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{February 14, 2007}   Happy Valentine’s Day from my Loser Boyfriend


I don’t know why I’ve put up with the asshole for so long.

Here on Valentine’s Day, it would have been nice to get a thoughtful gift from my boyfriend – maybe a dozen red roses, a romantic dinner for two at a fancy restaurant, shit – even a nice Hallmark card would have made me happy.

But no.

What do I get? A Whitman’s Sampler of assorted chocolates. All right, that’s not so bad. What pisses me off is that on the left side of the Whitman box, it says “Happy Holidays.” The jackass has given me a box of chocolates left over from Christmas.

Tonight, I’m not returning his phone calls. I’m currently on my computer looking for a dating service while eating the damn chocolates.

Candy Apple

(Photo of Candy enjoying her box of assorted chocolates ripped off from


Babble On says:

Throw the asshole out! You shouldn’t get Christmas candy on Valentine’s day.

Becky says:

What a jackass. I wouldn’t put out tonight if I were you.

Biscuit says:

you didn’t get him anything, did you?

Marilyn says:

Biscuit beat me to the punch. Did you get asshole anything? Valentine’s Day goes both ways…

Candy says:

I wasn’t going to respond to any comments but since you asked, yes – I got him a couple CDs he wanted. Lesson learned. I deserved a little better.

Marilyn says:

Well then Candy, He does suck… Stab him in his sleep!

jackula says:

most men are losers, candy. you’re find that out sooner or later

hard as nails says:

you need to wash your hair.

Matt says:

If a guy can’t treat his girl right on Valentine’s day, he’s got a problem. Yes, you deserve better. Why don’t you tell him that?

Rita says:

I totally understand. You treat people how you would like to be treated. Unfortunately, so many people do not grasp this philosophy. Mr. Whitman Sampler is obviously one of those people.

Man of the Hour says:

Candy, I would suggest you contact Teri Archer for a new boyfriend. She seems to know a lot of guys.

Angie says:

At least he remembered. Some guys have their heads totally up their ass when it comes to this.

Edie says:

Dump your lowclass boyfriend. What an insult.

Paul says:

No sex until he makes it right.

Polo Stick says:

A hot girl like you deserves better than a Whitman Sampler left over from Christmas. Set your sights a little higher. Your guy doesn’t have any class.

Jim says:

“I’m currently on my computer looking for a dating service while eating the damn chocolates.”

Apparently you’re not so upset that it dented your appetite. I hope he has a laundry list of other faults because I’m not seeing grounds for dismissal.

Heather says:

Trouble finding “Mr. Perfect”?

Give “Mr. Whatever, He’ll Do” a try:

Gus_Johnson says:

Heather – That dude’s site is a riot.

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