball says:

Hey Butch, later man. Darlene is coming over. I get to smell her asshole tonight!


only 2 bud lights? come now puffball. you can do better than that!

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