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{February 13, 2007}   B105 Reported Livid over Dixie Chicks Grammy Sweep


Yesterday morning at Cincinnati radio station B105, there was not a “Good Times, Great Country” feeling in the air as many were angry about the Dixie Chicks sweeping the Grammys the night before.

“Nope, no way we’re gonna start playing them again – not until they call and thank us,” stated a man who said he was morning D.J. Duke Hamilton but really didn’t look much like him. “Those Chicks owe us a lot.”

When asked for his reasoning on his statement, the man said, “Look, we wouldn’t play them here, because of what Natalie Maines said about our leader, our beloved President Bush. That just led to them selling more records and becoming even more popular. We did them a favor. Now they can’t even call and thank us? What ingrates.”

A gentleman who told me he was the music director at B105 echoed the same sentiment.

“They don’t call, they don’t write, they can’t even send us an e-mail,” said the man who clearly had been crying. “The Chicks would be nothing without us. Nothing!! Our feelings are very, very hurt.”

Below is a clip of the Dixie Chicks singing the song that earned them song of the year – performed at The Grammys. No, you won’t be hearing it on B105 – not until the Chicks are ready to make nice.

Judy Darling,

L-O-L Blog Reporter

(Photo: New York Times)


Matt says:

I can’t say I like country music, but it did my heart good to see them sweep. They don’t need B105 anymore.

Barbara says:

Yet again you keep putting this in our face? Why do you continue to drive this into the ground? Your point was made weeks ago.

Brian says:

Actually, I think the Dixie Chicks DO owe country music radio stations a big thank you. It took them in a much more creative direction. I think they won all those grammys because of the great material they put out there. This new CD is much, much better than the other ones.

Marilyn says:

B105, yuck. Leave them to play something like “These Colors Don’t Run” and “God Bless the USA”… barf.

Ned says:

There was a lot of great product out there this year and some a lot better than this so called “winner.” I think the only reason this album won is because many felt sorry for the Dixie Chicks and what they went through for speaking their minds — and I support that — but come on. This album wasn’t all that good.

Nora says:

The Dixie Chicks really made me ill a the Grammys so sure, so full of themselves. They should shut up and sing but the thing is they can’t really sing either. All they got is their looks.

Rita says:

When the Dixie Chicks thank you for not playing their music should they also thank you for placing Bush in office?

I don’t every remember feeling sorry for the Dixie Chicks. I respected them for stating their political stance and their strength to tolerate the political and personal fall out. I wonder what their secret government file says? Phones probably tapped for our safety. Thank you George.

Rita says:

Dixie Chicks seem to have healthy egos – what’s wrong with feeling good about yourself? Perhaps as you judge their egos, you can also evaluate your own.

Matt says:

Nora, you’re full of crap. Ever heard of the word confidence? That’s what the Chicks have.

Judge Judy says:

When B105 dropped the Dixie Chicks, I dropped B105. They can kiss my ass.

Nora says:

You know Rita, I have a right to say anything I like here without being attacked.

hard as nails says:

i sense nora is not a dixie chicks fan.

Susan says:

I didn’t like this the 10 other times it was written. Move on please to something else.

Jeff says:

“I have a right to say anything I like here without being attacked.”

But it’s o.k. for you to do your own attacking? Think about it.

Sally says:

The Chicks rock! I’ve liked them from the beginning and the fact that Natalie said what she thought just makes it better.

John says:

Don’t get me wrong. For the first time in my life, I actually went out and bought a country music CD and it was the Chicks latest one and while I like it and think its really good, its not the best music I heard from last year. I think whoever does the voting for the Grammys voted with their hearts this year and gave the girls their due because of all the punishment they received from country radio. That’s fine. No one was more pleased to see them sweep than me – but let’s say it the way it is.

Will says:

Appreciate what you had to say, but I think the CD won all the awards on it’s own merits. It’s Great.

Jackie says:

Judy Darling strikes again. I love her here!

Randell says:

You all need to SCREW RADIO. Stay away from places like Clear Channel who want to control what you listen to. That’s been said here before. You know why the D.C. album did well? Because people went out and bought it and made their own decisions as to what they listen to. Be progressive and get over radio.

Man of the Hour says:

For the record and off the record, I think Natalie is hot. I dig the new black hair.

Christi says:

When a country music CD wins record of the year, the world has gone to hell. Sorry.

Jim Stanton says:

God bless the Dixie Chicks. For all the abuse they have had to put up with because they believe in free speech, as we all should, it does my heart REAL GOOD to see them sweep the Grammy award show. Again, God bless them!

Jim says:

I love Dixie Chicks. They taste just like chicken.

Rita says:

You’re right – you do have a right to say anything.

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