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{February 13, 2007}   Isn’t It Lovely?

freezing-rain.jpgWhen I looked at the freezing rain this morning hanging from the trees in front of my apartment building in Clifton, I thought to myself “isn’t mother nature a wonderful thing? The ice looks so beautiful hanging there on that limb. It feels so good to be alive.”

Then I promptly fell on my ass while trying to walk on the ice covered sidewalk that would lead me to my bus stop. I then thought to myself “fuck mother nature. I could have broken a goddamn hip.”

That’s my story on this icy morning. If you got one to share, feel free.

As a public service to our five or six daily readers, we’ll keep you updated on weather conditions all day long. Click here (yes right here) for the latest updates.

I have enough vodka and cigarettes to last me through the end of the day. After that, I’m looking for volunteers to make a run for me. Let me know if you’re interested.

For now, I must get back to Teri’s gripping tale of Viagra and her boss: Does he or doesn’t he? Hell, this is much better than General Hospital.

Larry Gross



Ted says:


Mike says:

Didn’t have a real problem driving in, just getting to my car was a real hassle with the slick sidewalks. Matt, you get there all right?

Karen says:

The bus stop is right in front of my apartment building in Clifton and believe it or not, it was right on time 🙂

Elly says:

I called off work today. Good day to just stay home.

Matt says:

Mike, got in but took me a couple hours. I’ll be leaving early.

Gloria says:

Getting all the ice and snow off my car and then traveling through the cut in the hill to get to downtown took me over two hours in total. Next winter, I’m bagging this shit and heading to Florida.

Del says:

This morning wasn’t a big deal. If you wear boots, you won’t have trouble waling on the ice. Prepare people!

Barbara says:

Where I am it was just rain, not freezing. I didn’t have any trouble.

Marilyn says:

Over here in Kornfield County, we have an excellent mixture of snow, ice, and more ice and snow.

I’m blessed (?) enough to not have to venture out in the mess, so I can sit all warm and cozy in my house and behold nature’s show.

However, if the ice causes limbs to crash onto the powerlines, I’m gonna be cold and unhappy!!

Mr. Gross, I have lots of smokes and drinks. It’s all good.

Larry Gross says:

I think right now here in Clifton, it is mostly rain. Soon, I will try venturing out again because I DON’T have enough smokes and DON’T have enough drinks. Why the hell can’t Keller’s IGA deliver?

Mark says:

I live close to Lebanon and its still freezing rain up here. I’m staying in!

Jackie says:

Downtown, we have a cold rain but that’s it – not freezing. Slush on some of the sidewalks.

Allen says:

Things are a lot better here downtown than they were this morning. Most here in the office plan on leaving early but not me, because most panic when it comes to snow downtown and leaving early just creates an early traffic jam. I’ll hang on until five.

Rally says:

It took me much too long to drive into work today. When it comes to driving here, so many of you are just a bunch of pussies.

Natasha says:

A perfect day here! Mailman just delivered an Erica Jong book novel, Sappho’s Leap. So I’ll curl up with Erica.

Stay warm everybody!

Rita says:

Work was cancelled. Enjoyed several cups of coffee with sugar free creamer and kahlua. Provided shelter in my computer room to my favorite feral cat who has adapted really well to central heat, carpeting, his new litter box, night lights and radio.
Due to the rain and other frozen things melting, I discovered my sump pump was broken and would self destruct without repair. Thank God for very nice husbands of my best friends – he came to my rescue, crawled in the house’s crawl space – mud and muck – and improvised a repair. He promises to return to permanently fix it when the rain, snow, and cold all disappear. Very nice guy. My friends’ husbands must flinch when they hear that I am on the phone with their wives.
If something doesn’t happen with this weather soon, I will have to go to work tomorrow. Eek!
Now wasn’t that just totally fascinating and exciting…..

Karen @ the hood says:

Yes, Rita, it was to me! I enjoy hearing about how people spend their time but I have to say I don’t know what a sump pump is. What is that?

Phil says:

My work was also canceled. I hope we get a foot of snow tonight so I won’t have to go back for the rest of the week!

Rita says:

A sump pump pumps the water out from under your house to hopefully prevent water damage and mold.

Too bad I have a phobia about crawling around under the house and am repair impaired. One time, I tried to hook up a new washer and broke a water pipe. I should never be given a wrench.

Thanks for listening about my day.

Katie says:

Won’t tomorrow morning be fun when this stuff all refreezes with more white stuff on the way? No, not really.

Brian says:

Oh, yeah! Wed. morning will be a frozen wasteland fit for neither man nor beasts. All the slush lakes now floating at every downtown street corner will be frozen over, and it’ll be into the street w/sheets of ice.
I must of had ESP last week when I asked to be off on the 14th.
Hmmm, ExtraSnowPsychic? Doubts. I’m just glad I don’t have to venture back into the hell that will be downtown. Good luck to rest of y’all!

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