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{February 15, 2007}   My Roommate, the Slacker

slacker.jpgI’m a college student living in Clifton, renting a two bedroom in the Gaslight District. I got a part-time job that helps cover the rent but I got tired of barely getting by, so I put an ad in the paper for a roommate. I really didn’t need a study anyway.

Jack answered the ad and we’ve been living together for the past three months. He’s an all right guy, kind of quiet and keeps to himself which is fine with me. What’s bugging me is that he doesn’t know how to help out with any of the housework.

His room is his business. If he wants beer bottles and clothes scattered all over the place, I’m not going to say anything about it. But what’s getting to me is his lack of attention in other areas.

Why am I the only one who knows how to take out the trash? Jack also has never washed a dish since he’s been here. He leaves dishes stacked up almost to the ceiling. The bathroom he doesn’t clean either. I’m the one on my hands and knees scrubbing the tub.

He doesn’t buy toilet paper, doesn’t buy paper towels but uses what I purchase and now I’m very sure that when he runs out of beer, he’s been helping himself to mine.

Jack’s never been late with the rent money, but he’s turning into a bit of a slacker. Any suggestions on how to deal with it?


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Tom says:

Simple. Be up front about it. Tell your roommate to pitch in more.

Bill says:

It’s just a thought. When it come to the toilet paper, buy some for yourself. When you go the bathroom, take it with you but don’t ever leave it in there. He’ll take the hint.

hard as nails says:

kill him in his sleep – then go through his wallet and get that money for the beer, paper towels and toilet paper. the down side is getting rid of the body and having to find a new roommate.

Jim Stanton says:

I hear what you’re saying, Kevin, but kind of count your blessings. Back when I was in college, I had a roommate who stiffed me for three months rent – never did get it. If he’s paying his part of the rent that’s a plus. Just talk to him about the little things that’s getting to you.

Harvey says:

Doesn’t buy toilet paper? KILL THE BASTARD!!

Matt says:

I went the roommate route for a while but it never worked out. It is more expensive, but living alone suits me fine.

Nasty says:


Biscuit says:

The problem is getting rid of the body. You could prop it up in Sitwell’s- people would think the coffee ‘done him in’

Lisa says:

Hey! We have great coffee!!

Amy says:

I think the worst thing to do is to have a friend who becomes a roommate. I attempted it once and we were like the odd couple – I’m neat, she was a complete mess. It lasted two months and we’re still not talking.

Rita says:

My college dorm room mate came from money; she never cleaned the living cubicle so I did it every week up until…….. one day she threw a telephone on the floor and told me to pick it up. Needless to say the phone book stayed until she dropped out of college. Every time we would open our door into the suite of dorm rooms, a huge dirt tumbleweed would float down the hall and all the other suite mates lost patience.

I love living alone…….

Jan says:

After three roommates in two years, I just gave up. If you can afford it, living alone is the way to go.

Robert says:

Roommates suck. I did it once, rented a room to a guy who drank all the time and did nothing. It was a legal hassle getting him out of my place. Never again.

Dela says:

I sure don’t miss those days of having to have a roommate. There’s alot to be said for living alone.

Heather says:

Give him an ultimatum: either he starts cleaning up after himself or he starts paying an extra $100/month for your cleaning services.

Tell him he can help himself to your beer for $2 each and keep track of what he takes.

Lawrence says:

When he’s out, change the lock on the doors – then sell all his furniture and belongings. That will teach him not to buy toilet paper.

Barbara says:

Sit down with him over a beer and just talk about it. If he doesn’t straighen out, then tell him he’s gone. No need to make it complicated.

Dewy says:

Drinking your beer, not cleaning the bathroom, not buying paper towels – all right, can live with this. Not buying toilet tissue? He must be destroyed.

Rita says:

I can tell you do not watch Judge Mathis…..

Phil says:

Beat the shit out of him, then dare him to use the toilet paper YOU bought.

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