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{February 13, 2007}   The Morning After


Last Friday night after work, my boss invited me to go with him for a drink over at Madonna’s on Seventh Street. I didn’t have anything going on, so I went with him.

He’s probably about ten years older than me – tall, very handsome with black hair and blue eyes. He can be very charming when he wants to be.

We probably had more drinks than we should have. One thing led to another and the talking led to touching. Then, we started kissing.

I went back to his apartment with him and we made love several times. It was wonderful over and over again. I have never had a lover with such vigor.

On Saturday morning, I awoke early, had a doctor’s appointment to get to. Not wanting to wake my boss, I dressed quietly – then went to the desk in his living room to leave a note.

He had a scratch pad on his desk. When I picked up a pen to write him a note, I couldn’t help but notice the words on the side of it.

(sildenafil citrate) tablets

Feeling a little shocked, I just left a simple note thanking him for a good time and quietly closed his apartment door.

Does my boss take Viagra and if he does why I’m I feeling so funny about it? Was all that vigor caused by a damn tablet?

Teri Archer

(Photo from Deviant Art)


S.A. says:

Does it really matter about the viagra? It wasn’t the pill screwing you, it was the man.

Man of the Hour says:

Is there anyone you won’t sleep with and how do I get your telephone number?

Polly says:

Don’t you see the larger issue here? Forget about the viagra – you just got done sleeping with your boss! How do you think that’s going to play out in the work place?

Sam says:

I’ve read some of your other posts here and the only conclusion I can come to with you is that you’re a pretty messed up girl.

Becky says:

What an odd photo to go along with this post. Are you in a church? Are you praying that your boss didn’t get you pregnant?

Nancy says:

So your boss takes viagra. Big deal. The bigger deal is you slept with him. Wow, what a big mistake that was.

Matt says:

Teri, the only thing I can tell you as I get ready to slip and slid to work is when it comes to having sex, WISE UP.

Babble On says:

God your a slut.

Dana says:

I also think you need to wise up a bit when it comes to sleeping around. From the posts that you write you make it very clear you’re “available.” Ever heard of the word AIDS?

Marty says:

If there’s anybody who needs to learn how to masturbate its you.

Susie says:

I hope your last name here is made up. If not, you’re asking for a lot of trouble.

Biscuit says:

Did you keep the $100 he accidently gave you over christmas? hmmmm – I trying to think what this is called.

Heather says:

Having a Viagra notepad doesn’t mean he takes Viagra.

And even if he does take it, why does that matter?

I do think it’s a bad idea to sleep with your boss.

Isis says:

Do you think you can use your boss as a reference for your next job?

You may want to consider reading Natasha’s recent post?

Polo Stick says:

Did you keep the $100 he accidently gave you over christmas? hmmmm – I trying to think what this is called.

Biscuit, we know what its called. I think the boss is working off that debt that Teri owes.

Tangy says:

I would like to meet you someday so I could slap some sense into you. Sleeping with your boss? That’s just stupid.

Kevin says:

Teri, I have a feeling you’re on the level with this story. That’s what’s troubling.

Debbie says:

Sleeping your way to the top – is that the plan? It won’t work out, Teri. I attempted it once and was foolish for trying it. Believe me sooner or later you’ll end up losing that job of yours.

hard as nails says:

teri, two questions.

did you have anal sex with your boss?

which room in the house did you do it in?

inquiring minds want to know.

Vickie says:

How old are you, Teri? I’m just curious. You seem to do a lot of things and seem to make a lot of mistakes that a very young girl would make. You should not be sleeping with your boss. That will come back to haunt you at some point.

Natasha says:

Teri, welcome to my world of over 50-ish men!

Thank god for viagra, I say!!

Susan says:

Some of your posts have been good in the past, but now you come across as a slut. Is this on purpose?

Biscuit says:


You use your real name.

You slept with your boss, so now all your co-workers know.

You suspect your boss takes viagra, again something you’ve made public.

Is it possible that this might be more information than you should be


Gail says:

Teri, I don’t think you’re all that sharp. Writing and telling everything about what’s going on in your life is making you an open book.

Brian says:

If you do indeed use your real name here, you are being a very foolish girl. I think more than a few people read this thing.

Marilyn says:

Brian, no, no, no, Larry swears there are only 5 to 6 of us faithful here! Onna stack of bibles!

WestEnder says:

According to Larry Gross, “Marilyn, C.A. MacConnell, Brian Ciesko and Teri Archer all use their real names and don’t hide behind characters. Karen @ The Hood is also real.”

That doesn’t mean, however, that this is a real story. Teri and her boss might have decided to make it up for fun or a social experiment. I really hope that’s the case.

Revealing details about yourself is one thing… revealing details about someone else is unprofessional to say the least. It’s unethical and stupid and it could be illegal.

That’s why I think this is not a real story… it’s hard for me to imagine CityBeat employing someone who could write something that crosses the line of stupidity and ethics. And let’s not forget, folks… it hasn’t been removed.

Heather says:

CityBeat doesn’t “employ” the bloggers here, except for Larry.

I don’t take anything written here as true .

Some of it seems true, some of it doesn’t, I just like conversatin’

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